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PoliticsStacey Abrams Says She’s Open to Being Vice President for Any Democratic Nominee

16:10  14 august  2019
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Abrams says no Dems have contacted her about possible VP run

Abrams says no Dems have contacted her about possible VP run "I would be honored to be considered for the vice presidency by the nominee, but it is presumptuous to think that they are looking at me," Abrams told CBS

Abrams ’ rebuttal to Trump’ s State of the Union speech was a huge success – could she be a vice - presidential contender?

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams said Wednesday that "you don't run for second place" when asked about the possibility of being Joe Biden' s running mate during the 2020 Democratic primary, saying that she is " open to a number of options right now.".

Stacey Abrams made it official this week that she would not seek the presidency after months of speculation among Democrats, becoming one of the most prominent party leaders to pass on the 2020 race. But in an interview Tuesday night, she said she was open to being considered for the No. 2 spot by “any nominee.”

Stacey Abrams Says She’s Open to Being Vice President for Any Democratic Nominee© Audra Melton for The New York Times Stacey Abrams plans to spend the next year fighting voter suppression efforts.

Ms. Abrams, who drew national attention during her unsuccessful run for governor of Georgia last year, said that she would focus her next year on identifying and stemming voter suppression efforts throughout the country, a major priority for her for years, instead of running for president or the Senate.

Abrams brings Fair Fight 2020 to Georgia

Abrams brings Fair Fight 2020 to Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams launched a new multistate voter protection initiative in Georgia on Saturday. Abrams kicked off her Fair Fight 2020 campaign at an elementary school in Gwinnett County near Atlanta, WXIA-TV reported . Since her loss in the Georgia governor's race last year to Republican Brian Kemp, Abrams has focused on the development of Fair Fight Georgia, a political action committee geared toward the advocacy of voter rights and fair elections in the state. Abrams, along with others, filed a lawsuit alleging serious flaws within the overall election process in the state.

Seconds into the Democratic response to President Trump’ s State of the Union address Tuesday evening, speculation took off about the political future of Stacey Abrams , the Georgia leader who was delivering the remarks on behalf of her party.

Stacey Abrams , a rising political star from Georgia, delivered the Democrats ’ official response to President Trump’ s Ms. Abrams , a rising star in her party, delivered the address from Atlanta. We must reject the cynicism that says allowing every eligible vote to be cast and counted is a power grab.

But she has remained close to the presidential race, meeting privately with several candidates and topping lists of potential vice presidents.

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On Tuesday, Ms. Abrams spoke to The New York Times about why she decided not to run for president, how she feels about the possibility of being on a 2020 ticket, and why Democrats should not shy away from the politics of identity.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

When did you come to the decision not to run for president?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last few weeks, and I’ve just come to the decision that my best value add, the strongest contribution I can give to this primary, would be to make sure our nominee is coming into an environment where there’s strong voter protections in place.

Stacey Abrams Will Not Run for President in 2020, Focusing Instead on Fighting Voter Suppression

Stacey Abrams Will Not Run for President in 2020, Focusing Instead on Fighting Voter Suppression Stacey Abrams, the Georgia politician who captured national attention during her unsuccessful run for governor in 2018, has decided not to run for president after publicly contemplating a bid for months, according to people familiar with her thinking. 

She is likely to remain atop any Democratic nominee ’s vice - presidential wish list. “In typical Stacey Abrams fashion, she ’ s taking a hard look on the best use Ms. Abrams made her decision in recent days, aides said , as she determined she was comfortable with current crop of Democratic candidates.

WASHINGTON — Stacey Abrams , who narrowly lost her race in November to be Georgia’ s governor, delivered the Democrats ’ official response to President Trump’ s State of the Union address on Tuesday night by outlining the party’ s vision for lower health care costs and a more inclusive

Was it always trending this way? Or were you close to getting into the race?

Of course, I would not have publicly raised the possibility if it was not a legitimate thought. But I don’t believe standing for office is something that you do simply because the office is available. I need to know that it’s the best choice and it’s the best role for me to play. And I’ve been pleased with the direction of the field.

I asked two things with all the presidential nominees I’ve met with. One is that they make voter suppression their number one issue. And two, that they make Georgia a top priority because it is a battleground state.

You also turned down the opportunity to run for Senate in Georgia. Is it just that you had your heart set on governor? Or is it that you are looking at being vice president?

I’m certainly open to other political opportunities.

My decision not to run for the Senate was because I do not want to serve in the Senate. I think that there are people who are running who are the right people for that job. And I’m going to do my best to ensure that they can become the senator from Georgia. And that means fighting voter suppression. That means making sure that we are learning things from our 2018 campaign.

‘The right to vote is our most fundamental right’: Stacey Abrams

‘The right to vote is our most fundamental right’: Stacey Abrams Stacey Abrams launched Fair Fight 2020 to combat voter suppression on Tuesday. She talked about the plan on "This Week" Sunday.

ATLANTA — President Trump disparaged Stacey Abrams , the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, in ambiguous and unusually personal terms on Thursday, warning that “ her past” left her “not qualified to be the governor.”.

