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Joe Biden needs to release his Supreme Court list after Ruth Bader Ginsburg' s death put a vacancy on the court , WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany "The former vice president, in all due respect, instead of telling the current president what to do, he needs to tell voters where he stands," McEnany

The United States is a diverse nation, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting our government to include people from all walks of life and perspectives. But in fashion sadly typical for today’s Democratic Party, Joe Biden just responded to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with an extreme invocation of identity politics. His regressive approach to filling her seat sabotages true diversity and progress.

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Biden has explicitly made it clear that white women and men of all races need not apply for his Supreme Court shortlist.

Is 8 enough? Court vacancy could roil possible election case

  Is 8 enough? Court vacancy could roil possible election case WASHINGTON (AP) — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death has left the Supreme Court shorthanded during a polarizing presidential campaign in which President Donald Trump has already suggested he may not accept the outcome and the court could be called on to step in and decide the fate of the nation. It's the second time in four years that a justice has died during an election year, though that eight-justice court was not asked to referee any election disputes in 2016. Today, both sides have armies of lawyers ready to take the outcome to court.

Joe Biden told a Milwaukee television station on Monday that voters do not deserve to know whom he would appoint to the Supreme Court . Biden also said his 1st choice is to select an African-American woman, but outlined his reasoning for not releasing a list of nominees.

Joe Biden , the Democratic presidential nominee, made an urgent plea on Sunday to the conscience of Senate Republicans, asking them to defy Donald Speaking in Philadelphia, Biden demanded that the people be heard. He accused Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, of hypocrisy after he

“I’m looking forward to making sure there’s a black woman on the Supreme Court,” he said on the Democratic debate stage in February. “I’d push very hard for that.”

At a press conference in June, Biden said “We are putting together a list of African American women who are qualified and have the experience to be on the court.”

Biden has maintained this commitment. In a Sunday press conference addressing Ginsburg’s passing, he reiterated his promise that if he is allowed to fill the seat, he will select an African American woman. Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has also confirmed this pledge.

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden urged Senate Republicans to block efforts to push through a new Supreme Court justice before the "That' s the cycle Republican senators will continue to perpetuate if they go down this dangerous path that they put us on. We need to de-escalate, not

Joe Biden speaks from the Constitution Center in Philadelphia about the Supreme Court . May her memory be a blessing to all people who cherish our Constitution and its promise. We are talking about the Constitution and the Supreme Court . That institution should not be subject to politics.

To be clear, there are surely many African American women, both liberal and conservative, who are qualified to sit on the Supreme Court and would make for excellent nominees. But Biden’s categorical rejection of all men and all non-black women for the slot is openly discriminatory and a rejection of meritocracy.

The Supreme Court is one of the most important institutions in our government. We need the best of the best filling such crucial roles, and categories such as race that are irrelevant to a justice’s ability to serve the nation well on the high court should never take precedence over merit-based criteria. For Biden to suggest otherwise is to elevate tokenism over the national interest.

Think about it like this.

On Sunday, Biden effusively praised Ginsburg’s legacy and hailed her as an iconic Supreme Court justice. Whether you agreed with her politically and philosophically or not, there’s no denying the truth in Biden’s praise. But his own identity-infused selection criteria would prohibit even Ginsburg from filling the seat! As a white Jewish woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself wouldn’t check enough identity boxes to make Biden’s Supreme Court shortlist.

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Joe Biden heads into the weekend weighing the biggest decision of his presidential campaign so far, and people close to the process tell CNN that the former vice president is believed to have now begun to narrow his personal shortlist of potential running mates to a handful of women.

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden traveled Monday to battleground states Trump met Monday with Amy Coney Barrett, who is at the top of his Supreme Court shortlist . Biden ’ s moderation contrasts with Democratic rage as court fight looms. Joe Biden on Monday lamented the

This rigid use of race as a qualification doesn’t help diversity; in fact, it would hurt whatever African American woman Biden ended up selecting. She would no doubt be qualified in her own right, but would be forever viewed as a token diversity pick. She would go down in history not as a trailblazer but as the token black woman Biden picked after disqualifying most of the candidate pool through identity politics. This would be an undeserved insult to the potential nominee, who may well have been selected anyway on her own merits in an open process.

It was no less a visionary than Martin Luther King Jr. who imagined a country where all are judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Joe Biden’s explicit use of race and gender as disqualifiers for the high court is a slap in the face to that egalitarian vision.

Reducing your Supreme Court nominee to their race and gender might pass for “woke” these days. But even though it’s being done by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, it’s surely not “progressive” in any meaningful sense of the word.

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Joe Biden thinks he is going to win the White House in 84 days' time. There was no one else on Biden ' s VP shortlist that checked so many boxes. What' s telling is that They knew that while picking Harris would draw considerable attention, it would also be the thing most people expected them to do.

Brad Polumbo (@Brad_Polumbo) is a freelance journalist and Washington Examiner contributor.

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