Politics How Trump Is Spreading a Conspiracy Theory About Pelosi, Biden and Sanders

04:41  18 january  2020
04:41  18 january  2020 Source:   nytimes.com

Trump: ‘I Would’ Do What Hunter Biden Did for ‘Millions of Dollars’

  Trump: ‘I Would’ Do What Hunter Biden Did for ‘Millions of Dollars’ With a Senate impeachment trial looming, President Donald Trump joked to supporters on Thursday that he would have no problem doing exactly what he’s accused former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter of doing for “millions of dollars.” © REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst U.S. President Donald Trump rallies with supporters in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. January 9, 2020. Midway through his campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, on Tuesday night, the president began running down his potential Democratic opponents in this year’s election.

Mr. Sanders denounced that theory on Friday. President Trump claimed without evidence that Nancy Pelosi , the House speaker, was “rigging” the An idea that caught fire on Twitter and became grist for Mr. Trump demonstrates how the same echo chamber of right-wing media that boosted him in 2016

But that certainly was not the first debunked or unverified conspiracy theory Trump has floated and encouraged during his time in the political spotlight. Throughout his presidency, on the campaign trail, and even in the years prior, Trump has floated theories fueled by the conspiratorial -minded corners

WASHINGTON — The first version of the conspiracy theory was hatched on Twitter last Friday, Jan. 10.

Nancy Pelosi posing for the camera: President Trump claimed without evidence that Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, was “rigging” the Democratic primary.© Anna Moneymaker/The New York Times President Trump claimed without evidence that Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, was “rigging” the Democratic primary.

“Don’t rule out that the reason Pelosi hasn’t sent impeachment to the Senate is to hurt Warren and Sanders, and to help Biden,” Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush, tapped out on his iPad. “By timing the trial so it takes place during the Iowa lead-up, she has leverage over the liberals.”

Mr. Fleischer’s message was retweeted 1,400 times.

Liz Peek: Pelosi impeachment stunt could boost Biden but infuriate Bernie's army

  Liz Peek: Pelosi impeachment stunt could boost Biden but infuriate Bernie's army The speaker's latest political maneuver could prove divisive among Democrats.Nancy Pelosi’s latest political stunt could prove to be her most divisive yet – not pitting Republicans against Democrats as her impeachment drive has done -- but dividing her own party instead.

Nancy Pelosi , Donald Trump , and Bernie Sanders © Reuters / Joshua Roberts, Carlos Barria, and Brian Snyder. Follow RT on. The impeachment trial against Donald Trump is not just a “witch hunt,” but a ploy to “rig” the Democratic nomination against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Joe Biden , the

Sanders , Biden Tag Team Trump for ‘Lying’ on Iran. Democratic foes unite to call B. S . on Trump ’ s justifications for hostilities with Iran. But after some pro-forma sparing between establishment favorite Biden and grassroots darling Sanders , the two Democrats delivered a united warning that Trump is

Seven days later, Mr. Fleischer’s theory that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was attempting to influence the Democratic primary — for which there is no evidence — was being promulgated by President Trump.

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“They are rigging the election again against Bernie Sanders, just like last time, only even more obviously,” Mr. Trump tweeted on Friday, claiming his Senate trial was designed to keep Mr. Sanders, the Vermont senator, grounded in Washington instead of campaigning in Des Moines ahead of the Feb. 3 caucuses.

“Crazy Nancy thereby gives the strong edge to Sleepy Joe Biden, and Bernie is shut out again,” the president added.

An idea that caught fire on Twitter and became grist for Mr. Trump demonstrates how the same echo chamber of right-wing media that boosted him in 2016 is exerting its power again just before the first primary votes are cast in 2020.

Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lie

  Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lie Biden accuses Sanders campaign of releasing 'doctored' video, calls it a lieFormer Vice President Biden, who had just been asked at an Iowa campaign event about rumors that he wants to cut Social Security, said he does not want to cut the government-run retirement and disability program. He then lambasted the campaign of Sanders, a progressive standard-bearer and rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

And for Trump , that folklore mainly involves conspiracy theories that explain away all his That obviously didn't turn out to be necessary, though the theory still has its compelling points. Then how do we explain what Trump is doing? Chances are it' s all quite simple: Trump is an eccentric making

His latest anti-Democrat conspiracy theory says Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment from the Senate not to get Senate Republicans to hold an impartial impeachment trial but to hurt McCarthy alleges Pelosi is intentionally "clearing the decks for Joe Biden " and "keeping Bernie Sanders at bay."

