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Politics Conservative veterans will fan out in Washington to defend Trump Syria strategy

09:20  18 october  2019
09:20  18 october  2019 Source:   washingtonexaminer.com

Trump defends U.S. relations with Turkey after bipartisan backlash

  Trump defends U.S. relations with Turkey after bipartisan backlash Trump defends U.S. relations with Turkey after bipartisan backlashCritics fear the move will open the way for a Turkish strike on Kurdish-led forces long allied with Washington who have led the fight against the Islamic State militant group in Syria. Turkey says those forces are terrorists because of their ties to Kurdish militants who have waged a long insurgency in Turkey.

WASHINGTON — President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 American In overruling his generals and civilian advisers, Mr. Trump fulfilled his frequently expressed desire to bring home By late Wednesday, it had yet to defend the consequences of the troop withdrawal, or explain what the

Out of necessity, Washington had to make the Kurds the centerpiece of its policy in Syria . But on January 20, its NATO-ally Turkey mounted Operation Olive Branch Another reason why Washington struck Russian contractors working in Syria was that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

A group of conservative veterans is preparing to visit Washington to laud President Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria and to urge Republicans to back his intention to pull out of Afghanistan and other countries in the Middle East.

a group of people sitting at a beach: US-Syria tensions© Provided by MediaDC: Washington Newspaper Publishing Company, Inc. US-Syria tensions

Wyoming House Majority Whip Tyler Lindholm, who was in the Navy on 9/11, is helping organize the mid-November gathering featuring speeches at the National Press Club and lobbying visits to Congress.

"If you listen to the sound clips of the war hawks who say you can’t pull out now because a vacuum will be created, and we can’t pull out in future because a vacuum will be created, and you are tired of that bullshit, contact you congressional delegation,” Lindholm said.

Trump defends Syria move: The Kurds 'didn't help us' in Normandy

  Trump defends Syria move: The Kurds 'didn't help us' in Normandy President Trump on Wednesday criticized the Kurds, saying they didn't help the United States during World War II and that they were only fighting for their land in Syria during the battle against ISIS."The Kurds are fighting for their land," Trump told reporters at the White House during an event in the Roosevelt Room."And as somebody wrote in a very, very powerful article today, they didn't help us in the second World War, they didn't"The Kurds are fighting for their land," Trump told reporters at the White House during an event in the Roosevelt Room.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic Trump has defended his reversal of longstanding U.S. policy in Syria as part of a plan to withdraw the United States from “endless” wars in the region. VETERANS . Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard took a different view. A veteran of the Iraq war

Mr. Trump allowed the invasion and then threatened to destroy the Turkish economy if it went too far History is littered with instances of one-time allies abandoned by Washington to their fate — the Yet the decision by the Trump administration to quit Syria stands apart because the status quo was

Trump faced broad Republican criticism for his withdrawal from northern Syria after Turkey attacked formerly U.S.-allied Kurds and received limited public support from allies such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Lindholm said a ceasefire brokered Thursday by Vice President Mike Pence shows that U.S. troops aren't needed to prevent border clashes and Islamic State-exploited pandemonium.

“If you didn’t go this unconventional tough-love approach, you couldn’t get it done,” Trump said Thursday after the deal was struck. “Your friend President Obama lost more than a half million lives in a very short period.”

“It seems someone is actually pursuing diplomacy rather than boots on the ground,” Lindholm said. “It almost seems like the Left has embraced the neocon war hawk ways — everyone except for Tulsi Gabbard.”

Trump says he's an 'island of one' on Syria

  Trump says he's an 'island of one' on Syria WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says he's an "island of one" for removing U.S. forces from northeastern Syria. Trump's decision drew swift bipartisan criticism in the U.S. and abroad that he was endangering regional stability and risking the lives of Syrian Kurdish allies who helped the U.S. bring down the Islamic State group in Syria. But Turkey views those Kurdish fighters as terrorists and a threat to its security and has launched a military operation against them.Trump defended his actions during a speech Saturday to social conservative activists, saying "it's time" to bring U.S. troops home from fighting "endless wars.

