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Mattis rules out run for president: ‘Like a five-year jail sentence’

Mattis rules out run for president: ‘Like a five-year jail sentence’ Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis did not have much to say about President Trump during a wide-ranging interview with CBS Sunday Morning, but did warn the president is "unusual" and warned against the "rabid nature of politics." © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc.Mattis also said he has no desire to run for president, despite many people wanting him to. Describing a campaign and presidency to one man at his favorite bar in Washington state, he said, "Terry, it would be like a five-year jail sentence.

More than once, advisers had gently reminded Mr. Biden of the problem with this formulation: He had not actually marched during the civil rights movement. Biden allies insist this run will succeed where his others failed. His discipline has improved, they say. He is now widely known and admired in the

Mr. Biden , who has served in public life for around a half-century, is emphasizing his government experience, seeking to cast himself as a steady, seasoned hand in a dangerous and uncertain world. He has said there should be no out-of-pocket cost for patients to receive an eventual vaccine, either.

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis said he would not have been so candid on his thoughts about Joe Biden had he known the former vice president was going to enter the 2020 presidential race.

Mattis would not have been so 'forthcoming' about Biden had he known he would run© Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc.

Though he has made clear his unwillingness to speak ill of a sitting president, Mattis criticized former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as Biden, in his new book, Call Sign Chaos. With Obama and Biden, Mattis cut into their handling of the Iraq War and their diplomatic approach with Iran.

Mattis noted he was first contracted to write the book in 2013 and was almost done by 2017.

Mattis says divisiveness is the biggest threat to U.S. democracy

Mattis says divisiveness is the biggest threat to U.S. democracy "[We're] constantly finding reason to cheer against each other instead of working together," Mattis told "CBS This Morning"

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"I was writing a history book at that point. I started writing this book in 2013. It was done, pretty much, by version five by 2017. Had I known the former vice president was going run for office, I assure you, I would not have, probably, been that forthcoming," Mattis told CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday.

"I think the Obama Administration, President Obama’s administration had made the decision to leave Iraq despite what the intelligence community was telling us would happen. They were clear that an al Qaeda associated group would rise, that the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people, the Iraqi nation was in a post combat, pre-reconciliation phase," Mattis continued, saying the withdrawal lead to the rise of ISIS.

In his book, Mattis said the Obama administration ignored his warnings on the consequences of completely withdrawing all U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Biden tells Colbert his 'gaffes' aren't 'substantive'

Biden tells Colbert his 'gaffes' aren't 'substantive' Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says verbal missteps and factual errors he's made while campaigning aren't "substantive." © Michael Dwyer/ AP Photo Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event at Keene State College in Keene, N.H., Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) The former vice president made his case Wednesday in a CBS "Late Show" interview with host Stephen Colbert. Biden agreed he's tripped over some details, but said it's not "relevant" whether some anecdote occurred when he was a senator or vice president.

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“I found [Biden] an admirable and amiable man. But he was past the point where he was willing to entertain a ‘good idea.’ He didn’t want to hear more; he wanted our forces out of Iraq. Whatever path led there fastest, he favored,” Mattis wrote. “He exuded the confidence of a man whose mind was made up, perhaps even indifferent to considering the consequences were he judging the situation incorrectly."

Biden has claimed he was not planning on running for president until he saw Trump's response to the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

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