Politics Health care price transparency bill can reduce costs and boost national economic recovery

02:52  29 july  2020
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Salary cap issue may delay training camps?

  Salary cap issue may delay training camps? While the NFLPA wants to spread the pandemic-induced salary cap hit through 2030, some owners are seeking to not only lower next year’s cap but to reduce the 2020 cap.But the financial issue the NFL and NFLPA have grappled over continues to be a sticking point. And if the sides cannot come to an agreement by Sunday night, Tom Pelissero of NFL.com reports training camps could continue the offseason’s virtual format.

Cost /quality comparisons don't work in the same way for health care that they do for other big Federal legislators have even introduced several bills into Congress to make health care prices But will health care price transparency help reduce costs ? Seems it would. But health - care can be a

Citizens in most economically developed nations have health insurance coverage that results in only modest cost Improved quality of care could reduce overall healthcare cost and the patient’s experience of care . These steps include billing for such services properly, investigating additional

The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic fallout have exposed America's broken health care system once again. Countless patients are returning home from the hospital with no knowledge of the devastating medical bills awaiting them. And employers face new, COVID-induced health care costs at the same time their revenues have come under pressure.

a person sitting on a table: Health care price transparency bill can reduce costs and boost national economic recovery © istock Health care price transparency bill can reduce costs and boost national economic recovery

To bring long-overdue financial certainty to health care consumers, we introduced the Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act in the Senate. This bill will finally bring real prices to health care by requiring hospitals and health insurers to publish their discounted cash prices and secret negotiated rates. No American should ever again face the anxiety of being blindfolded from prices, only to receive medical bills laden with confusing codes and outrageous charges in the mail weeks or months after treatment.

Blue Jays to play 2020 home games in Buffalo

  Blue Jays to play 2020 home games in Buffalo All the while, the Jays have reportedly been working to upgrade their facilities at Buffalo’s Sahen Field, bringing the clubhouses lighting up to par with MLB standards (or at least as close as possible). The organization’s strong preference has been to play its home games at a major league facility, but it seems the Jays will instead settle in a familiar setting for many of the club’s young players.The Jays have since officially confirmed the report, issuing a statement which indicates they’ll stage the “majority” of its 2020 home games in Buffalo.

A price transparency law, such as New Hampshire's, significantly reduces the number of people He has outlined an executive order to direct his health agency to improve quality and transparency . The problems with health care costs and access in the United States are far too complex for a single

Health care costs can add up quickly and become a burden. Many Americans struggle to meet premium payments in order to be insured Group plans may be sponsored by an employer, which can reduce your direct cost if the employer pays into your premium as part of your employee benefits.

Under the status quo, where real prices are hidden, hospitals and insurers have carte blanche to raise prices on the backs of powerless and price-blind patients. This opaque dynamic is a significant reason why inflation-adjusted, per-capita health care costs have roughly doubled since 2000 to make up 18 percent of national GDP. Yet other areas of the economy with transparent prices, including LASIK eye surgery and cosmetic procedures, have seen flat or decreased prices over the same timeframe.

Our bill will allow Americans to shop for care as they do for nearly every other good and service in the economy. When consumers have access to prices upfront, hospitals and insurers must compete by distinguishing price and quality to attract patients. Those with ridiculous prices like $24,000 to treat a broken arm, $2,800 for stitches, or $600 for a bandage will lose their patients to providers that offer fair prices.

NFL, NFLPA reach agreement on 2021 salary cap

  NFL, NFLPA reach agreement on 2021 salary cap The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to some compromises regarding finances. Next year’s salary cap will be no lower than $175M, Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo of NFL.com report. Rather than borrowing money from projected future revenues through 2030 — as the players initially sought — this agreement will take projected funds through 2024 to help guard against a salary cap free fall this season could cause, Mark Maske of the Washington Post tweets. Read more here.

