Politics Andrew Cuomo and Trump face political reckoning for nursing home deaths

08:20  03 june  2020
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White House goal on testing nursing homes unmet

  White House goal on testing nursing homes unmet Nearly two weeks ago the White House urged governors to ensure that every nursing home resident and staff member be tested for the coronavirus within 14 days. A review found that at least half of the states are not going to meet the deadline and some aren’t even bothering to try. President Donald Trump speaks with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on May 22, in Washington D.C.

Andrew Cuomo , about the deaths in New York state-regulated nursing homes . About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle

Nursing homes have been particularly vulnerable to the pandemic. The Life Care Center of Kirkland, in Washington State, was linked to dozens That is nearly a quarter of deaths in the United States from the pandemic. On Saturday, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York described nursing homes as a

The scourge of COVID-19 nursing home deaths is set to factor large in politics.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces the most heat, but the fallout is also a liability for President Trump.

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are highly susceptible to the coronavirus because residents often have weakened immune systems and close interaction is required between the residents and staff members. Of the 107,478 confirmed coronavirus deaths in the United States, 40,600 have occurred in nursing homes, according to an analysis in USA Today. New York has the highest death count of any state at 6,062, 15% of the total.

On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal

  On a Scottish Isle, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal On the Isle of Skye off the western coast of Scotland, residents thought they had sealed themselves off from the coronavirus. They shuttered hotels. Officials warned of police checks. Traffic emptied on the only bridge from the mainland. But the frailest spot on the island remained catastrophically exposed: Home Farm, a 40-bed nursing home for people with dementia. Owned by a private equity firm, Home Farm has become a grim monument of the push to maximize profits at Britain’s largest nursing home chains, and of the government’s failure to protect its most vulnerable citizens.Today, all but seven of the residents have been stricken.

Andrew Cuomo responded to looting that happened during protests following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, and the way the NYPD handled the situation saying he was "disappointed." JUST WATCHED. Gov. Cuomo says looters demean George Floyd's death .

New York nursing homes were forced and even threatened by Andrew Cuomo 's executive order to take covid-19 patients, after which the virus spread amd killed

Cuomo has come under fire for two policies. In March, his administration prohibited nursing homes from turning away residents who had been hospitalized with COVID-19 and permitted nursing home employees who had tested positive for the coronavirus to continue working as long as they were asymptomatic. Those policies were not rescinded until May.

“The way this has been handled by the state is totally irresponsible, negligent, and stupid,” Elaine Mazzotta told the Associated Press. Mazzotta is a nurse whose mom died at a Long Island nursing home in April, likely from COVID-19. “They knew better. They shouldn’t have sent these people into nursing homes," she said.

Cuomo has been on the defensive recently, trying to deflect blame for the nursing home crisis in the Empire State.

Britney Spears quarantines for 2 weeks before seeing sons at Kevin Federline's request

  Britney Spears quarantines for 2 weeks before seeing sons at Kevin Federline's request After visiting family in Louisiana, Britney Spears agreed to isolate at her L.A.-area home before seeing her boys as COVID-19 lockdown continues.Britney Spears loves her boys. So to keep them safe, she readily agreed to self-quarantine at her Los Angeles-area home earlier this month following a trip to visit her family in Louisiana, a new report reveals.

As the US death toll approaches 100,000, the paper decided to print a “long, solemn list of people whose lives were lost to the coronavirus Some wondered aloud how many of the deceased had perished in nursing homes , and called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sending Covid

Andrew Cuomo said during a news conference Sunday in Albany, New York. "It's not hard to make a mask or PPE The burden to acquire supplies has been placed on governors and state officials, with Trump saying last week that they should work with private companies to secure masks and other items.

"Anyone who wants to ask, ‘Why did the state do that with COVID patients in nursing homes?’ — it's because the state followed President Trump's CDC guidance,” Cuomo said May 20. “So, they should ask President Trump."

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Older voters are the ones most likely to be concerned about the issue of preventing the coronavirus in nursing homes.

Coronavirus: I was in the stay-home-until-it's-safe camp. But I just can't take it anymore.

  Coronavirus: I was in the stay-home-until-it's-safe camp. But I just can't take it anymore. I may have to turn in my progressive card, but I just can't stomach an extended coronavirus lockdown any longer. And neither can our country.Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

Cuomo order on nursing homes may have resulted in deaths of their loved ones 04:22. One quarter of nursing homes had at least one case, and one in five had at least one death , according to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) on the nationwide protests against killing of George Floyd; says that the “righteous protest movement has been infiltrated … by anarchist groups, by criminals.” NOW PLAYING: Politics . Gov.

"This will affect certain voters, and those voters could be important to both the president and Gov. Cuomo," said Richard Mollot, executive director of the Long Term Care Community Coalition. "The people who will be particularly sensitive to this will be older voters, those in their 50s, 60s, and 70s."

No politician wants to face a lot of angry older voters. According to the Census Bureau, people 65-74 have the highest rates of voter turnout among any age group, and those aged 55-64 are a close second.

Misha Eliasziw, a professor at the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University, told the Washington Examiner she thinks that the issue could be part of the fall campaign, "But it will be rolled into the larger issue of the high number of deaths countrywide. I believe the issue will be, should the federal government have acted sooner to warn the population of the dangers of COVID-19, as well as focusing on travel from Europe that seems to have brought infection to the East Coast?"

Former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden fired a warning shot in May that he plans to make Trump's handling of the pandemic an election issue in an editorial for the Washington Post. While Biden didn't mention nursing homes, he did accuse Trump of "deflecting blame and dividing Americans" during the pandemic instead of providing leadership.

Perhaps sensing the political potency of the issue, Trump included an independent commission to examine the nursing home response to the virus as part of his Opening Up America Again plan. In March, the administration banned visitors to nursing homes, and in May issued strict guidelines for the reopening of long-term care facilities.

28 people arrested in Nashville during Saturday protests against police violence .
Following Saturday's "I Will Breathe" rally in Nashville to protest police brutality, 28 people were arrested when police and demonstrators clashed.   © Larry McCormack / The Tennessean Protesters run away from tear gas outside the Metro Courthouse in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, May 30, 2020 after the “I Will Breathe” rally to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being pinned down by a white Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day.

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