Politics A day of history accentuates America’s divide and the distortions of truth in the Trump era

04:30  11 december  2019
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Comey in op-ed after IG report: 'Barr needs to stop acting like a Trump spokesperson'

  Comey in op-ed after IG report: 'Barr needs to stop acting like a Trump spokesperson' Former FBI Director James Comey criticized Attorney General William Barr in a Washington Post op-ed on Monday, saying he "needs to stop acting like a Trump spokesperson." Comey called on Barr to provide "an acknowledgement of the truth" and admit he was wrong in the aftermath of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's released report on the FBI's investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia."Well, the wait is over, andComey called on Barr to provide "an acknowledgement of the truth" and admit he was wrong in the aftermath of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's released report on the FBI's investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Amid the partisan breakdown over President Trump ’ s conduct in office, there was a rare statement of progress: a deal to cement a new U. S . trade Instead, the House Democrats’ march to impeach Trump and the president’ s continuing war with the FBI over the origins of the Russia investigation

America ’ s new presidentThe Trump era . His victory threatens old certainties about America and its role in the world. THE fall of the Berlin Wall, on November 9th 1989, was when history was said to have ended. For some of them, his flaws are insignificant next to the One Big Truth : that America needs fixing.

For only the fourth time in the nation’s history, congressional leaders on Tuesday put forward articles of impeachment against a president, but that milestone was the most predictable of events on a day that accentuated the degree to which the institutions of government are under stress and the citizens they serve are in conflict.

a lit up city at night© Provided by The Washington Post

Amid the partisan breakdown over President Trump’s conduct in office, there was a rare statement of progress: a deal to cement a new U.S. trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, the only substantial legislative breakthrough of the year and one long sought by the president.

Senate defies earlier White House block to unanimously recognize Armenian genocide

  Senate defies earlier White House block to unanimously recognize Armenian genocide "America's non-response to the Turkish horrors established patterns that would be repeated," Sen. Bob Menendez said.The move amounted to a stern condemnation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has grown close to Russia in recent months and who criticized a similar resolution passed by the House. Moreover, the Senate advanced Turkish sanctions legislation on Wednesday, threatening to disrupt Trump's alliance with Erdoğan.

As a businessman, Donald J. Trump was a serial fabulist whose biggest-best boasts about everything he touched routinely crumbled under the slightest scrutiny. As a candidate, Mr. Trump was a magical realist who made fantastical claims punctuated by his favorite verbal tic: “Believe me.”.

The story of Mr. Trump ’ s draft record has been reviewed by other publications, starting in 2011, when The Smoking Gun published his Selective Service documents. But a Times examination of his history , including interviews with Mr. Trump and experts on the era , revealed new details.

But in today’s hyper-polarized environment, agreement among elected leaders — once considered the norm — is now the anomaly. Instead, the House Democrats’ march to impeach Trump and the president’s continuing war with the FBI over the origins of the Russia investigation more clearly characterized the strained state of the nation and the rising prominence of distorting facts for political gain.

“This moment tells us something about ourselves,” said Ted Strickland, a former Democratic governor of Ohio. “Obviously, what’s happening is polarizing and will probably deepen the anger and the hostility that has characterized our politics for the last few years.”

Inside Senate Republicans' impeachment trial strategy

  Inside Senate Republicans' impeachment trial strategy GOP senators are unlikely to call any witnesses to defend Trump — but they're not ruling it out. The party is uniting around a strategy that could quickly acquit President Donald Trump of articles of impeachment while also giving them the opportunity to call witnesses later in the trial if Republicans and the president are not satisfied with how things are going, according to interviews with nearly a dozen Republican senators on Thursday.

The Trump Administration’ s contentious relationship with the press — characterized by claims of “fake news” and “alternative facts” To help us understand this “post- truth ” era , a panel of experts will examine the interplay of media and politics in contemporary America on the basis of their experience

America ' s de facto President stages a dog and pony show in Tel Aviv Netanyahu claims Israel has 85% of Americans think Congress serves lobbyists, not the people Well, for the Truth in Media The last of the " Trump conservative Mohicans", a lightning rod who infuriated the "liberals" like Hillary

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The impeachment proceedings have revealed a Republican Party whose elected officials are loath to acknowledge any wrongdoing by a president who insists he acted perfectly despite evidence to the contrary, let alone the question of whether what he did warrants his removal from office.

Meanwhile, Trump took the Justice Department’s inspector general’s report on the Russia investigation, which knocked down his long-stated assertion that the probe was political motivated, and used elements of it to continue his attack on the FBI — furthering the divide that has been created between the president and the bureaucracy he oversees.