Though health care costs are a significant burden to all levels of government, at the metropolitan level, that spending represents a substantial economic asset Improvements in health status may have a positive economic impact on households through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and

Health care costs have been rising due to more emergency room care , preventable chronic The Rising Cost of Health Care by Year and Its Causes. See for yourself if Obamacare increased health care Kimberly Amadeo has 20 years of experience in economic analysis and business strategy.

Patients, business owners, and local, state, and federal governments will then be empowered to identify the best quality care at the lowest price, greatly reducing runaway health care costs. Our fellow legislators should support this reform that is backed by 9 out of 10 Americans.

Hidden prices facilitate pervasive health care waste because providers and insurers can pass on redundant and unneeded costs to consumers with no economic consequences. According to a JAMA study last fall, waste accounts for 25 percent of the nearly $4 trillion the U.S. spends on health care each year. Such widespread waste could never exist in other economic sectors where providers are held accountable by informed consumers to cut costs.

No wonder there's ample economic and anecdotal evidence that health care price transparency dramatically lowers health care costs. Economists Art Laffer and Larry Van Horn found that cash prices for care are, on average, 39 percent less than insurance negotiated rates. Some intrepid employers, fed up with perpetually rising coverage costs, have reduced their health care burden by 30 to 50 percent by steering their employees to price transparent providers. Sen. Braun knows the power of health care price transparency firsthand. In 2008, he cut his company's health care costs and encouraged his employees to seek options through transparency by shopping around.

Brett Kulak, Jayce Hawryluk confirm positive COVID-19 tests

  Brett Kulak, Jayce Hawryluk confirm positive COVID-19 tests Habs defenseman Brett Kulak and Senators center Jayce Hawryluk both confirmed positive COVID-19 years on Friday. Following practice today, Kulak confirmed to reporters, including Sportsnet’s Eric Engels (Twitter links) that he was dealing with symptoms for a little more than a week after initially testing negative just prior to the start of camp.  Two positive tests quickly followed and he was only recently cleared to rejoin the team.

Health care costs are rising—and the desire to pay, among both insurers and government, is Using BI and analytics tools, health care providers can drill into procurement and invoicing billing data In health care , unlike in many other industries, price is not necessarily the most important consideration.

Health care prices in the United States of America describes market and non-market factors that determine pricing , along with possible causes as to why prices are higher than other countries. Compared to other OECD countries

Americans, currently facing an uncertain economic climate, need these health care savings now more than ever. According to a recent study, one-third of small and medium-sized businesses expect to close for good. Tax revenues have plummeted, putting strains on government budgets nationwide. Cutting health care costs through price transparency will partially relieve one of the biggest cost burdens facing all Americans.

These health care savings will provide a significant economic stimulus at no cost to taxpayers. Patients will keep more of their paychecks to put toward good use, while employers will enjoy higher net earnings, which they can use to rehire the American workforce. Governments will devote a greater share of taxpayer dollars to services.

Hospital associations have fiercely lobbied against health care price transparency efforts to maintain their enormous profits. Yet this reform can help level the playing field between rural hospitals and their big-city competitors. When smaller hospitals can distinguish themselves based on price, they can attract new customers who otherwise bypass them for the name-brand hospital systems.

Health care reform, like health care itself, has been infected by unnecessary complexity for decades. The marvel of real prices can achieve policymakers' long-standing goal of bending the health care cost curve. The associated economic stimulus will boost the national recovery and put more money in Americans' wallets.

Chuck Grassley is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Mike Braun is a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

Padres' Jorge Mateo clears protocols after testing positive for COVID-19 .
Padres infielder/outfielder Jorge Mateo, who tested positive for the coronavirus July 8.Mateo was formerly a top-100 prospect with both the Yankees and Athletics, but after back-to-back underwhelming showings in Triple-A over the previous two seasons, the A’s shipped the 25-year-old to the Padres in June for a player to be named later. Mateo has amassed 1,076 plate appearances at the minors’ highest level and slashed a below-average .261/.306/.433 with 22 home runs and 49 stolen bases.

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