Politics House to unveil $494B surface bill, including promised climate focus

03:20  03 june  2020
03:20  03 june  2020 Source:   politico.com

China space programme targets July launch for Mars mission

  China space programme targets July launch for Mars mission China is targeting a July launch for its ambitious plans for a Mars mission which will include landing a remote-controlled robot on the surface of the red planet, the company in charge of the project has said. Beijing has invested billions of dollars in its space programme in an effort to catch up with its rival the United States and affirm its status as a major world power.

House Democratic leaders unveiled the outlines for a 0 billion, five-year infrastructure package on Wednesday — a proposal that includes an Top Democrats urged their colleagues to focus on what was in the bill now, and said more legislation would come later this year focusing on other types of

“ Climate -related natural disasters are becoming more frequent, more deadly, more destructive, with growing human and financial costs,” he said. Her recent research found rapid thawing of permafrost high in the Canadian Arctic, where there is little surface vegetation to insulate the frozen ground.

The House Transportation Committee's surface transportation bill will be a $494 billion, five-year effort that hews closely to the framework released in January and contains a hefty focus on climate mitigation, as House leadership has promised.

a group of people walking down a street next to a sign: 191127_amtrak_gty_773.jpg © Alex Wong/Getty Images 191127_amtrak_gty_773.jpg

The bill will contain $319 billion for highways, $105 billion for transit and $60 billion for rail, according to a source familiar with the committee's plans. It was unclear where the remaining $10 billion would be allocated.

The major themes of the bill are state of good repair, safety and climate mitigation and resiliency.

Trump urges House GOP to vote against revised surveillance bill

  Trump urges House GOP to vote against revised surveillance bill President Trump on Tuesday evening urged House Republicans to vote against a surveillance bill that will be brought to the floor this week after lawmakers reached an agreement on a key revision."I hope all Republican House Members vote NO on FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] until such time as our Country is able to determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history took place!" Trump"I hope all Republican House Members vote NO on FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] until such time as our Country is able to determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history took place!" Trump tweeted.

Reducing heat transfers – houses . Heat energy is lost from buildings through their roofs, windows, walls, floors and through gaps around windows and Take a look at this thermogram of a house . The roof and windows are the hottest, showing that most heat is lost from the house through those parts.

1. The bill includes service. 2.People don"t use this road very often. 3. They cancelled all flights because of fog. 1. Service is included in the bill . 2. This road is not used very often.

The coronavirus threw the committee a curveball, and in response the draft would delay the implementation of new highway and transit policies until after the first year of the bill, in recognition of the myriad challenges state transportation departments are facing due to coronavirus and the economic downturn. The bill's higher funding levels would take effect immediately, however. That first year, states would also be able to use funds for operations and administrative expenses, with no required local match.

The delayed policy changes include a $28 billion dedicated bridge investment program and an expansion of existing state pilot programs to test vehicle miles traveled fee collection mechanisms, with nearly twice the funding allocation as the FAST Act and a strengthened focus on cybersecurity. It would create a new, nationwide VMT pilot program and, according to sources familiar with the draft, would push states toward making their pilots permanent.

Column: Planting trees helps climate change and creates jobs

  Column: Planting trees helps climate change and creates jobs Planting billions of trees across the United States to naturally capture carbon emissions while generating thousands of new jobs. For example, in January, President Donald Trump announced the U.S. will join a new global effort, 1t.org, to plant and conserve 1 trillion trees by 2030. Congress has matched the president's ambition with bold new legislative proposals, such as the Trillion Trees Act, Reforestation Act of 2019, Climate Stewardship Act and TREES Act.

His customers promised to pay him after the harvest, then after Christmas. The hook at the side was stuck. Pat opened it with his knife and the whole house front swung back, and – there you were, looking at one and the same moment into the sitting room and dining room, the kitchen and two bedrooms.

Climate change, whatever its causes, is a direct threat to their way of life. Nobody knows the Arctic as well as the locals, which is why they are not content simply to stand back and With so much at stake, the Inuit are determined to play a key role in teasing out the mysteries of climate change in the Arctic.

Transit would get more than a 50 percent increase in formula funding, with new incentives for transit agencies to increase the frequency and reliability of transit service. The bill would set the federal cost share for Capital Investment Grants at 80 percent, removing DOT’s ability to arbitrarily raise the local requirement, which the agency has come under fire for doing in recent years. However, the bill would allow for agencies coming up with a larger match to be rewarded with a streamlined approval process.

A secondary formula would help agencies upgrade especially old buses, and there would be a five-fold increase in funding for zero-emission buses.

A new DOT office would work to align housing development with transit, with a doubling of transit-planning grants with broadened eligibility.

Buy America certification would become an FTA responsibility, rather than having transit agencies do it themselves, with an eye toward making compliance easier.

Panos Panay: A revolutionary as guardian of evolution

 Panos Panay: A revolutionary as guardian of evolution © provided by Dr. Windows Panos Panay His name is more closely associated with the Surface brand than any other: Panos Panay is the creator of Microsoft's own Windows computers, and he has been responsible for this for over 10 years. I met him in person for the first time in November 2017; together with Surface chief designer Ralf Groene, he was on the road in Germany at the time.

We've scoured cities all around the world for small ideas with huge potential, and asked some of our favorite urban thinkers for tiny ways to make outsized transformations. And we divided them all up into six sections to help focus your efforts.

The homes of the future will also be more energy-efficient. Thirty per cent of the electricity will come from solar energy and the house will recycle water from the bath, sink and shower to flush the toilets.

DOT would be directed to establish a new performance measure on greenhouse gas emissions that states will need to report on. The highest-achieving states would be given added flexibility for how they’ll use funds from a new $8.4 billion carbon reduction apportionment program, while low-performing states would be required to shift additional money into the program. An apportionment program for resiliency would be funded at $6.3 billion.

The bill includes a $1.8 billion investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

States would be encouraged to prioritize the maintenance of existing highway infrastructure before building new roads or widening existing ones. The bill would allocate $6.3 billion for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

The Ways and Means Committee has not yet decided how it will pay for the bill. The same is true for the Senate Finance Committee.

T&I Democrats have not yet shared details on the bill’s policies or timing with their Republican counterparts, according to a GOP aide.

The committee tentatively plans to mark up the bill June 17. It will be formally introduced Thursday during a pro forma session.

firmware updates for older models of Surface Laptop and Surface Pro .
© provided by Martin Geuss (Blog Dr. Windows) Microsoft Surface Microsoft has firmware updates for the Surface Pro 5, Pro 6 and for the Surface Laptop and Laptop 2 released. This means that practically all Surface devices from Surface Pro 4 onwards were supplied with hardware updates within a month. As usual, the changelogs are unspectacular. There are new system and graphics drivers from Intel and new drivers from Marvell for the Bluetooth and Wifi modules in the devices.

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