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10:06  18 september  2020
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Biden promises Democratic senators help in battleground states

  Biden promises Democratic senators help in battleground states Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told Senate Democrats during a conference call Thursday that he plans to spend significant money in Senate battleground states and promised to wage a vigorous campaign.Biden, who took a few questions from senators at the end of the call, said he fully recognizes the importance of helping Senate Democrats win majority control in November and vowed to travel around the country, despite the dangers of coronavirus, which has kept the former vice president cloistered at his home for months."Everybody wants him, please come to our state, come to our state," Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota has backed Democratic presidential candidates for nearly half a century and rarely receives much attention during the final stages of the race, when campaigns typically focus their resources on more traditional swing states like Florida or Pennsylvania.

A television screen shows Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden holding up a mask, as President Donald Trump talks with reporters on Air Force One while returning to Washington after a campaign rally at Central Wisconsin Airport, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) © Provided by Associated Press A television screen shows Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden holding up a mask, as President Donald Trump talks with reporters on Air Force One while returning to Washington after a campaign rally at Central Wisconsin Airport, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

But Minnesota will feel like a genuine battleground on Friday when President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, campaign here to mark the beginning of early voting.

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They're expected to avoid the urban core of Minneapolis to focus on rural and working class voters, some of whom shifted to Republicans for the first time in 2016. Trump will be in Bemidiji, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of Minneapolis, while Biden will swing through Duluth, on the banks of Lake Superior and close to the Wisconsin border.

Since narrowly losing Minnesota in 2016, Trump has focused relentlessly on the state in hopes that a victory this year could offset losses in other states. He has visited regularly and kept a close eye on issues of particular importance to rural corners of the state, reversing an Obama administration policy prohibiting the development of copper-nickel mining and bailing out soybean, corn and other farmers who have been hurt by trade clashes with China.

Dueling Trump, Biden events in battleground states sets tone for upcoming debates

  Dueling Trump, Biden events in battleground states sets tone for upcoming debates Trump is in a tough re-election battle with national polls showing him lagging behind Biden as Nov. 3 quickly approaches. Their first debate is slated for Sept. 29 in Cleveland on Fox News.The president fired up his hundreds of supporters that gathered at an airport hangar in Mosinee, which is a country he won in 2016. Trump's campaign is focusing on turning out base supporters in more rural parts of the state in order to offset deficits he is expected to face against Biden in cities and suburbs.Few attendees wore face masks and supporters stood elbow-to-elbow, making no effort to social distance.

More recently, he's embraced a “law and order” message aimed at white suburban and rural voters who may be concerned by protests that have sometimes become violent. That's especially true in Minnesota, where the May killing of George Floyd by a police officer sparked a national reckoning on systemic racism.

Six Standout Moments From Biden's CNN Town Hall

  Six Standout Moments From Biden's CNN Town Hall The Democratic nominee railed against the Trump administration and pledged to bring more troops home as he faced questions about his platform.Hear from outgoing US ambassador to China on US-China relationship

But for all the work Trump has put into the state, it may elude him again in November.

A series of polls over the past week show Biden has built a consistent lead over Trump. And in the 2018 midterms, Democratic turnout surged in suburbs, small cities and even on the Iron Range, across the blue-collar mining towns that were once labor strongholds but had been trending Republican.

David McIntosh, president of the conservative Club for Growth, which has produced anti-Biden ads, said Minnesota may help the Trump campaign build momentum.

“They’re looking beyond the poll numbers and seeing the potential there,” said McIntosh, a former congressman from Indiana. “It’s always smart strategy to go on offense somewhere.”

In 2018, Democrats flipped two suburban congressional districts, took back control of the state House by winning suburban Trump-voting areas and came within one seat of winning control of the state Senate. Democrats won every statewide race that year, even as they lost a rural congressional district.

Trump’s path to Minnesota success likely depends on finding more votes in rural, conservative areas –- running up the score beyond his 2016 tally. It’s a strategy he’s trying to pull off elsewhere and depends on a robust field operation with the money and time to track down infrequent or first-time voters. That could be a tall order since Minnesota already sports one of the nation's highest voter turnout rates.

The foreign policy issues that divide Trump and Biden

  The foreign policy issues that divide Trump and Biden The foreign policy issues that divide Trump and Biden(Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump won election in 2016 promising to put "America First," overturn what he said were unfair trade deals and force U.S. allies to pay more toward joint defense measures.

“I don’t think they’re there,” said Joe Radinovich, a Democrat who lost a bid for a northern Minnesota congressional district in 2018. Radinovich noted the major organizational challenge and expense in tracking new voters, making sure they’re registered and getting them to vote – especially during a pandemic. “We have relatively high turnout already. Most people vote. I just don’t think it’s there. I think those people showed up in 2016,” he said.

In 2016, Trump won that district that includes the Democratic city of Duluth by 15 percentage points. But in the midterms two years later, Radinovich lost by just under 6 percentage points.

Still, Trump has spent more than a year building a sizable Minnesota ground game. Republicans are out knocking on doors and interacting personally with voters in ways that Democrats mostly have not, preferring online operations amid the coronavirus.

The president’s reelection campaign announced this week a $10 million ad buy in a series of states, including Minnesota. It has spent nearly $17 million on advertising in the state since last October, compared to almost $6.3 million for Biden over the same period, according to a review of Kantar/CMAG data by The Associated Press.

Democrats warn that Biden still may have his work cut out for him. Duluth Mayor Emily Larson said the Trump campaign has far outpaced Biden in local yard signs — which indicates enthusiasm but may not ultimately affect the outcome.

"One of the things the Trump campaign has been very good about is visibility in Duluth, but also in areas around Duluth,” Larson said.

How Pennsylvania could swing the presidential election to Trump again

  How Pennsylvania could swing the presidential election to Trump again Here's why the Keystone State will be a key vote in the presidential election.Activity flurry suggests N.

Ken Martin, chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, said that while Biden isn’t likely to carry the congressional district that includes Duluth, he might be able to pick up enough support there to deny Trump the votes he needs to win statewide.

“If your opponent is on the ropes or on the ground, you don’t get up,” Martin said.


Associated Press writer Steve Karnowski contributed to this report from Minneapolis.

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