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Politics Younger Black Voters to Their Parents: Break Up With Joe Biden, I’m Bored

18:40  20 september  2019
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CNN Poll: Biden leads as Warren and Sanders battle for second on eve of debate

CNN Poll: Biden leads as Warren and Sanders battle for second on eve of debate Joe Biden leads the Democratic presidential primary but a tight race for second place has formed behind him as Sen. Elizabeth Warren leads Sen. Bernie Sanders by one point, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. © AP/GettyThe former vice president is at 24%, Warren at 18% and Sanders at 17% are once again the only candidates to reach double-digit support. Three other candidates have 5% or support or more in the poll: Sen. Kamala Harris (8%), South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (6%) and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (5%). The remaining candidates all score 2% or less in the poll.

HOUSTON — A groan erupted at a debate watch party at Texas Southern University last week as former vice president Joseph R. Biden Jr. got a question about slavery and racism and gave an answer about Venezuela and record players.

The Black vote will be most determinative of the outcome of the next Democratic presidential primary, and more specifically, old Black people. I ’ m Bored . Leigh Vogel—Getty Images. Given that I wake up to that show every morning, I knew their response would be to anoint him as the likely savior from

HOUSTON — A groan erupted at a debate watch party at Texas Southern University last week as former vice president Joseph R. Biden Jr. got a question about slavery and racism and gave an answer about Venezuela and record players.

a young girl standing next to a tree: Amaya St. Romain, 19, believes she is influencing some family members. “But my dad is definitely still pro-Biden,” she said.© Todd Spoth for The New York Times Amaya St. Romain, 19, believes she is influencing some family members. “But my dad is definitely still pro-Biden,” she said.

But amid that exasperation, some students channeled their inner Beltway operatives and began a targeted rapid-response campaign.

Tyler Smith, 19, texted his grandmother after the debate, hopeful that Mr. Biden's meandering answer may have swayed her from supporting him.

Biden: 'Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime'

Biden: 'Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime' The candidate pointed out the number of commutations that took place when he was vice president.

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Amaya St. Romain, 19, mounted a three-day lobbying blitz on her mother and her great-grandmother, making sure they had seen the former housing secretary Julián Castro’s criticisms of Mr. Biden onstage.

In meme-speak, the efforts amounted to Killmonger, the villain in the Black Panther movie, challenging the people of Wakanda: “Is this your king?”

“I think I’m definitely influencing them,” Ms. St. Romain said of her family members. “But my dad is definitely still pro-Biden. And I don’t really argue with him.”

If Mr. Biden, 76, is going to win the Democratic nomination, it is likely to be because of the support of older black voters, a key constituency for the party and one that polls show is overwhelmingly supportive of the former vice president’s candidacy.

'Racism that is still respectable': Biden attacked over 'record player' remark

'Racism that is still respectable': Biden attacked over 'record player' remark HOUSTON — For many Americans watching the Democratic debate on Thursday night, Joe Biden's "record player" comment was yet another sign of his age. But to others, his suggestion that black parents "don't know quite what to do" with their children was a worrying instance of the former vice president being tone deaf on race. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc.In a question on racism in the United States, moderator Linsey David asked Biden, 76: "In a conversation about how to deal with segregation in schools back in 1975, you told a reporter, ‘I don’t feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather.

Дата премьеры: 7 февр. 2019 г. break up with your girlfriend, i ' m bored (Official Video). Get thank u, next The Album Here: https Music video by Ariana Grande performing break up with your girlfriend, i ' m bored . © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

A Black female ABC debate moderator asked the former vice president the following question about segregated schools I ’ m the guy that came up with 0 million to see to it those three countries, in fact, changed their “ Joe Biden ’s answer on how to address the legacy of slavery was appalling…It

But if he is to be overtaken by one of his more progressive rivals, the most powerful tool against him may not be opposition research or negative advertisements. Instead, it may be an organic effort by younger black voters — concerned about Mr. Biden’s age and more moderate ideology — to sway their older family members.

Mr. Biden seems aware of this dynamic. In interviews, he has both acknowledged the generational gap among his black supporters and downplayed its importance, arguing that the support of older, more moderate black voters would be enough to give him an electoral advantage.

Still, Mr. Biden, by his own admission, would be unwise to underestimate the lobbying efforts of those who are young and politically engaged. At a gathering of the New Hampshire Young Democrats in July, Mr. Biden said the same phenomenon — young people converting their skeptical parents — had helped fuel his own ascension in politics almost 47 years ago, when he was elected to the Senate as a fresh-faced 29-year-old.

Biden recounts harrowing incident with gang leader named 'Corn Pop'

Biden recounts harrowing incident with gang leader named 'Corn Pop' A Twitter thread from the Root senior writer Michael Harriot renewed interest and skepticism about a story Joe Biden told, in which the former vice president claimed to have stood up to a local gang leader at a swimming pool in 1962. © Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc.Biden has regaled audiences with parts of the story several times, which he claims took place when he was a lifeguard at a predominantly black pool in Wilmington, Delaware.

