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14:01  26 september  2020
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'Tactical parade' rides across Utah town waving guns and flags for Constitution Day

  'Tactical parade' rides across Utah town waving guns and flags for Constitution Day A "tactical parade" featuring plenty of guns and "Trump 2020" gear rode through St. George Thursday as part of a Constitution Day event.Some 75 vehicles participated in the parade, which was organized by the same right-wing group that led an anti-mask rally outside a school district building several weeks ago that led to international attention over a viral video that drew jokes from Jimmy Kimmel and others.

What matters is whether Americans think it did. Election 2020 |. Pick your historical precedent. In each case, the direction and very survival of the American republic were at stake . There was the close election of 1800 between Aaron Burr—an unprincipled fellow with dictatorial impulses who was in

Thu, Jan 9, 2020 . Election 2020 : What ’ s at stake for energy? Elections 2020 by David L. Goldwyn and Andrea Clabough. The 2020 US presidential election will have a profound impact on global energy markets and broad implications for US trade, foreign, energy, and climate policies.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has clarified what is at stake in the 2020 election. It is not, as some believe, democracy itself. Nor is it, as others assume, our continued existence as a nation. Democracy will survive Donald Trump, and the United States of America will outlast Joe Biden. The question that 2020 will help to answer is what sort of democracy, and what sort of nation, America will be as it prepares to enter the second quarter of the 21st century.

Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins oppose vote on Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement before election

  Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins oppose vote on Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement before election Murkowski joins Sen. Collins of Maine as the only two Senate Republicans to explicitly reject the idea of voting on a nominee before the election. Two more GOP senators would have to join them to give Democrats the 51 votes needed to block a potential nominee. On Saturday, Collins – a moderate from Maine who is locked in a tight battle for reelection – said "in order for the American people to have faith in their elected officials, we must act fairly and consistently – no matter which political party is in power.

On Tuesday, President Trump signed a memo aiming to bar undocumented immigrants from being included in the census count that determines how many members of

With the 2020 election less than three months away, all eyes are on the showdown between the incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The former has repeatedly waged attacks on women' s rights, particularly when it comes to healthcare issues including (but not limited to)

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie © Trump: Tom Brenner/Reuters; Biden: Mark Makela/Reuters

The reaction to Ginsburg’s death, and to Republican plans to fill her seat on the Supreme Court, underscores the choice before the electorate: Does it prefer to live in a democratic republic ordered toward the principles of the Founders and the constitutional structure they designed to protect individual liberty? Or would it rather dwell in a plebiscitary democracy where the original meaning of the Constitution, when it is not explicitly repudiated, is politely overlooked in order to satisfy ever more radical egalitarian demands?

Needless to say, the answer is up in the air, and has been for some time. But we may be nearing a settlement, one way or another. The civil unrest of the past several months has made unignorable the existence of a large body of opinion that holds something is terribly wrong with America as founded, something that cannot be redeemed, and that American history and American institutions must be drastically revised to atone for the injustices committed against racial minorities. President Trump, in his inimitable way, has made the opposite argument, and called for a renewed appreciation of the American story and a resurgence of national pride.

These Jennifer Lawrence Facts From 10 Things You Don't Know Seem Too Wild to Be True

  These Jennifer Lawrence Facts From 10 Things You Don't Know Seem Too Wild to Be True Find out about Jennifer Lawrence doing everything from getting in a car accident because of Honey Boo Boo to using her Hunger Games bow and arrow IRL!Funniest Moments at the 2020 Emmys

Intense polarization, campaigns driven by millions of dollars, Russian meddling, and repeated subversions of the popular vote through the Electoral College

Just posting videos that I feel are worthy of being processed by people' s brains. The goal being to do my small part in helping break the trance of the

Ginsburg’s passing heightened the tension. Suddenly an abstract cultural debate was transformed into a concrete political-legal struggle, and the prospect of lasting victory for one team (Trump and Mitch McConnell’s) looked real. The fight over the Supreme Court vacancy Ginsburg left behind also illuminated the lengths to which some progressives are prepared to go to make real their vision of the future. And it is in their openness to institutional upheaval that the real import of this election may be found. If enacted, the measures these Democrats propose would warp our constitutional system. They would turn the American government into a creature far different from the one the Founders made. This would be the upshot of the “structural reform” that, until the last week, lived mainly on Twitter and in the heads of policy wonks.

