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4. The campaign spent nearly half of its spending on more fundraising. It's hard to imagine this was cost-effective, given the fact that the campaign Many of the specifics of Mr. Trump 's spending are opaque; since 2017, the campaign and the R.N.C. have routed 7 million through a single limited

Mr. Trump ’s campaign has spent 0 million .Credit Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times. How Trump ’s Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its It seemed to have worked . His rival, Joseph R. Biden Jr., was relatively broke when he emerged as the presumptive Democratic nominee this spring, and

The Trump campaign finds itself in an unexpected financial crunch heading into the election’s homestretch: substantially behind Joe Biden in the cash it has on hand despite years of advanced preparation. If the president is looking to cast blame, however, the receipts suggest that it starts with himself.

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During the month of August, the Trump campaign spent nearly half-a-million dollars on fireworks, almost certainly for the display that was put on over the south lawn of the White House during the Republican convention. That display was indisputably ostentatious—a seemingly never ending stream of lights that culminated in the words “Trump” and “2020” bedazzling the sky above the Washington Monument. But the price tag—$477,000—made the company behind the show, Grucci Inc., the campaign’s ninth largest vendor of the entire month. The campaign paid more to the Long Island-based fireworks company in August than it spent on legal bills for its top firm, Jones Day, or its top pollster, Fabrizio Lee & Associates. It was well more than half of the $762,826.08 the campaign spent on its entire payroll.

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Trump ’s joint fundraising committees, the Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee, spent more than million at Trump hotels By the fall of 2018, FEC filings showed that Trump ’s reelection campaign spent nearly half a million dollars at Trump properties and holdings.

President Trump at a rally on Thursday in Des Moines. The biggest expenditure for the Trump campaign in the final three months of the year was on digital advertising.Credit Erin Schaff/The New York Times.

Considering how much the Trump campaign brought in during August—$61,750,338—the fireworks expense may seem like a drop in the bucket. But Trump is badly trailing Biden in terms of money in the bank. The president and the Republican National Committee currently have $325 million cash on hand, compared to the $466 million Biden and the Democratic National Committee enjoy.

With the map of battleground states is expanding, that means that dollars must be spent wisely. And buried in the Trump campaign’s latest FEC report are other expenditures that suggest the president’s personal proclivities—from over-the-top displays of grandeur to his incessant feuds with the media—are having a literal cost.

Biden takes huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2-to-1

  Biden takes huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2-to-1 A massive fundraising surge has built up bigger reserves for Biden and let him spend more than the president at the same time.Biden is entering the final stretch of the general election with $141 million more in the bank than Trump, a stunning reversal of fortunes from last spring, when Trump held a hefty financial edge as the nearly broke Biden emerged from the Democratic nominating contest.

Donald Trump 's campaign spent about million at his own businesses in the final election push. The president-elect's campaign used Trump 's hotels 28, as it did throughout much of the campaign , according to Federal Election Commission data reported Thursday. In total, it spent more than

Donald Trump 's campaign spent more than million in February on political advertising, direct mail and plane rides with his own airline. The real estate mogul's campaign has so far expended more than million since he joined a crowded field for the GOP presidential nomination last year.

The Trump campaign did not respond to questions about its August financial report.

That same month, the Trump campaign paid $202,911.15 to Harder LLP. The firm, run by mega-lawyer Charles Harder, specializes in targeting media outlets. He’s one of a coterie of Trump lawyers who have concocted lawsuits and legal threats against authors, news organizations, opposing political groups, and former aides whom the president accuses of wronging him. All told, Trump’s campaign has spent over $3.3 million on legal consulting fees for Harder LLP. But that’s just a portion of what he’s spending on lawyers. In total, the Trump campaign has spent more than $11 million for legal fees—about ten times what the Biden campaign has paid for the same services.

That’s not the only area where the campaigns’ different priorities are evident in their balance sheets. As COVID-19 has spread, Biden’s team has largely opted against in-person canvassing and campaign events, instead steering resources towards advertising and remote voter contacts such as peer-to-peer text messaging.

Trump Promotes 'Very Safe' Rallies As Experts Predict 378K U.S. COVID Deaths in 2020

  Trump Promotes 'Very Safe' Rallies As Experts Predict 378K U.S. COVID Deaths in 2020 "My supporters are very smart," President Donald Trump said. "A lot of them wear masks and some don't."President Trump's in-person campaign rallies have drawn criticism because many attendees can be observed not wearing face masks and standing close together despite social distancing recommendations. Some of Trump's supporters have chosen not to wear masks, claiming that covering their faces infringes on their civil liberties. In an interview with WGN's NewsNation on Tuesday, Trump said he has not heard any criticism of any of his outdoor events.

The Trump campaign also paid nearly ,000 to the Trump corporation for legal consulting and 0,000 in rent for the campaign ’s offices at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The reports make it clear that although Election Day 2020 is nearly three and a half years away, Mr. Trump ’s re-election

The Trump campaign has spent a total of million in the last six months; any shell companies and subsidiaries of other Trump -owned businesses that Similarly, expect Trump 's spending on Trump to increase sharply in the months and years ahead. His 2020 campaign held its first official fundraiser

The Trump campaign, in contrast, has built a robust ground game. And Trump continues to jet around the country to his signature large-scale rallies, events that come with new challenges—and expenses—in the midst of a deadly viral pandemic. The campaign has retained a company called Wellness Coaches to staff its events with registered nurses and lab technicians who can handle COVID testing for campaign and event staff and temperature checks for attendees, according to a source familiar with the campaign’s advance work. The campaign has paid Wellness Coaches more than $675,000 for its services since June.

The Trump campaign has also beefed up more traditional aspects of its campaign of late, such as its polling operation. The campaign brought on a new polling firm in August called D13 Strategies. The company was formed in Wyoming in May, lists a Texas P.O. box as its address, and lists no other public information about what it does or who is behind it. The Trump campaign paid the company $257,800 in August, part of a polling services tab that exceeded $650,000 that month.

That was less than the nearly $800,000 the Biden campaign spent on polling over the same period of time. And while voter surveys are traditionally activities for which national parties foot much of the bill, the Biden team’s payments to polling companies in August more than doubled its total polling expenses for the cycle.

But at just over $1.5 million in polling related expenditures, Biden’s campaign has still spent just a fifth of what the Trump campaign has on surveying potential voters.

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