Joe Biden still leads the Democratic race for president, but Elizabeth Warren is surging behind him in Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Democratic field with 31 per cent support But Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts isn't far behind with 25 per cent Of those polled, 35 per cent of voters say they’re ‘enthusiastic’ about Warren - which is up 9

Joe Biden is accused of taking union votes for granted after failing to speak up for hundreds of furloughed Philadelphia refinery workers 'because of Green New Deal'. Furloughed workers from a fire-ravaged oil refinery in Biden 's headquarters city of Philadelphia say he has not spoken up for them.

“The fact of the matter is, you have more influence on how your parents vote than they have on you,” Mr. Biden said in July. “You may sit at the dining room table, having dinner with your mom and dad, and say, ‘I met her and I really like her,’ or ‘I met him and I really like him.’ And your parents will pretend it didn’t matter much. But they’ll go up, not a joke, they’ll go up and say, ‘If my kid liked that person that much, and knew them, there must be something there.’”

At Texas Southern University, a historically black university founded in 1927 and the site of last week’s Democratic debate, dozens of students, ages 19 to 23, differed on their top candidate. Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Kamala Harris of California were among the favorites, as was one of the two Texans in the race, former Representative Beto O’Rourke.

a screen shot of Bernie Sanders:    A record number of candidates are vying for the Democratic   nomination to take on      President Donald Trump in 2020.       23 total Democratic contenders are competing in the primary,   including a former vice president, seven current US senators, six   current and former members of the US House, two governors, four   mayors, two businessmen, and one prominent author.       Former Massachusetts Governor      Bill Weld is also challenging Trump in the Republican     primary.      Here's a list of the major party 2020 presidential   candidates.            Visit Business Insider's     homepage for more stories.       Soon after assuming the office of the presidency in January 2017,   President Donald Trump    filed preliminary paperwork that laid the groundwork for   re-election in 2020.    With the first official votes in the primary over seven months,   23 Democratic contenders are already lined up to challenge Trump   - making for one of the largest and most diverse primary fields   in recent history. So far, an additional four Democrats have   dropped out of the race.    While California Rep.    Eric Swalwell dropped out of the presidential race to run for   re-election in the House on July 8, billionaire Democratic   activist    Tom Steyer - also from California - jumped into the race less   than a day after, pledging to spend at least $100 million on his   campaign.     Since then, former Gov.    John Hickenlooper has also dropped out and is considering   running for US Senate in Colorado instead.          Read more:           John Hickenlooper drops out of the   2020 presidential race and says he's giving 'serious thought' to   running for US Senate       Former Vice President    Joe Biden, seven current and former US Senators, six current   and former members of the House of Representatives, four mayors,   two governors, two businessmen, and one prominent author are now   in the race.    Trump is also facing opposition within his own party. Former   Massachusetts governor and Libertarian vice presidential nominee      Bill Weldannounced he will run against   Trump in the Republican primary.    Here are all the major party candidates running for president in   2020:

Slideshow: Everyone who is officially running for president in 2020 (Business Insider)

For Mr. Biden, though, students carried mixed feelings. They respected his tenure as Barack Obama’s vice president, but implicitly rejected his campaign’s central premise, that the primary goal of Democrats in the 2020 election should be defeating President Trump.

Biden on racism: Whites 'can never fully understand'

Biden on racism: Whites 'can never fully understand' At a black church known nationally for the white supremacist violence that occurred there more than a half-century ago, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday declared the current era of racial tensions a defining national crucible on par with the civil rights movement. 

Senator Joe Biden , who at the time was chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, voted for the resolution to authorize military involvement in Iraq. As campaign season warms up , Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden attempt to appeal to blue-collar voters by sharing their financial woes.

Joe Biden at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual International Convention on June 28 in Chicago. With Biden , Trump, and Bernie Sanders all pushing back the outer limits of candidate age, and Elizabeth Warren not far behind them, I set out to ask people who have personally experienced the

They pointed to systemic problems they said the country must address, such as inequality, climate change and gun violence. The Democratic nominee, they said, should embrace progressive proposals like canceling student loan debt, the Green New Deal and gun buyback programs.

“Me and my dad have the debate all the time,” said Samantha Williams, 19, a sophomore. “We want a candidate that reflects us and what the world is going to look like when we run. But he says what we call ‘woke’ is really just sensitive.”

Jaylan Jones, 20, said, “Older people have that conservative outlook on things,” even older black Democrats.

“Young people don’t want Biden. We want Beto. We want Bernie,” said Ms. Jones, a junior. “I think we can convince them.”

The difference in opinion across generations speaks to the changing politics of black communities, said Rashad Robinson, the president of Color of Change, the racial justice organization. And the historically diverse Democratic field has given voters plentiful options to choose from: multiple black candidates, white progressives who openly back once-radical ideas like reparations, and Mr. Biden, who served as vice president to the first black president.

Black voters are overwhelmingly members of the Democratic Party, and polls show they have long regarded Mr. Trump as a racist president and individual whom they are desperate to replace. A recent national poll of Democratic primary voters from NBC and The Wall Street Journal showed Mr. Biden had the support of nearly 50 percent with black respondents, though others have shown a less commanding lead.

