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04:15  29 september  2020
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Japan's new PM Suga to meet with Pompeo in October: NHK

  Japan's new PM Suga to meet with Pompeo in October: NHK Japan's new PM Suga to meet with Pompeo in October: NHKPompeo is expected to visit the Japanese capital for talks with foreign ministers from Japan, Australia and India, NHK said. They are expected to discuss cooperation on the COVID-19 pandemic and what they call a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

|Apr 20, 2020,03:02pm EDT. Make America Go Back To Work Again ? As for the U.S.—which saw a record 4,591 coronavirus deaths in the 24-hour period ended last Thursday night—President Donald Trump unveiled guidelines for “Opening Up America Again ,” a three-phase approach to be executed

This Week: President Trump released guidance on how and when to reopen the U.S. economy state by state working with the state's governors. FOX's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland and FOX's White House Correspondent Jon Decker discuss the phases to reopening the US economy and

Something vital is missing in the presidential debate so far: Neither candidate has a vision on how to make government work better.

a group of people holding a sign: Make America work again © Getty Images Make America work again

Americans are a practical people. But political debate offers no practical path to deal with social challenges. Most understand, for example, that "defund the police" goes too far. Who else will protect us against criminals? Tolerating abusive police, on the other hand, is clearly unacceptable. Restoring trust and respect to police requires changing the way they are trained and supervised. Americans need a practical vision of how to fix what's broken. Instead, extremists on both sides have taken over political debate: Are you for the police, or against them?

Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day

  Trump Makes America More Like Russia Every Day Russian spies have undermined America for nearly a century. Their goals during and after the cold war were the same: Subvert the United States, sabotage its power, poison the body politic. They used the weapons of political warfare: deception, disinformation, espionage. Their American agents held positions of power and authority. They infiltrated the Justice Department, the State Department, and all of America’s national-security agencies. Turncoats at the FBI and the CIA gave the Russians keys to the kingdom of American intelligence. Their treason went undetected for many years. A Nazi-hunting congressman, Samuel Dickstein of New York, became a Kremlin spy in 1937.

In partnership with the Conservative Partnership Institute, the Texas Public Policy Foundation will host a panel of experts for a LIVE online discussion to

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Republicans say they'll "drain the swamp" by de-regulating. Democrats have a full agenda of programs to expand government: universal health care, racial justice, climate change, income stagnation, LGBT rights ... Nowhere in either platform is there any plan to fix broken bureaucracies. Our choice is this: Are you for government, or against it?

Having no vision to address Americans' frustrations with government is especially dangerous to Democrats, because alienated voters have nowhere to look except Republicans. Voter trust in government is near all-time lows. There was a time, in the early 1960s, when government enjoyed the trust of 75 percent of Americans. Today, it ranks 25th out of 25 in approval ratings of American organizations and industries.

Creek Fire ignites fire management debate on 102 million trees killed by beetles, drought

  Creek Fire ignites fire management debate on 102 million trees killed by beetles, drought Bark beetles and drought together left 2,000 tons of dead trees per acre in the Creek Fire, but land managers debate whether logging is the answer.But the stage had long been set for the megablaze, one of a half-dozen transforming millions of acres of Golden State landscapes to ash. Droughts supercharged by climate change dried out vegetation, aiding its transition into fuel. And as observers ranging from foresters to Californians living in the wildland urban interface predicted, the state's zealous, century-long fight to suppress fires meant this flammable concoction grew to unstable levels.

Последние твиты от Make America Work Again (@letsmawa). Make America Work Again , a grassroots-collective of everyday Americans who support the call to fight COVID-19, while also protecting Americans ’ livelihoods.

Making America Work Again . With better incentives, millions on the sidelines could join the workforce. By.

The Manichean approach to government reform almost entirely misses the cause of voter alienation. Americans aren't angry because government aims too high - most Americans want Medicare, clean air, and protection against pandemics. What drives Americans nuts is the clumsy way government does things, forcing Americans to act against their best judgment. Nothing much works sensibly. The botched response to COVID-19 earlier in the year was caused not only by bad leadership, but by bureaucratic hurdles that delayed testing. Burning "firebreaks" to contain wildfires in California was not possible in most areas because of mandated environmental reviews.

