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Two Impeachments, but Two Radically Different Accusations

  Two Impeachments, but Two Radically Different Accusations The room was charged with electricity the day the House Judiciary Committee opened public hearings into whether to impeach the president of the United States. It felt like the whole world was watching. It felt like the whole world was on edge. It was grand drama and soap opera at the same time — a constitutional seminar one moment and a high school food fight the next. The president’s allies protested loudly. “You are disrupting the continuity of this meeting!” chastised the chairman trying to restore order. “We’re disrupting a railroad!” one of the president’s defenders shot back.

House Dems , White House spar over McGahn testimony in court. The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed McGahn in the wake of the Mueller report, before Trump's "Because the impeachment trial has now begun, the need for Mr. McGahn 's testimony is more urgent than ever," Letter said.

‘ Impeachment Inquiry Is Proceeding Rapidly’: House Dems Seek Expedited Ruling on Don McGahn Subpoena (Update). Citing the president’s conduct as detailed in the Mueller Report, as well The ruling in the McGahn case is significant because other impeachment witnesses who have been or

House Democrats on Tuesday implored a federal judge to rule quickly in their lawsuit seeking testimony from one of Robert Mueller’s star witnesses so that a decision lands in time for their “quickly progressing” impeachment inquiry.

Don McGahn wearing a suit and tie: Former White House counsel Don McGahn.© Jim Bourg/Getty Images Former White House counsel Don McGahn.

The Democrats’ five-page letter to U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson centers on their lawsuit to enforce a subpoena against Don McGahn, the former White House counsel who showed up repeatedly in the special counsel’s final report detailing President Donald Trump’s potential acts of obstruction of justice.

Public impeachment testimony is set to begin. Here are the lawmakers to watch

  Public impeachment testimony is set to begin. Here are the lawmakers to watch Republican lawmakers on the committee will try to cast doubt on the impeachment testimony from a trio of diplomats.WASHINGTON – Public hearings are set to begin Wednesday in the impeachment inquiry into allegations that President Donald Trump used military aid as leverage to pressure Ukraine into conducting investigations that stood to benefit him politically.

A federal judge ruled Monday that former White House counsel Don McGahn must testify under subpoena in the ongoing House impeachment The state of play: The House Judiciary Committee sued McGahn in August to testify before Congress after the Trump administration directed him to

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday filed suit to compel former White House counsel Don McGahn 's testimony, arguing that the committee needs to hear from him to determine whether it should consider articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Jackson had sharp questions for Trump administration officials during oral arguments in the case on Oct. 31 and she ended the hearing telling the House and Justice Department lawyers that she’d consider an “expedited ruling” if anyone asked for one.

Tuesday’s request from House counsel Doug Letter indicates they’ll take Jackson up on her offer.

“Given that the House’s impeachment inquiry is proceeding rapidly, the Committee has a finite window of time to effectively obtain and consider McGahn’s testimony,” Letter wrote.

That window is indeed shrinking, with the House Intelligence Committee stacking up witnesses over the last two weeks in a series of rapid-fire public hearings.

Historic impeachment hearings are set to begin, with GOP and Democrats pushing dueling messages on Trump’s conduct

  Historic impeachment hearings are set to begin, with GOP and Democrats pushing dueling messages on Trump’s conduct The two parties signaled how they planned to present radically different interpretations of the president’s actions and whether they were impeachable. Democrats expressed confidence that Wednesday’s hearing would begin a serious and somber process of publicly exposing Trump’s misconduct, narrated by career diplomats who were alarmed by the president’s push to have Ukraine investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son, as well as a debunked theory concerning the 2016 election, in exchange for military aid and a White House visit coveted by Ukraine’s new leader.

When McGahn , citing the instructions of the White House , would not appear, the committee filed - Steven T. Dennis, Billy House . Murkowski Wary of Court Fight for Witnesses (4:48 p.m.) Graham, who was a House manager during the Clinton impeachment , made a similar point that a high crime

On Monday, a federal judge plans to make the first major court ruling in the fight between the House and the White House over impeachment witnesses.

Letter explained that the House Judiciary Committee planned to have its own impeachment hearings after the conclusion of Intelligence Committee’s efforts “and would aim to obtain Mr. McGahn’s testimony at that time.”

“Thus, there is an urgent need for final resolution of the matter now pending before this Court,” Letter added.

The Justice Department has tried to block McGahn’s testimony, arguing that the ex-Trump aide who appeared hundreds of times in Mueller’s final report can essentially ignore a congressional subpoena related to his time in the White House. During arguments before Jackson, department lawyers said the federal courts shouldn’t weigh in on a dispute between Congress and the executive branch.

House Democrats started seeking McGahn’s testimony in early 2019, including him among the more than 80 people and organizations in the president’s orbit who got letters demanding documents from the Judiciary Committee in March. Democrats issued a subpoena for materials from McGahn covering 30 different topics after the Mueller report went public in April describing numerous instances where Trump tried to stymie or outright end the Russia investigation.

Read George Kent Full Opening Statement at the First Public Hearing in Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

  Read George Kent Full Opening Statement at the First Public Hearing in Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry The U.S. State Department official with decades of experience in Ukraine policy appeared Wednesday morning before the House Intelligence Committee. Both officials have expressed alarm in previous closed-door testimonies about Trump’s conduct with regards to Ukraine — highlighting allegations that he pressured President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate his political rival, Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, and used his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani to subvert normal diplomatic channels in this pursuit.

The Justice Department criticizes the Democrats' attempt to link the Don McGahn and Mueller grand jury cases as an attempt to search for a friendly judge. Democrats say the cases are related because they are both connected to an ongoing “ impeachment investigation” that could result in an effort to

Even though House Democrats withdrew their impeachment subpoena of a former National Security Council official, a lawsuit over whether the subpoena is The question is similar to the claim the White House is making in opposing a House subpoena of former White House counsel Don McGahn in a

McGahn skipped a public hearing called for him in May, and Democrats followed up with a lawsuit in August.

In their request on Tuesday, Democrats said their “need for McGahn’s testimony has become even more pressing” since then, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi endorsed impeachment proceedings that pivot off Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political opponents.

A source familiar with McGahn’s thinking said the former White House counsel’s testimony would depend on whether any decision from Jackson got stayed pending an appeal. “If it isn’t, he will comply. If it is stayed, he will await the decision of the higher court,” the source said.

Letter explained to Jackson that Democrats investigating impeachment were also pressing a federal appeals court for a speedy decision as it weighs the validity of a lower-court ruling that would give them the rights to see Mueller’s most sensitive grand jury materials.

In that case, Letter told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit during oral arguments on Monday that it needed access to the Mueller documents to determine whether the president lied or gave misleading written answers to the special counsel.

DOJ Appeals Ruling Mandating McGahn Testimony .
The Department of Justice appealed on a federal court ruling requiring former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify.Ambassador Kurt Volker, left, former special envoy to Ukraine, testifies during a public impeachment hearing on Nov. 19.

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