There was nothing new in terms of the process that got the idea in front of Mr. Trump. But the evolution from online conspiracy theory to Fox News fodder to presidential talking point demonstrated how a world of conservative influencers, Republican lawmakers and online media outlets can drive disinformation through repetition and amplification.

Two days after Mr. Fleischer’s tweet, Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader, appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Fox News and repeated it. “This is the dirty little secret nobody is talking about: why the Speaker held these papers,” Mr. McCarthy said on Sunday. “This benefits Joe Biden. This harms Senator Sanders, who is in first place and could become their nominee.”

In fact, Mr. Sanders is not the national front-runner for the nomination and never has been, although he had a narrow lead in a recent poll of likely Iowa caucusgoers. But Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign in recent weeks has been seeking to elevate Mr. Sanders, viewing the self-described democratic socialist as the president’s ideal Democratic opponent in November.

Biden campaign warns media about spreading 'malicious and conclusively debunked' claims during impeachment trial

  Biden campaign warns media about spreading 'malicious and conclusively debunked' claims during impeachment trial Joe Biden's presidential campaign issued a memo Monday warning journalists not to spread debunked claims about the former vice president's push to remove a corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine.The memo comes just days ahead of the Senate impeachment trial, during which Republicans are likely to push the theory as they seek to defend President Trump. The Biden campaign said Trump's efforts to spread the theory is the reason the president is being impeached and said it would be "malpractice" for journalists to reference the allegations without also saying that they've been debunked, according to a copy of the memo obtained by The Hill.

Trump also wanted a probe into a conspiracy theory about the 2016 elections. The picture in New Hampshire is not that different, with Biden leading Sanders by less than two points. More conspiracy -minded politicians in Washington, DC suggested that Pelosi ' s decision to withhold the

In 2016, conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’ s health were driven largely by her age and gender, and she’ s younger than Trump , Biden , and Sanders . No similar theories emerged when Sanders , in March, fell in the shower while on a campaign swing in South Carolina. Though he had to appear at

The Trump camp, in turn, is worried about Mr. Biden’s competitiveness against the president in Midwestern battleground states, and would like to do anything possible to trip up the moderate former vice president in his tight primary race against the liberal Mr. Sanders.

Mr. McCarthy has continued to repeat the theory and profess support for Mr. Sanders, repeating the talking points in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. His television commentary was then written up by Breitbart News, the right-wing news and opinion site.

On Thursday, The Federalist, a conservative website, ran an article with the headline: “Is Impeachment Delay How Democrats Are Rigging Iowa Against Bernie Again?” It said Ms. Pelosi’s decision to delay impeachment “provokes the question whether she is deliberately helping Joe Biden.”

One day later, the message had reached the White House, where Mr. Trump, a frequent purveyor of conspiracy theories, presented the idea as a fact.

“It’s easy to see why Bernie and his supporters would think the establishment is screwing them again,” said Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, noting that the campaign often looks to Mr. Trump’s Twitter feed for its daily message.

Biden accepts Sanders apology over unofficial surrogate’s blistering op-ed

  Biden accepts Sanders apology over unofficial surrogate’s blistering op-ed Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic frontrunner, accepted challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders’ apology late Monday over a blistering op-ed written by an unofficial campaign surrogate who blasted the former vice president as a weak candidate with a serious corruption problem.Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham Law professor, wrote the column for the Guardian that could be used as a roadmap for President Trump's re-election team in the general election. She described a candidate happy to be called "Middle-Class Joe," but whose political career is a bit murkier. She wrote he has a long history of supporting "finance over working-class Americans.

How Trump ' s paranoia and conspiracy theories become US policy. Analysis by Zachary B. Wolf Sanders and Biden spar over Iraq War vote. Van Jones: Dems have more billionaires than black Booker: Trump spreading conspiracies is 'dangerous' 01:18. "I think the President just wants Tweeting about a conspiracy theory may have changed the conversation, but at what cost to Trump ?

