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17:06  22 september  2020
17:06  22 september  2020 Source:   thedailybeast.com

Vindman says Trump is Putin's 'useful idiot', considers himself a 'never-Trumper'

  Vindman says Trump is Putin's 'useful idiot', considers himself a 'never-Trumper' Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified in President Donald Trump's impeachment inquiry.Trump falsely claims to Woodward he couldn't have done anything more to save lives in pandemic

After all, the mainstream media has accused RT and Trump of working together to swing elections for years, so they might as well do it for real. Hold your headlines – the video isn’t real, it’ s a deepfake for the purposes of satire (yes, unfortunately we live in a time where we do have to point this out).

When Lichfield asks ‘ Putin ’ for a guarantee Russia won’t use deepfakes to interfere in the 2020 US elections, the deepfake president gives a nod to Russiagaters by leaving the door open to the dreaded interference, responding instead with a Yakov Smirnoff-style joke

We know that Vladimir Putin takes his lifelong campaign to disrupt American democracy and destroy the very foundations of Western civilization extremely seriously—but that doesn’t mean he and his state media minions can’t have a little fun with it now and then.

Donald Trump posing for the camera in front of a computer: RT © Provided by The Daily Beast RT

A bizarre and, frankly, deeply disturbing ad from the state-controlled RT network shows a deep-faked President Donald Trump joining the channel as an anchor. Although the wig is dodgy, the video superimposes Trump’s face onto a chubby body and plays real clips of him denigrating CNN and lavishing praise on “amazing” Russia.

Most recent US elections have had an international event as the October Surprise. This one may be no different

  Most recent US elections have had an international event as the October Surprise. This one may be no different The 2020 election may provide yet another 'October surprise' to rock the boat. Analysis by Nick Paton Walsh, CNN.The October Surprise that American pollsters await with trepidation is usually a US domestic upset. But the past two decades have also seen major international events overshadow November elections. Going back from 2016, there was the Mosul campaign against ISIS, the Syrian civil war reaching Aleppo, the Russia-Georgia war, and Osama bin Laden admitting on tape he was behind the September 11, 2001 attacks. November 2020 could combine the unforeseen with something now visible from space -- the future direction of a deeply troubled hyperpower.

Russian media portrays Trump as a pro- Putin hero fighting the American establishment and its 'groundless' election meddling claims after G20 handshake. Russian state -owned news agencies were gleeful about the G20 meeting. Particular attention was paid to Trump calling the meeting with Putin

Deepfakes could change porn and politics. Slowing down video footage is one thing, but so-called ‘ deepfake ’ videos – real and In political circles, concern has been raised that ‘ deepfakes ’ can be used to doctor footage of politicians and leaders, making them appear to do or say just about anything.

The advert starts with Trump rolling up outside RT HQ in a limo and waddling to a dressing room which has the sign “Donald Trump: RT Special Host” on the door. Proudly holding up a signed RT contract which has “$1,000,000,000” scrawled across it in marker pen, the deep-faked Trump says: “It was a very nice offer from President Putin.”

The message of the advert is to not-so-subtly suggest that Putin is Trump’s personal hero and that the U.S. president is in the pocket of the Kremlin. In one scene apparently meant to show a network executive pitching shows to the deep-faked Trump, he’s handed a poster for a series called “Putin’s Apprentice” showing him standing with the Russian president. He exclaims: “I love that idea! I think I can do that!”

Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day

  Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day Russian spies have undermined America for nearly a century. Their goals during and after the cold war were the same: Subvert the United States, sabotage its power, poison the body politic. They used the weapons of political warfare: deception, disinformation, espionage. Their American agents held positions of power and authority. They infiltrated the Justice Department, the State Department, and all of America’s national-security agencies. Turncoats at the FBI and the CIA gave the Russians keys to the kingdom of American intelligence. Their treason went undetected for many years. A Nazi-hunting congressman, Samuel Dickstein of New York, became a Kremlin spy in 1937.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday congratulated Donald Trump on winning the US presidential election. He said he hoped to work together to improve the currently 'poor state ' of relations between the two nations.

Viral clip that appears to show Obama calling President Trump 'total and complete dips***' and warning about a 'f****d up dystopia' highlights growing concerns over ' deepfakes ' videos. A video of Barack Obama shows him calling Donald Trump a 'complete dips***'. The video isn't actually real; instead

All of the things put into the mouth of the deep-faked Trump appear to be things he actually said, although the context is obviously very different. For example, the character says: “It’s an amazing country, you know, so many friends in Russia, and I’m very excited to be here.” That seems to be dug up from a 2013 interview when he took Miss Universe to Moscow.

At another point, when the Trump character is apparently lauding the Kremlin for the generous benefits they pay him, he says: “They’re very nice. I make a lot of money with them. They pay me millions and hundreds of millions.” Those comments are lifted from a campaign rally in 2015, when Trump was praising Saudi Arabia.

Then, the Trump deep-fake stumbles across the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow and screams: “Ohhhhhh! Here’s a nice one, here’s a nice one. A great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me.” Unsurprisingly, Trump said that back in 2015 when discussing his own uncompleted border wall. Similarly, when he’s seen confidently strolling out of the canteen with his lunch tray, the Trump character insists Mexico will pay for it.

Trump says he likes Putin. US intelligence says Russia is attacking American democracy.

  Trump says he likes Putin. US intelligence says Russia is attacking American democracy. Despite repeated warnings from intelligence officials and his own FBI director that Russia is carrying out a blatant attack on American democracy, President Donald Trump summed up his views at a rally on Monday in very simple terms, "I like Putin, he likes me."Despite repeated warnings from intelligence officials and his own FBI director that Russia is carrying out a blatant attack on American democracy, President Donald Trump summed up his views at a rally on Monday in very simple terms, "I like Putin, he likes me.

US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin have gathered for long-awaited face-to face talks at the G20 Summit, as the two countries face the lowest level of trust in each other in decades. Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described allegations his country holds compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump as "utter nonsense". Mr Putin questioned what reason Russian intelligence would have had to spy on Mr Trump before he entered politics.

The Trump character also criticizes CNN using one of the president’s many rants against the non-state-propaganda network, saying: “How would I combat news that dishonest? How would I combat a reporter or a network that’s totally dishonest? CNN is, you know, 100 percent negative.”

While the advert is clearly intended as a bit of mischief from RT, it is, nevertheless, a troubling example of how the Kremlin is looking at the impending election, and just the latest example of Russian state media treating Trump as Putin’s pawn in the run-up to the vote.

The Daily Beast reported last week that state media is openly rooting for Trump and salivating at the prospect of a post-election civil war. Imagining such a conflict, a columnist for RIA Novosti recently wrote: “It is better to remain neutral, but if we had to choose, then Trump is certainly ours.”

Moreover, the atrocious hairpiece aside, RT’s deep-fake technology is pretty impressive at first glance. If Russian disinformation damaged the election so much four years ago, imagine what a deep-faked video of Joe Biden saying something unconscionable could be if it spread like wildfire on Facebook before any kind of correction could be heard.

In a press release celebrating its video, RT wrote: “If all doesn’t go well for Donald Trump at the polls on November 3, then don’t worry Mr President, just hop on a plane to Moscow because there’s a job waiting for you.”

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