Stacey Abrams is one of the shining stars in the Democratic Party. However, this does not Abrams many not be a selection for vice president . There were reports in March that Biden was considering Abrams as a VP if he won the In a tweet from March, she appeared to open the door for a 2020 bid.

But as I think about my next step, my first responsibility is to ensure that when the primary is done — when the nominee decides to choose their running mate — that they are choosing based on knowing that we are in a country where we have built the infrastructure in those battleground states. And that I’ve done my part.

So in saying you’re open to other opportunities, that includes any potential selection for vice president?

I would be honored to be considered by any nominee.

But my responsibility is to focus on the primary. And that means using the primary as an opportunity to build the apparatus to fight voter suppression. Because in the end, no matter where I fit, no matter which ones of our nominees win, if we haven’t fought this scourge, if we haven't pushed back against Moscow Mitch and his determination to block any legislation that would cure our voting machines, then we are all in a world of trouble.

Wouldn’t the best way to fight Mitch McConnell be to run for Senate?

I appreciate the importance of that role. But I am not so arrogant as to believe I’m the only one who can win that.

J.J. Abrams Teases New 'Spider-Man' Villain in Comic Book Trailer

J.J. Abrams Teases New 'Spider-Man' Villain in Comic Book Trailer The five-part Marvel series, which the filmmaker writes with his son, debuts in September.

Stacey Abrams is bidding to become the first black woman to serve as governor of an American state. She charmed Republicans and earned their trust. She inspired fellow Democrats and helped them Since Ms. Abrams won her bruising primary fight in May, Democratic lawmakers have been

Stacey Abrams — who recently said she has not ruled out a presidential bid Stacey Abrams , the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate, shut down rumors on Wednesday that “Running in a primary to be the vice president is very different than someone who has been selected by the party to be

So does this decision mean that there won’t be a Stacey Abrams endorsement during the primaries?

I do not foresee making any decisions about the candidates in the primaries right now.

One of the conversations dominating the primary is about electability, and obviously that has had connotations with race and gender. As you’ve seen that play out, what goes through your mind?

Different is always uncomfortable, but it’s always necessary. And what I’ve seen happen is, as the top 10 nominees shake out, we have a remarkable diversity among those who are viable standard-bearers for the Democratic Party.

But the guy at the top is still an older white guy, the establishment. Does that disprove your point?

The phenotype of our candidates is going to continue to expand. Who we have to stand for office, those people are going to look more and more like America. That’s one of the reasons we’re not only focusing on the battleground places for the presidency, but the battleground states for the Senate.

We want to change the overarching conversation about who is electable. And we do that by electing people who look like America.

One of the things I think is really interesting is the way you talk about identity politics.How have you seen that conversation develop in 2020?

We must understand the challenges that we face — whether it’s a white suburban mom, who has to deal with not having access to public transit to get to your child’s school and then get to their job, or an African-American farmer who’s isolated from the internet and can’t figure out how to get his produce to market.

Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll

Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leads the Democratic presidential field in New Hampshire with 21 percent in a Gravis Marketing poll released Tuesday. © Getty Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll Sanders is followed by former Vice President Joe Biden with 15 percent and by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at 12 percent. The poll stands in contrast from the most recent polls in New Hampshire compiled by RealClearPolitics, which have showed Biden leading in the critical primary state, followed by Sanders. Gravis Marketing polled 250 Democratic primary voters on Aug.

Stacey Abrams simply replied “yes” when asked whether she would ever consider joining the crowded pool of candidates. | Running in a primary to be the vice president is very different than someone who has been selected by the party to be the nominee asking you to serve as a partner.”

Abrams said a presidential run was “definitely on the table.” Earlier this year, Abrams ― who had made history as the first black woman to be a major party’s gubernatorial nominee Abrams said in her video Tuesday that she ’ s not sure what is next for her, but she teased an announcement from

Our responsibility is to know that those identities are real, and the barriers to their success are real. And that we should see those identities and embrace the politics of fixing the barriers, of removing the structural obstacles.

I do push back against any politician, Democrat or Republican, who would offer this notion that talking about identity is somehow dangerous. It is the only way we are successful. This is how people see themselves in our politics.

Last question: How often do you think about how close you were to winning the governorship, and are there any regrets from your run of last year?

What I regret every day is that we could not stop [Brian Kemp] from bastardizing this whole process, from denying the franchise to those who had earned it by being Americans and tried to use right to vote to set the course of their futures.

And I will always be deeply, deeply hurt that we live in a nation that permitted that to happen.

Physician: Biden 'more than capable' of handling the rigors of campaign, White House.
Joe Biden's physician said in a new interview that the former vice president has shown no mental deficits since suffering two brain aneurysms in 1988, challenging concerns surrounding the Democratic White House hopeful's mental fitness."Vice President Biden is in excellent physical condition," Dr. Kevin O'Connor told Politico in a statement. "He is more than capable of handling the rigors of the campaign and the office for which he is running." The aneurysms were fully treated, Dr. Neal Kassell, who performed the surgery, told Politico, adding that Biden, now 76, showed no change and no damage in the years afterward.

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