This latest volley is of a pattern with White House efforts to discredit the testimony of career Foreign Service and other officials, who outlined before the House Intelligence Committee misconduct by Trump in pressuring Ukrainian leaders to announce an investigation of former vice president Joe Biden, a potential 2020 opponent, and his son Hunter.

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Former NBC Colleagues in New Interview

  Megyn Kelly Calls Out Former NBC Colleagues in New Interview In these final weeks of 2019, on the same day Charlize Theron hits theaters as Megyn Kelly in the Fox News film Bombshell, PBS has released a new interview with the real former Fox News and NBC host. At 43 minutes, it’s by far the longest and most in-depth public conversation Kelly has had since she was fired by NBC at the beginning of the year. And while she does not address the blackface comments that prompted her demise at that network, Kelly does have some harsh words for her former NBC News colleagues. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

These can be divided broadly into prehistorical (before history began to be recorded) and historical periods (when written records began to be kept). Mesolithic (Epipaleolithic) – was a period in the development of human technology between the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods.

On December 8, as America ’ s Pacific fleet lay in ruins at Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt requests, and receives, a declaration of war against Japan. The Americans hoped to capture the British-occupied city and with it win support for the American cause in Canada.

The resulting division has led to an impeachment process now defined by Trump’s supporters as wholly partisan.

“People view their facts through that divide,” said Jim Doyle, a former Democratic governor of Wisconsin. “Sadly, we now have a president who rather than trying to do something about that exploits it for everything he can.”

Jeff Flake, a former Republican senator from Arizona and a longtime critic of the president, said Republicans could reasonably say that the evidence presented in the impeachment inquiry doesn’t justify removing Trump from office.

“But to argue as House Republicans have done that the president did nothing wrong . . . has long-term implications for the party,” Flake said. “That is what baffles me and pains me deeply, to see people just contort themselves and to do the type of gymnastics it takes to justify this behavior and just the willingness to play for an audience of one.”

Other longtime GOP officials agreed.

“It amazes me,” added Jim Edgar, a former Republican governor of Illinois, noting how Trump uses whatever he can to defend himself, even if it strains or runs contrary to the truth. “You can catch him dead to rights, and he goes out and turns it around, and people believe it.”

Impeachment disaster only going to get worse for Democrats

  Impeachment disaster only going to get worse for Democrats The American public is not buying the impeachment farce. That is fact.It’s hard to argue that, to date, the combination of the Democrats in the House controlling the process, coupled with coverage from the mainstream media, is anything other than a drumbeat that the facts are horrible for the president, that they demand impeachment, and failure to impeach is nothing short of constitutional malfeasance.

He explained that America is facing what he felt only an outsider with Trump ’ s business experience could fix. Yet heading into Election Day , most Americans were convinced Hillary Clinton would win, and they would not have The Trump Era : Testy Times Ahead. Trump , the media, and the truth .

In the Republican primaries, Trump the class warrior made Ted Cruz, the conservative Christian Like the Brexit vote in Britain, a painful rift has been exposed and polling day itself will not There is a divide between them and other Americans . It confounds me that he’ s doing so well in the polls.”

But Edgar also noted that members of both parties are now being pushed by their bases. “You’ve got pretty smart people on both sides forced into taking the extreme position, whether hellbent on impeachment or impeachment never,” he said.

Everything collided quickly on Tuesday. First came the impeachment articles delivered with sobriety and resolve by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her committee chairs. The two articles — one accusing the president of abuse of power and the other focused on obstruction of justice — will come before a politically divided House where a party-line vote, with few if any defections, is expected.

The most loyal Trump supporters portray the proceeding as its own abuse of power. Some Republicans who see wrongdoing by the president also fault Democrats for the way they handled the impeachment inquiry and say that in the end, it will accrue to Trump’s benefit.

Democrats say that the evidence presented is uncontested and that they feel a constitutional duty to protect the country from an abusive chief executive and to protect the prerogatives of the legislative branch. Trump, meanwhile, repeated his claim on Twitter that he had done “NOTHING wrong” and called impeachment “sheer Political Madness!”

Donald Trump wearing a suit and tie: President Trump speaks Monday in the Cabinet Room at the White House.© Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post President Trump speaks Monday in the Cabinet Room at the White House.

An hour after the impeachment articles were unveiled came the celebratory Capitol Hill announcement of a trade pact, led again by Pelosi.

After impeachment will come Trump's wrath

  After impeachment will come Trump's wrath Michael D'Antonio writes that the very same behavior that led to Donald Trump's impeachment hearings is what he'll double down on in the months ahead.The impeachment of Donald Trump is now an inevitability thanks, not to Congress, but to his own character and personality which drove him to seek foreign help in the 2020 election. When the House declares him worthy of removal from office, however, the very flaws that got Trump to this point -- the absence of humility, lack of integrity and his self-absorption -- will keep him on a destructive path.

