Politics Duckworth on whether 'sizeable' amount of Trump supporters are racist: 'Of course not'

17:05  02 august  2020
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Duckworth introduces safety net bill for coal country

  Duckworth introduces safety net bill for coal country Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) is sponsoring a bill to provide a safety net for coal workers who risk losing their job as the country shifts to cleaner forms of energy.The Marshall Plan for Coal Country Act, a nod to the economic recovery plan for Europe after World War II, would ensure health care coverage for coal workers as well as cover higher education costs for coal miners and their family.Duckworth's legislation comes as the senator has risen to the top of the shortlist for the Democratic ticket this year and as the Biden campaign has shifted its climate plan to appease the left wing of the party.

Not once has a white Trump - supporting conservative said he or she would be more comfortable in the presence of a white leftist than a black conservative, or would prefer an all-white If you’re an honest leftist, this should present a powerful challenge to your belief that all white conservatives are racist .

President Trump on Thursday suggested delaying November’s presidential election. Do not manipulate comments and posts via group voting. Of course suspension of election, for an undetermined amount of time in the future ( Trump tries to get his presidency for life).

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (Ill.), a Democratic vice presidential contender, said Sunday that "of course" she did not believe a substantial percentage of President Trump's supporters are racists.

a woman wearing glasses: Duckworth on whether 'sizeable' amount of Trump supporters are racist: 'Of course not' © Getty Images Duckworth on whether 'sizeable' amount of Trump supporters are racist: 'Of course not'

Fox News's Chris Wallace, noting that Duckworth has called Trump the "Racist-in-Chief" and said that racism is a primary reason for opposition to immigration reform, asked the senator on "Fox News Sunday" if she believed "a sizeable percentage of President Trump's supporters are racists."

Progressive Senators Ready To Help Confirm 2 Anti-Choice Trump Judges

  Progressive Senators Ready To Help Confirm 2 Anti-Choice Trump Judges WASHINGTON ― Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth are progressive Illinois senators who support abortion rights. They both scored the full 100 points on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s 2019 congressional scorecard. And in the coming weeks, they are ready to help confirm two of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees who have records of hostility to women’s reproductive rights and Roe v. Wade. The Democratic senators praised Stephen McGlynn and David Dugan when Trump nominated them to lifetime federal court seats last December and February, respectively. Both have been picked for seats on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

“That’s not the title of a hearing, that’s a political narrative, a false political narrative,” he added, because “if there wasn’t a plan” there would not The meeting’s actual title was ‘The Urgent Need for a National Plan to Contain the Coronavirus’, which is not a response to there being literally no

Please do not submit articles or videos that are a direct, complete copy-paste of original reporting. He said the body is like a battery with a finite amount of energy and that exercise wastes it. President Trump feels that he was a "very great and brave soldier" for not getting any STDs from all

"Of course not," Duckworth responded. "I think President Trump is trying to divide us as a nation, we need to come together as a nation, we need to unite."

"I think most Americans agree that we need sensible immigration reform, we need a away for those who are here illegally to pay fines and go to the end of the line and work their way toward citizenship," she added. "We can't let President Trump continue to divide us."

Wallace went on to ask Duckworth, a vocal critic of the federal presence at demonstrations in Portland, Ore., if she condemned the attacks on a federal courthouse that the Trump administration has cited as the reason for the agents' deployment.

Sen. Duckworth dismisses Trump sending federal agents to Chicago as a 'political stunt'

  Sen. Duckworth dismisses Trump sending federal agents to Chicago as a 'political stunt' Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., said President Trump's effort to send federal law enforcement to Chicago is a "political stunt" and if the president were really serious about curbing violent crime in the Windy City he would back gun control legislation. © Provided by FOX News Duckworth spoke to Fox News about Trump's effort to stop violence and crime in Chicago. Duckworth, a potential running mate for Democrat Joe Biden, blasted Trump's federal law enforcement deployment in Portland and said she'll oppose any effort to make Chicago Trump's next target for a clampdown on protesters.

People that support Trump are committing treason against the United States. So this is something his supporters can defend? Defending the actions of an enemy for supplying weapons to Of course they'll defend it, they'll say those troops killed were members of ANTIFA and therefore traitors who

“And Trump tries to tap into that and redirect in nativist, racist , sexist ways.” Mr Obama’s Zoom calls Last month, in another virtual fundraiser for Mr Biden, the former president accused Mr Trump of “But you know what, let’s not be so sophisticated that we are constantly finding reasons why this isn’t

"I think violence is wrong, I absolutely condemn the violent protesters," she said, adding that "I fully support the rights of people to express their First Amendment rights peacefully."

"There's so much that could be done between the fed government and local law enforcement working together in order to allow people to express themselves in a peaceful way without federal troops coming in in unmarked vehicles and kidnapping peaceful protesters off the streets, throwing them into an unmarked van and driving off in the middle of the night," Duckworth said.

Wallace also asked the Illinois senator, an Iraq War veteran and double amputee, whether presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's campaign has vetted her as a potential running mate.

"They have their own process, I'm going to leave them to it," Duckworth said. "All of the women whose names have been mentioned so far are just wonderful."

Joe Biden will announce his running mate soon. Here’s who’s on the list.

  Joe Biden will announce his running mate soon. Here’s who’s on the list. What we know about Biden’s possible vice presidential picks.“I’m going to have a choice in the first week in August,” Biden told reporters after a Tuesday speech. “I promise I’ll let you know when I do.

Declaring himself "your president of law and order," President Donald Trump vowed Monday to return order to American streets using the military if widespread violence isn't quelled, even as peaceful protesters just outside the White House gates were dispersed with tear gas

Trump supporters here not to troll are welcome, subject to the same rules as everyone else Of course , they immediately took it right out of context and the whole Trump movement took it as a 'he can't be racist he sucked a black man's cock.' Yeah and sexist people don't have sex with women.

Video: Critics slam negative chatter as Biden could pick black woman VP (MSNBC)

'Racist incidents' stop construction work on FC Cincinnati stadium .
Two "racist incidents" prompted a shutdown to work on Cincinnati's soccer stadium, Turner Construction officials said Monday. 1/30 SLIDES © Douglas DeFelice, USA TODAY Sports The Philadelphia Union's Kacper Przybylko (left) and Sporting Kansas City's Graham Smith fight for a header during a MLS is Back Tournament quarterfinal game at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on July 30. Philadelphia won the game, 3-1.

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