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09:20  30 june  2020
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5 training courses that will give you all the keys to launch your e-commerce site

 5 training courses that will give you all the keys to launch your e-commerce site © Carlina Teteris / Getty Images 5 training courses that will give you all the keys to launch your e-commerce site Do you want to launch your e-commerce site? With our partner TopFormation, an online platform dedicated to professional training, we have selected 5 training courses that will help you make your project a reality. E-commerce is on the rise in France. Last year, the milestone of 100 billion euros in online sales was even crossed.

The introduction of e - commerce websites have enabled users to shop online. To ensure positive shopping experiences by the users in a highly competitive environment, it is important for e - commerce website designers to design a good and usable site. This study attempts to evaluate the usability of

E - Commerce and Usability : 10.4018/978-1-59140-561-0.ch034: The term “Electronic Commerce” (EC) conjures various interpretations. Figure 1.1 shows some of the different types of EC, of which there are many, such as.

E-Commerce: Das Comeback von Frohsinn und Usability © Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock E-Commerce: The comeback of cheerfulness and usability

We spoke to Johannes Altmann from Shoplupe about online shops, platforms and the customer happiness pyramid.

No other e-commerce expert has analyzed more shops in Germany than Johannes Altmann, the founder of Shoplupe. Even after 15 years, he is still annoyed by poor navigation. At the same time, however, he states that online shopping can make you happy.

t3n: Johannes, why do I still need my own online shop in 2021, when everything runs on platforms and you can't compete with it anyway?

Johannes Altmann, usability expert and founder of Shoplupe: "The topic of platforms is currently bordering on hysteria". (Photo: Shoplupe)

Ribery goal on comeback denied

 Ribery goal on comeback denied © Imago Franck Ribery made his comeback after a break of several months AC Florence missed a win in Serie A in the long-awaited return of former Bundesliga star Franck Ribery. In the first game after the Corona compulsory break, the Fiorentina against the bottom of the table Brescia Calcio did not go beyond a 1-1 (1-1). AC Milan won with former Bundesliga professional Hakan Calhanoglu, who prepared two goals, 4-1 (1-0) at relegation-prone US Lecce.

Back in the day, you can sell just about anything and make crazy money. Competition was minimal, technology wasn’t as affordable as it is now and access to product was limited. I truly agree with that list. E - commerce business is a one big challenge and you have to survive! Reply. Ebuka says.

Some e - commerce websites are venturing into it. Mobile commerce (also known as “m-commerce”) has immense potential, exhibiting a 86% growth Christian Holst is the co-founder of Baymard Institute where he writes bi-weekly articles with their research findings on web usability and e - commerce …

Johannes Altmann: It may be true that you can reach your customers better via platforms. But you will probably still be able to do the brand building, customer loyalty, tell your own story best through your own online shop. I know the discussion about marketplaces, but business with my own shops is still booming.

t3n: But when people search for my articles on Google, Amazon outbid me at SEA.

I recently read the story of Snocks, the online socks shop. These are two guys who started on Amazon, then they built their own online shop and now their own online shop is the first address. There you can build your brand and stage the products in a great way. They also built a lot of sock services. And so they slip out of comparability.

Amazon today is what Google was 15 years ago. You make a good living from it, suddenly you slip in the ranking and your business is in the bucket. If you are not in first place or at least in the buy box, your company is gone. Everyone should be aware of this risk.

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Cao, M., & Zhang, Q. (2005). Web Site Quality and Usability in E - Commerce . In Y. Gao (Ed.), Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior (pp. 107-124).

e - Commerce websites are increasing at an incredibly fast rate. There are no boundaries and any geographical restrictions have long disappeared, allowing This article explains common pitfalls and provides a set of e - commerce usability guidelines that can help you make your site more usable .

t3n: But especially the topic of brand building nowadays also mainly takes place via social media.

Yes, we can see that too. We have built the customer happiness pyramid as a new tool and analyzed a lot for it. Customer happiness arises from originality and stimulation. And you actually get that outside of the online shop today.

We did focus groups, for example on the topic of handbag buying, and it turned out that the women get the greatest inspiration in the pedestrian zone. Instagram follows immediately afterwards. Seen in this way, it has changed for e-commerce that you no longer have to pack everything into your shop. We used to think that we had to build beautiful shops, run blogs and offer advice. This is no longer the case. The world has got a little bigger.

t3n: So the task for the online shop itself becomes smaller. It's just about fulfillment.

If you see it technically, it gets smaller, if you see it operationally, it tends to become more. There are many more touchpoints that you have to use and where you have to meet our customer happiness criteria, for example. Above all, the shop itself has to be simple.

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Chapter 7: E-Business and E - Commerce . STUDY. Flashcards. A broader definition of electronic commerce, including buying and selling of goods and services as well as servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, conducting e-learning, and conducting electronic transactions

E - commerce sites lose almost half of their potential sales because users cannot use the site. In other words, with better usability , the average site could increase its current sales by 79% (calculated as Clearly, e - commerce sites have great potential for improving usability and thus increasing sales.