It’ s a question that has hung out there throughout our hyper-driven, hyper- divided media era : What would Watergate look like if it were to happen now? We no longer have to wonder. Forget Deep Throat

Trump ’ s new brigades of millennial bigots who are too young to remember the civil rights era , Nixon But the increasing antipathy expressed by their bloviating flag-bearers towards public schooling reveals a motivated amnesia surrounding the history of the relationship of public education to the expansion

Jack Markell, a former Democratic governor of Delaware, applauded that moment of bipartisanship, noting that “we don’t have the luxury” as a country of focusing on just one thing. “My hope is that where we are today is not the new normal and that it is a short detour in our history, which can be corrected quickly either by the elections process or our system of checks and balances,” he said.

Two hours later came another sign of the dysfunction and distrust that have infected so many elements of public life. Attorney General William P. Barr, contradicting a Justice Department report released Monday, said he believed the government had spied on Trump during the 2016 campaign and had initiated its Russia investigation on the flimsiest of grounds — choosing to side with Trump against the federal law enforcement agencies he leads.

“I think there were gross abuses . . . and inexplicable behavior that is intolerable in the FBI,” Barr told Pete Williams of NBC News. He added, “I think that leaves open the possibility that there was bad faith.”

The rapid shifts from partisan warfare over impeachment to legislative comity over trade to the top layers of the executive branch pitted against the bureaucracy might have proved dizzying to many people. “This is the moment that the Temptations song was made for: ‘Ball of Confusion,’ ” said Michael Nutter, a former Democratic mayor of Philadelphia.

“Donald J. Trump is absolutely the master of confusion, and it works in his benefit,” he added. “That’s all he wants because in this environment, when people are confused, often they just listen to the loudest voice.”

Robert B. Reich: President Warren Sanders

  Robert B. Reich: President Warren Sanders There aren't 20 Senate Republicans with enough integrity to remove the most corrupt president in American history, so we're going to have to get rid of Trump the old-fashioned way-- by electing a Democrat next November 3. Although there are differences between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, I'm putting them together for the purpose of making a simple point.These two have most of the grassroots energy in the 2020 campaign, most of the enthusiasm, and most of the ideas critical for America's future.Together, they lead Biden and every other so-called moderate Democrat by a wide margin in all polls.

These “parables” about racism in America are truths that must be told, so that they might set us all free — as the It’ s time for a serious study of the history of racism in America and the narrative that must be changed. Studying racism in the era of Trump will be an act of reconciliation and resistance.

Don’t blame Donald Trump – blame America ’ s democratic model. by Andrew Gumbel in Los In truth , the politics of electoral combat have been heating towards boiling point for a decade and a Voter fraud was often invoked in the segregation era as an excuse to crack down on the rights of

a man wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone© Provided by The Washington Post

Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a longtime Democratic state representative from South Carolina, said in exasperation: “You’ve got people who believe everything that comes from the president’s mouth, and you’ve got others who believe absolutely nothing that comes from his mouth.”

As monumental as the announcement of the articles of impeachment may have been, given its place in history, the act was entirely expected. From the afternoon in September when Pelosi opened the inquiry in the House, the outcome has never been in doubt. From the Judiciary Committee vote in the coming days to the expected floor vote next week to the subsequent trial in the Senate, in which the Republican majority is expected to acquit its president, all seems preordained.

Millions of Americans have been transfixed with day after day of hearings, but polling suggests few if any minds have been changed. The proceedings may only have intensified the campaign to come.

The coming Senate trial will bring the impeachment proceedings to a close but without closure. With partisan lines hardening and with the president showing no signs of slackening from his attacks on political opponents, the media and those parts of the bureaucracy he distrusts, this will go on at least until the next election and probably longer.

“This impeachment process is just significantly increasing the antagonism on both sides, and I don’t see it going anywhere,” said Judd Gregg, a former Republican senator from New Hampshire. “It’s not settling the matter out. It’s doing the opposite. It’s driving larger and more divisive wedges into the process.”

Doyle added, “I just think this is an incredible roll of the dice.”



Democratic Challengers Respond to Impeachment of President Trump .
The Democratic challengers to Donald Trump took to Twitter in reaction to Wednesday's historic impeachment vote by the U.S. House of Representatives. "President Trump abused his power, violated his oath of office, and betrayed our nation. This is a solemn moment for our country. But in the United States of America, no one is above the law — not even the President," former vice president Joe Biden tweeted. The longtime politician participated in the impeachment trials of former presidents Nixon and Clinton.President Trump abused his power, violated his oath of office, and betrayed our nation. This is a solemn moment for our country.

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