Poll: Biden holds 12-point lead over Sanders, Warren third

Poll: Biden holds 12-point lead over Sanders, Warren third Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a 12 point lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), his closest contender, in the Democratic presidential primary, according to a new poll released Monday. 

Biden has “consistently” held a “staggering lead among black voters ” despite his gaffes, Tarlov Most recently, he appeared to tell black parents to play the “record player” for their children during “His platform is made up of policies that poll incredibly well and his supporters aren’t masking their love for

New poll boost for Elizabeth Warren as she picks up support among black voters and web news pioneer Matt Drudge says Democratic nomination is her's to lose. Since Biden still earns around half support from black voters , its likely he will still earn the Democratic nomination unless that changes

“Black people are strategic voters, particularly older black people,” Mr. Robinson said. “They’re thinking harm reduction. They’re doing a deep analysis about what they think white people will accept and won’t accept.”

He pointed to the last Democratic primary, when younger black voters tracked more toward Mr. Sanders than their older counterparts, who overwhelmingly backed Hillary Clinton. In 2008, younger black voters supported Barack Obama in much bigger numbers than the electorate at large, until his victory in the Iowa Caucus led to a surge of support.

“Young people are constantly signaling what’s next and what’s possible,” Mr. Robinson said. “And while there’s some love for Biden, but sometimes you’re in a relationship because you’re comfortable and it’s what you know.”

Another Texas Southern student, Christopher Anwuri, 22, said the generational differences in how black voters saw the primary were fueled by opposing theories of political change: incrementalism versus immediate upheaval.

“This generation is looking for an instant, quick fix for problems,” he said. Older black people, meanwhile, think “these things need to take time.”

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden looking at a laptop: Last week’s Democratic debate was held at Texas Southern University, a historically black university in Houston.© Ruth Fremson/The New York Times Last week’s Democratic debate was held at Texas Southern University, a historically black university in Houston. It also comes back to Mr. Obama, and the long shadow he casts over national Democratic politics, particularly in black communities. Older black voters invoke his name in deference, and cite his embrace of Mr. Biden as something that helped him win the trust of skeptical white voters in 2008.

Warren surges to 9-point lead in California poll

  Warren surges to 9-point lead in California poll Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) holds a 9-point lead over her closest competitor in California in a new poll of the 2020 Democratic primary released Wednesday.The survey from Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies found the progressive senator as the top choice of 29 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the Golden State, up 11 points from the same survey taken in June.The second and third placed candidates in the survey, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), saw their support remain relatively steady since the June survey from Berkeley.

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To younger generations, many of whom were in high school or younger at the time, Mr. Obama’s achievements exist on their own. Their first memories of Mr. Biden stem from his highly meme-able vice-presidential years. They are also more likely to hold his long and at times controversial record — on criminal justice, school segregation and the Clarence Thomas hearings, among other things — against him.

Jayla Lee, 19, said older black voters “like Biden because he was with Obama, and they feel like since they could trust Obama that means they can trust him.”

“But the things we endure are not the things they endured,” Ms. Lee said. “And I’m looking for someone who can change the things that affect me.”

Darren Black, 22, said older generations were always “going to ride” for Mr. Biden, because “Joe was there with Obama.”

“But the younger generation, we've seen mass shootings, we’re seeing more police brutality — we’re looking at different things,” Mr. Black said.

Yet contrary to their stereotype as idealistic and apathetic, and with the steely pessimism of seasoned political operatives, younger voters expressed a cleareyed understanding that their efforts to lobby their relatives would not necessarily be successful.

Asked if she’d had any luck converting her family to more progressive candidates, Ms. Williams, a political science major, said, “I’m making no progress. None. Not even a tiny bit. I wish.”

Ms. Williams called her pro-Biden father a lost cause. “We’re both opinionated and headstrong people, and I just don’t have the energy to go back and forth,” she said.

Mr. Smith, a member of the school’s College Democrats, said he liked Mr. Biden, but preferred his more left-wing rivals, such as Mr. O’Rourke, Mr. Castro, Ms. Harris or Ms. Warren.

After the debate, he thought about further pestering his grandmother over her support for Mr. Biden, but he reconsidered out of fear of coming off as pushy.

“You know, it’s grandma, so you got to let her have it,” Mr. Smith said.

When reached by phone, however, Mr. Smith’s grandmother, Alice Varnado, said his previous lobbying efforts had been more successful than he may have realized.

Ms. Varnado, 69, said she still preferred Mr. Biden, but that she had grown concerned about his age in recent months. She said she would vote for whichever Democrat earned the nomination, but she now considers Ms. Warren her second choice.

Her family members — Mr. Smith and his uncle — had convinced her.

“You know, since talking with my grandson and my son, I think I can go with her,” said Ms. Varnado. “I’m starting to like her. There’s been a turning point.”

Katie Glueck contributed reporting.

Warren surges to 9-point lead in California poll .
At a meeting between President Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, the Ukrainian president said he does not want to be involved in U.S. elections. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

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