A good example is the shops of "The Lion's Den". The inspiration happens on TV, then you go over to the shop and these are mostly extremely simple Shopify shops. That fits exactly into our happiness pyramid. After the inspiration phase you only need absolute efficiency. Simple usability has just become a huge issue again.

There is a quick end to fun when something does not work as expected. I was in Dresden last week and tried to buy a public transport ticket online, and then you curse the app first, then the tram, then the internet and in the end you are in a bad mood.

And if it works easily and simply, it is a positive impression that you will notice. If you combine this with the fact that you get a nice product that may accompany you in your hobby, you can already say that buying online contributes to the joy.

t3n: Is the usability more important or the positive emotional reinforcement in the online shop?

There is no more important and less important. Good shop owners have to be different at different points in the customer journey. Otto.de is the basis of the happiness pyramid. I find what I'm looking for there and the buying process is straightforward. It's not really inspiring. The shop lives from the basics. It is exactly the other way around with the unicorn condoms. It's super cool. That expresses lifestyle, it is fascinatingly funny. There they are at the top of the pyramid. This creates a sense of belonging. The usability could even be bad and you would still buy.

Arjen Robben's comeback at FC Groningen: "I would not do that for any other club"

 Arjen Robben's comeback at FC Groningen: © Groningen Former Bayern star Arjen Robben has declared his surprising comeback at FC Groningen with his almost limitless affection for his first professional club. "I have nothing to lose, really not. My career has already ended. Why do I do that? I can describe it in one word: love of clubs. I wouldn't do that for any other club," said Robben when he was introduced on Sunday.

3.3.3. Increase usability and trustworthiness of placing orders online from providing accessibility to Taste-In Pizza. Personalisation functions: User registration and sign in to the user account, welcome comeback , allow the user to connect through facebook account, enable the user to find us on

E - commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet. E - commerce is in turn driven by the technological advances of the semiconductor industry, and is the largest sector of the electronics industry.

You don't have to draw on everything, you have to know where you belong. Otto doesn't have to be as cool as unicorn condoms.

t3n: Does it make sense for Otto to outsource individual, pointedly positioned shops?

In the end, that's exactly what they did. You kept letting small speed boats out of the Otto Group. That didn't always work, maybe because the small units don't generate enough sales. But of course it worked for About You. And the shop is not only extremely inspiring, it also has good usability, especially mobile. However, we have already made focus groups, where older women over 50 clearly say: This influencer model does not help me. I don't let a 17 year old tell me what to buy.

If you follow the happiness approach, best practice becomes less and less important. There is no "usual" approach. There is only one that suits the target group and the situation.

t3n: How can I measure happiness?

The most obvious measurement method is the NPS. The number of loyal customers is increasing. And loyalty is a yardstick for happy customers.

t3n: This also reduces the effort required to acquire new customers.

And you save yourself conversion optimizers. The easiest way to optimize the conversion is to rely on regular customers, because on average they have the fuller shopping cart. Actually - if you are completely honest - everything revolves around the loyal customer in e-commerce. If I don't get it, I always start over.

Chamber of Commerce, trade groups call for national standard on requiring masks

  Chamber of Commerce, trade groups call for national standard on requiring masks Chief executives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Federation, the National Association of Manufacturers and others teamed up to call for a national standard for states on requiring mask wearing on Thursday. The group, which also included the Business Roundtable CEO and the American Council of Life Insurers CEO, wrote a letter to President Trump and Vice President Pence, as well as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to request that the White House coronavirus task force and the National Governors Association (NGA) work together. Hogan is the chairperson of the NGA and Cuomo is the vice chairperson.

t3n: You now work a lot with focus groups, i.e. with real customers. What are the insights from it?

From the point of view of usability, most shops still have problems with navigation. In the case of fast-growing shops in particular, this will no longer work at some point. But this is by no means easy.

We often have credibility problems with more specialized shops. The image that companies have of their customers is only partially correct. This may still work for a persona, but not for the other four. But you also have to say: The very blatant mistakes like an animated GIF in the checkout or the like are rather rare.

t3n: So the long years of education brought something.

And the shop software has gotten much better. If you take Shopware or Shopify and don't change too much, you're always right. I met Toby Lütke in Berlin. He says there is no one who does more A / B tests than he does. Shopify is extremely cool because the retailer does not have to worry about the technology, but focuses on his core business, selling - the presentation of the products, marketing, service and not the checkout.

t3n: In the meantime, every Hinz and Kunz can open a professional shop and you only notice when the order is confirmed that the product comes from Shenzen.

But that's exactly why we started it all. So that even small providers can appear highly professional. In between there was a phase where you had to deal with technology a lot, now it's about selling again, about the interest in the customer. That's pretty cool right now, I think.

t3n: But isn't the trend going in the other direction and the platforms tap everything?

I think the topic of platforms is huge hysteria. I find it pulled by the hair. The sharpness of the range is becoming increasingly unclear. Everyone sells everything, but nobody really stands for anything.

t3n: Thank you for the interview.

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