Barrett said that Trump ’s attitude toward Syria shows his willingness to stop the “billions of dollars and aid to General Wesley Clark sent the message that “the purpose of the 9/11 was to take out the Syria was on that list.” There is also “other documented evidence of US plans for regime change in

WASHINGTON — President Trump , who has long believed that he is his own best adviser and spokesman, was forced to test that idea on Friday when few of his allies seemed willing to publicly share in his evident satisfaction with the tumultuous events that have buffeted the White House in the

Lindholm is seeking to pressure his state’s Republican Rep. Liz Cheney during the Nov. 12-13 visit, which was planned before Trump’s Syria announcement. He said participants from states around the country are organizing under the group bringourtroopshome.us.

James Lechner, a former Army Ranger and security consultant who worked in Afghanistan and Iraq, is joining the group in Washington and will speak on failure of military leadership to plan for troop withdrawals after conflicts end.

Lechner, a South Carolina resident, said there was a lack of long-term strategic purpose to keeping troops in northern Syria. “Those 1,000 troops are there for the next 75 years? No, that's ridiculous,” he said.

Lechner, who refers to Obama as “Barry Hussein,” stressed that the antiwar gathering was of conservative supporters of the president. “It's not Code Pink or any c**p like that,” he said.

Trump: Let 'Napoleon Bonaparte' rescue Kurds

  Trump: Let 'Napoleon Bonaparte' rescue Kurds Donald Trump suggested Monday that Syria's formerly US-allied Kurds could look to 19th century French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for protection after the US president ordered the departure of nearly 1,000 US troops from the country. "Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7,000 miles away!" Trump wrote on Twitter.He defended his weekend order to vacate northeastern Syria and abandon the Kurds, saying that the US mission to defeat Islamic State in the region had been achieved "100 percent.

WASHINGTON — President Trump vowed on Thursday to reinvigorate and reinvent American missile defenses in a speech that recalled Cold War-era visions of nuclear adversaries — though he never once mentioned Russia or China, the two great-power threats to the United States.

WASHINGTON — President Trump has always taken a contrarian’s view of American military power: He wants to command the biggest, toughest forces Mr. Obama’s strategy — rely on local partners on the ground, use American air power when necessary to defend American interests and celebrate a

“Everybody gets their handkerchief out for the Kurds. Well that's baloney,” he added. “The Kurds are like the American Indians, there are a bunch of tribes of them ... they aren’t all good.”

On Wednesday, Trump defiantly cast the Kurdistan Workers Party, a group based in Turkey and associated with the U.S-allied YPG militia in Syria, as “worse at terror" than ISIS.

Trump accused Kurdish fighters of releasing some ISIS terrorists to make him look bad politically and to trigger a return of American troops.

The withdrawal from Syria is incomplete, according to some of Trump’s America First allies, who point to a remaining CIA outpost in southeast Syria. They also expressed unease with Trump’s deployment of 2,000 troops to Saudi Arabia, though they said it was better than sticking them in a war zone.

Trump’s pullout comes at a transitional time for his White House team, with O’Brien serving less than a month in the role, replacing the famously hawkish John Bolton.

“The new national security adviser is still getting his sea legs,” said a different person close to the White House. “I don’t think they as are assertive in the process as they would normally be ... I think O’Brien will be a change from Bolton in not undermining the president's position.”

Dan Caldwell, a senior adviser at the Koch-affiliated Concerned Veterans for America, said removing troops from conflict zones is “inherently going to be messy."

But Caldwell, an Iraq veteran not currently involved in the November gathering, said he believes Trump ultimately will be vindicated.

“Once the hysteria around this action settles down, I think people will look back it as the beginning of a new approach to the Middle East," Caldwell said. "It's good the troops are coming out of Syria ... The president could seize on momentum [and] withdraw from Afghanistan."

Trump says Turkey calls cease-fire 'permanent' .
President Donald Trump made a statement from the White House Wednesday morning.President Donald Trump says Turkey has informed the U.S. it will make "permanent" a five-day cease-fire in Syria. In response, he says he's directing the lifting of economic sanctions on Turkey.

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