Conspiracy theories are usually about evil cabals manipulating world events. QAnon, by contrast, is a conspiracy theory in which the good guys — in this You don’t need an occult story about how your side is secretly winning if it’ s actually winning. Publicly, many right-wing politicians and pundits disdain

Conspiracies surrounding Mr. Sanders’s political fortunes have been a particular fixation for Mr. Trump, dating back four years. During the 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump circulated the false and unsourced claim that an “analysis” — he did not say who wrote it or where it was published — concluded that Mr. Sanders would have won the Democratic nomination if not for superdelegates, the party leaders and officials who were not bound to vote for the winner of their state’s primaries or caucuses.

At the time, Mr. Trump and his advisers realized the potential political benefit in lobbing these kinds of accusations. Their campaign, which relied heavily on depressing Democratic turnout as a way to win battleground states like Florida and Michigan, stood to gain by fanning the flames of the rivalry between Mr. Sanders and Hillary Clinton and dredging up the bitterness that many Sanders supporters felt over their loss.

Even after winning the election, Mr. Trump continued to claim that Mrs. Clinton had somehow robbed Mr. Sanders of victory. When Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman, released a memoir in 2017, Mr. Trump inaccurately said the book showed that Mrs. Clinton “bought the DNC & then stole the Democratic Primary” from Mr. Sanders.

Rep. warns not electing progressive could lead to another Trump

  Rep. warns not electing progressive could lead to another Trump Jayapal endorsed Bernie Sanders for president Sunday, a notable win for the Sanders campaign over fellow progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren. Jayapal told CBS News that she chose Sanders over Warren because of a shared history of organizing she has with the Vermont senator."At the end of the day, I think for me it came down to the fact that Bernie Sanders is like me: an organizer," Jayapal explained. "He believes the change that we need is bold and big, and institutional, but it doesn't happen without building a broader movement.

Trump also wanted a probe into a conspiracy theory about the 2016 elections. US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi signs the Articles of Impeachment against US President Donald Trump Some Republicans have also said they may want to call Biden and his son, Hunter, as witnesses.

CNN' s Erin Burnett says President Trump and friends have unleashed a "coordinated assault" on the Justice Department by pushing Trump ' s conspiracy theory

In an interview, Mr. Fleischer said he had not seen the idea about the timing of the impeachment trial anywhere else and had not consulted with anyone when he first pitched it on Twitter. “I just do my best to realistically assess what’s happening in Washington,” he said. Mr. Fleischer said he believed that Ms. Pelosi does not think Mr. Sanders can beat Mr. Trump in November, and that “she has one big thing on her mind: that’s winning the White House.”

He said his tweet took off because “if it has merit, it starts to gather momentum.”

“If it has no merit, it’s just another tweet,” he added.

Republican staff members on Capitol Hill said the theory gained traction because of a broader narrative — pushed by Mr. Sanders’s own supporters — that Mr. Sanders was generally getting a raw deal from the mainstream news media and other candidates in the race.

In a statement on Friday, in response to a question from The New York Times about the president’s conspiracy tweet, Mr. Sanders denounced the theories. “Let’s be clear about who is rigging what: It is Donald Trump’s action to use the power of the federal government for his own political benefit that is the cause of the impeachment trial,” he said. “His transparent attempts to divide Democrats will not work, and we are going to unite to sweep him out of the White House in November.”

Ms. Pelosi’s team has also made it clear she was not trying to meddle in the nominating process.

“Impeachment has nothing to do with politics or the presidential race,” a spokesman for Ms. Pelosi, Drew Hamill, wrote on Twitter this week, responding to Mr. McCarthy’s accusation. “As usual, the Minority Leader has no idea what he’s talking about.”

On Friday, he added: “Regardless, Senator Sanders isn’t the only senator running, so this doesn’t make any sense.”

Annie Karni reported from Washington, and Jeremy W. Peters from New York.

A journey from Twitter to Fox News to the president’s feed.

Kellyanne Conway knocks Biden, talks up Sanders in Wash Post op-ed .
Presidential counselor and 2016 Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway knocked former Vice President Joe Biden in a Washington Post op-ed on Thursday while touting Sen. Sanders's (I-Vt.) prospects in the Democratic presidential race.Conway argued in the op-ed that Democratic "leaders and primary voters have been seduced into the trap of focusing on electability," while seeking to make the argument that Democrats should turn to support Sanders if concerned about electability. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.

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