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02:40  03 december  2019
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Former Iowa governor says Biden has ‘heart of a president’

  Former Iowa governor says Biden has ‘heart of a president’ In endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for president on Saturday, former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack said, above all, the former vice president’s personal losses give him “the capacity to comfort” and “the need to heal” a divided nation. Vilsack, who served eight years in the Obama administration with Biden as secretary of agriculture, said during a morning rally in Des Moines that Biden could step into the office with an immediate command of domestic and global issues at a time when events demand “you can’t be a rookie in this business. You’ve got to be a pro.

But Obama didn' t offer a formal endorsement of his vice president in a statement issued by spokeswoman Katie Hill. “President Obama has long said that selecting Joe Biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made.

Translation: Biden : "When do you think you'll endorse me?" Obama : "I think it' s better [for my own sake] not to endorse you." So while Obama might not publicly endorse Biden during the course of his campaign, it seems he 'll have a very tough time escaping his association with the 2020 candidate.

EMMETSBURG, Iowa — Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday said he didn’t need Barack Obama’s endorsement in the Democratic primary, even if the field were down to three people.

Joe Biden standing in front of a bus: 191202_biden_ap_773.jpg© Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo 191202_biden_ap_773.jpg

He also scoffed at the notion that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is building enthusiasm and accused Mayor Pete Buttigieg of stealing his plans.

In a wide-ranging interview aboard his campaign bus during an eight-day tour through Iowa, Biden talked to reporters about his prospects in Iowa, the likely strength of his campaign going into Super Tuesday and his relationship with the former president.

Obama must back Biden to restore his legacy

  Obama must back Biden to restore his legacy As it turns out, governing with a pen and phone, instead of the consent of Congress, is a fairly easy way of guaranteeing that your first successor from an opposition party will undo your entire legacy. For better or worse, President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accords and the Iran Deal. He has moved to reverse the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (the courts will settle that one), even though he failed to leverage it to gain a legislative win on immigration.

Obama ’ s endorsement would have been a boost for Biden , whose candidacy draws on the warm feelings that many Democrats have for the eight years the A source familiar with Obama ’ s thinking said that he ’s not planning to endorse anyone during the early stages of the primary process, in part

Obama last election cycle endorsed Hillary Clinton in June 2016, one month ahead of the Democratic National Convention. In February, The New York Times reported that Biden and his allies Asked about this lack of endorsement , Biden said on Thursday that he actually asked Obama not to do so.

Biden reiterated that he asked Obama not to endorse him, and he stuck by that stance even when asked whether he’d want Obama’s backing if the field narrowed to three people.

“No, because everyone knows I’m close with him,” Biden said. “I don’t need an Obama endorsement.”

Biden went on to say that as Obama’s vice presidential pick, he provided crucial relationships with the base of the Democratic Party, including with African Americans. Biden and a POLITICO Magazine article recently reported how Obama had confided in another that his former vice president “really doesn’t have it” when it comes to an intimate connection with voters.

“He may have said that. And if it’s true, and he said it, there’s truth to it,” Biden acknowledged on Monday before saying that he has “mostly campaigned for other people in the time I’ve been here. And I’ve never been in a position seeking the nomination where I have had the money and the organization to be able to get open headquarters all over the state.”

Obama’s Biden dig latest sign ex-president’s inner circle has doubts about his veep

  Obama’s Biden dig latest sign ex-president’s inner circle has doubts about his veep Joe Biden has sought to leverage his history with Barack Obama. The problem is, this does not appear to be a plan shared by the former president or his closest advisers. © FoxNews.com Fox News contributor Karl Rove and 'The Five' co-host Juan Williams weigh in. First, there was the persistent criticism of Biden's campaign from Obama's inner circle. Then, there were the lingering questions over why "44" has not simply endorsed his former vice president. Now come reports that Obama has made discouraging — even derisive — comments about his candidacy.

But Biden revealed that he actually asked Obama not to endorse him , USA Today reports. "I asked President Obama not to endorse ," he told Obama did have kind words for his former VP after Biden entered the race, issuing a statement through his spokesperson reading, "President Obama has long

The 'bromance' between Barack Obama and Joe Biden dissipated in the post-White House years, according to an upcoming book Barack and Joe How Barack Obama rolled his eyes and scribbled a note to his adviser as Joe Biden ' s long-winded babbling droned on and why he refused to endorse

On his prospects in Iowa and beyond, Biden said that if he won the first caucus state, it would be “awful hard to stop me from winning the nomination.”

Biden lamented media coverage that he said dismissed his candidacy because he was too moderate. Biden said the field was now moving closer to his views and away from the left. When asked whether he had set the stage for Buttigieg, who is leading in the polls in Iowa, Biden grew animated.

“Set it up? He stole it! Set it up?” Biden said of the mayor of South Bend, Ind. When asked whether Buttigieg now had the enthusiasm and the moderate positioning, he again scoffed. “No, he doesn’t have the enthusiasm and the moderate — moderate plan. It’s the Biden plan.”

The former vice president then accused the media of going too easy on Buttigieg, saying his opponent had once supported a more liberal health care plan but then pivoted.

Biden contended that if he had supported a different plan “and then I came along with the exact same plan, what would you have done to me? You would have torn my ears off. Absolutely, I would be a plagiarizing, no good, old man who did bum bum bum.”

When asked about another polling leader in Iowa and elsewhere — Warren — Biden dismissed her rise and the notion that she had momentum behind her.

“Look at the polling everywhere. Tell me. Tell me where the polling has manifested itself,” he said. “She lives in Massachusetts, she’s invested millions and millions of dollars in New Hampshire, why shouldn’t she be known there?” Biden kept demanding examples of big crowds for Warren.

“Oh, great, she had a showing in Chicago,” Biden said sarcastically. “By the way, that’s a wonderful thing. Show me any numbers.”

Marc Caputo contributed to this report.

Biden gets major South Carolina endorsement from former Harris backers .
Known as "The Reckoning Crew," the group of more than 90 women includes current and former elected officials, activists, and faith leaders.Known as "The Reckoning Crew," the group of three dozen women includes current and former elected officials, activists, and faith leaders and has played a critical role in grassroots organizing in the state. Biden's path to the nomination relies heavily on the South Carolina primary, which figures to play an outsized role in determining the party's presidential nominee because of its high percentage of African American voters.

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