Politics We all 'can get it wrong': Mike Pompeo suggests William Taylor misunderstood Ukraine controversy

05:05  26 october  2019
05:05  26 october  2019 Source:   washingtonexaminer.com

Impeachment inquiry shows Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals

  Impeachment inquiry shows Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals A growing body of evidence makes clear it was Trump himself who repeatedly pushed his own government and a foreign power to intervene in domestic political concerns.Over two weeks of closed-door testimony, a clear portrait has emerged of a president personally orchestrating the effort to pressure a foreign government to dig up dirt on a potential 2020 political rival — and marshaling the full resources of the federal bureaucracy to help in that endeavor.

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his mission this year to get Ukraine to investigate the Biden family, possibly in exchange for US military aid. It probably wasn’t what Pompeo had expected while he was in Tennessee speaking to a Christian conference—the type of friendly audience Pompeo has increasingly sought.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cast doubt on the testimony of the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine by suggesting that the envoy might have misread the diplomatic dialogues that sparked an impeachment inquiry.

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“We all, as human beings, can get it wrong,” Pompeo said Friday. “We see things through a certain prism; we address things in a certain way. We all have a responsibility to make sure we’re getting it as right as we can each and every day.”

The Ukraine controversy has put Pompeo in an awkward position, as some of the testimony about whether President Trump abused his power in urging Ukrainian officials to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden has come from current State Department employees. The Democrat-led inquiry has spurred criticism that Pompeo has failed to protect the diplomatic corps, while Trump is defending himself by attacking the credibility of the State Department officials.

U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election

  U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election Acting ambassador to Ukraine William B. Taylor Jr. had told colleagues it was “crazy” to hold up aid for “help with a political campaign.” Five hours went by before Sondland replied. Sondland later testified that he was relaying only what Trump had told him in an intervening phone call. “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions,” he wrote. “The President has been crystal clear no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.

Controversies involving Russia. The Trump– Ukraine scandal is an ongoing political scandal in the United States. investigate the Bidens.[14] The Trump administration's top diplomat to Ukraine , Bill Taylor , testified that he was told U . S . military aid to Ukraine and a Trump–Zelensky White House

Get help. Create an account. We all should agree with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in saying that the CIA trains people to “lie, cheat and steal.”[1] Keep in mind that Pompeo is a former director of the CIA. for a century.[5] In other words, NWO Pompeo was right about the CIA.

“Here’s the problem: He’s a Never Trumper, and his lawyer is a Never Trumper,” Trump said of Taylor on Friday before faulting Pompeo for hiring him. “Mike Pompeo, everybody makes mistakes.”

Pompeo tapped Taylor in May after the unorthodox ouster of then-Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. The career foreign service officer told lawmakers that he took the job despite misgivings that Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani would interfere with work, only to learn months later that Trump wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to cooperate with the ex-New York City mayor’s attempt to implicate Biden in a corruption scandal.

“Ambassador Sondland tried to explain to me that President Trump is a businessman,” Taylor told House investigators, citing a conversation about Trump’s desires with the U.S. ambassador to the European Union. “When a businessman is about to sign a check to someone who owes him something, he said, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check.”

Defense Department official Laura Cooper to testify in impeachment inquiry about military aid to Ukraine

  Defense Department official Laura Cooper to testify in impeachment inquiry about military aid to Ukraine Congressional investigators want to ask Laura Cooper, who oversees Ukraine policy at the Pentagon, about the withholding of military aid to Ukraine.Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) arrives with Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) to hear testimony from U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland behind closed-doors, as part of the impeachment inquiry led by the House Intelligence, House Foreign Affairs and House Oversight and Reform Committees on Oct. 17.

'I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It ’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American

Mike Pompeo Michael ( Mike ) Richard Pompeo Whistleblower alleges repeated attempts were made to report Pompeo 's 'questionable activities' Trump-Afghan “Taking down the threat that Russia poses there in Ukraine . It was about helping the Ukrainians to get graft out and corruption outside of their

Pompeo has resisted discussing the impeachment inquiry. But the former Kansas Republican lawmaker took a more candid approach during an interview with Wichita State University’s student newspaper.

“I don’t think by nature of the fact that I work at the State Department means I get everything right every day,” Pompeo told the Sunflower, stipulating that he wouldn't comment directly on Taylor's deposition. “Indeed, I have seen State Department officials engage in behavior that was not appropriate, that wasn’t right, that didn’t reflect the highest values of the Foreign Service and American diplomacy around the world.”

But he prefaced that comment with praise for Taylor. “He and I have talked about Ukrainian policy at some length: How do you take down corruption? How do you now help the new leader there, President Zelensky? How do we deliver on America’s national security interests?” Pompeo said. “And he and I were in full accord on that. We — he and I both — share in this vision for how American interests in Ukraine can properly be represented, and I have every reason to think that he’s still out there banging away at that problem set.”

Impeachment inquiry: How we got here and where we're going .
How a phone call and a request for a favor moved the nation closer to the possibility of seeing a president impeachedThose words have now prompted deployment of the ultimate political weapon, an impeachment process enshrined in the Constitution as a means other than the ballot to remove a president from office.

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