These Democrats say that, if President Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg is confirmed, and next year brings a Democratic president and a Democratic Senate, then the first order of business for the new government, in the middle of a pandemic and a troubled economy, will be abolishing the legislative filibuster and packing the Supreme Court by adding anywhere from two to four justices. Such a move, which even the greatest president of the 20th century was unable to achieve, would polarize this country even more than it already is, and delegitimize the Court in the eyes of millions. But it is just the start of what some on the Democratic left would like to accomplish.

Poll Shows Biden Tied With Trump in Georgia—A State Democrats Haven't Won Since 1992

  Poll Shows Biden Tied With Trump in Georgia—A State Democrats Haven't Won Since 1992 Both presidential candidates were backed by 47 percent of the Southern state's voters, while 4 percent said they were still undecided.A new poll carried out by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the University of Georgia's School of Public and International Affairs showed Biden with the backing of 47 percent of Georgians, while Trump was also supported by 47 percent. An additional 1 percent of voters said they planned to back Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, while 4 percent said they remained undecided.

This was livestreamed on February 25th, 2020 .

Make the Bronx Count is a borough-wide initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of participating in the 2020 U. S . Census campaign.

The Electoral College has been on the chopping block since 2000. If it goes the way of the dodo, presidential campaigns thereafter will be determined by who has the greatest allegiance in the biggest cities of the largest states. To override the supposed Republican advantage in the Senate, where every state enjoys equal representation, some progressives would grant statehood to Washington, D.C., and to Puerto Rico, and maybe Guam and American Samoa while they’re at it. These changes would make it much easier for Congress to eliminate private health insurance, enact universal vote by mail, “decarbonize” the economy, grant citizenship to illegal immigrants and voting rights to noncitizens, suppress political speech, resume taxpayer funding of abortion, and cross out the Second Amendment. The sheer number of bad ideas in play would be overwhelming.

Now it is true that at least the first item on this agenda would be debated according to the present rules. And the multiple veto points within the American kludgeocracy would no doubt interfere with, and sometimes upend, the boldest plans of the progressive Democrats. It is also the case that incorporating new states gives rise to challenges both constitutional (are we really willing to grant the remaining residents of the federal District of Columbia — the first family — three electoral votes?) as well as political (does Puerto Rico even want to be a state?). But the very fact that we are having this conversation at all — and that Biden, at this writing, has neither ruled out the court-packing scheme nor said whom he would nominate to the Court — ought seriously to worry defenders of the Founders’ Constitution.

Louisville braces for fallout ahead of decision on charging police in Breonna Taylor case

  Louisville braces for fallout ahead of decision on charging police in Breonna Taylor case Louisville was bracing for a decision on whether any police officers will be charged in the March 13 shooting death of Breonna Taylor.Louisville police prepare city for an upcoming decision in Breonna Taylor case

What is at stakes for this 2020 Formula 1 season.

The spike in the number of tests administered is correlative to the increased positives. But, the fearmongers would never admit that the Arizona Department of Health Services data indicates that the highest hospital admissions in a single day was 99, on June 15, 2020 . On that same day 136 COVID

In 1963, in the first chapter of The Conservative Affirmation, Willmoore Kendall offered his definition of American conservatism. Conservatives, Kendall wrote, oppose the “Liberal Revolution” that would replace representative government with majoritarian democracy:

Put an end, the Liberals insist, to “rural overrepresentation” in the lower house of Congress and in the state legislatures — bringing them in line with the principle one-man one-equal-vote. And that principle, once adopted (it is French political philosophy, not American), must call finally for abolition even of the U.S. Senate as a check on majorities, and would in any case make the House the creature of numerical majorities at the polls. Abolish the electoral college, the Liberals insist further, and so make the President also the direct agent of the popular majority. Reform the party system, the liberals insist still further, so that each of our parties shall be programmatic, ideological — like those of the “real” democracies in Europe — and that the two parties together shall submit, at election time, a genuine choice to the electorate. Abolish the filibuster — so runs the next point in the program — because it frustrates, serves no other function except to frustrate, the will of the majority. Rescind the seniority-principle in congressional committees, the program continues; it also obstructs the will of the majority. Now give the Liberal attackers their way on all these points, and the form of government explicated in The Federalist Papers will be no more.

That is what 2020 is about.

This essay was originally published in the Washington Free Beacon.

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