On practically a daily basis Americans are frustrated by the inability of anyone to use common sense. Health care providers are bogged down in so much red tape that a third of the health care dollar goes to administration (about $1 trillion annually) and doctors spend two hours on desk work for every hour with patients. Getting a permit to fix a broken bridge can take upwards of a decade. The main reason police are unmanageable are rigid union work rules and impregnable protections against accountability. Ditto for teachers and civil servants. These are all flaws caused by a calcified public operating system, not by public goals.

Trump: Making America polluted again

  Trump: Making America polluted again Trump’s actions not only make America dirtier and Americans less healthy, they also hurt the economy and future generations. For example, Trump has consistently sought to protect coal and coal-fired power plants. The plants promote climate change and tie regions to old technologies. The future lies with clean energy and the innovative technologies that produce and support it. America's global competitors, as well as major foreign oil companies, are investing in these future technologies, as Trump works to keep the American economy, which is a natural innovator, tied to old and damaging energy technologies.

How to fix our debt and infrastructure and make America competitive in the 21st century.

Make America Work Again . Short 30 sec. animated video by Dan Youra.

Public paralysis is not a new phenomenon. Ruling structures become inbred and take a life of their own. The difference in America is that there's no tyrant to depose, no Caesar or Ceausescu, and no obvious villain, such as factory bosses defending "laissez-faire" government. The villain is a bureaucratic blob, constantly fed, inadvertently, by each of us - by public unions claiming to defend the rights of public employees, by senior citizen groups indifferent to the financial burdens imposed on grandchildren, by environmental groups who stymie good projects by retaining power to block bad ones, and by party bosses who gerrymander safe seats rather than competing for the common good.

The overall effect is similar to a tyranny: Democracy has been rendered inert and unresponsive to the society it supposedly serves. Except for the occasional crisis, government goes where it went yesterday. The job of interest groups is to keep it that way. The inability of government to respond to societal needs leads to growing frustration, which leads to extremist demands, which leads to a downward spiral of polarization. Politicians compete not by action but by pointing fingers.

'Leap of Faith': Dem Senate Candidate Jumps Out of Airplane to Promote Grassroots Campaign

  'Leap of Faith': Dem Senate Candidate Jumps Out of Airplane to Promote Grassroots Campaign Democratic nominee Marquita Bradshaw jumped from more than 10,000 feet to raise awareness for her underdog U.S. Senate campaign in Tennessee on Tuesday.Marquita Bradshaw took to the skies in a small airplane on Tuesday, before exiting the plane while perched approximately 11,000 feet over Northeast Tennessee, according to multiple local reports.

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Tucker Investigates: What is destroying rural America ? Chris Christie makes the case against Hillary Clinton - Продолжительность: 15:06 Fox News 85 525 просмотров.

The cure to public paralysis is to replace the bureaucratic blob with simpler framework, more like the Constitution, that reempowers officials and citizens alike to get things done. The Framers intended to create a republic where officials would act on their best judgment, not an inhuman machine where public decisions are preset in millions of words of rigid dictates and one-size-fits-all.

Governing doesn't have to be this hard: Thick rulebooks can become thin pamphlets in a framework that gives people responsibility and holds them accountable. An excellent new book by John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge, "The Wake-Up Call,"

is the latest serious analysis that concludes that modern government must be rebooted to make America work again.

Rebooting government's operating system will require an overwhelming public mandate because most insiders will oppose it. But it will be popular: A 2019 survey found that two-thirds of Americans think "major structural changes are needed to the US system of government."

America is at a crossroads. This feels like a moment where, as in Russia in 1917, anything could happen. But our choice shouldn't be limited to getting rid of government or dramatically expanding inept government. How about making government work?

Florida Congresswoman Suggests Impeachment, Court Packing in Response to SCOTUS Nomination Clash

  Florida Congresswoman Suggests Impeachment, Court Packing in Response to SCOTUS Nomination Clash Rep. Val Demings spoke about the possibility of impeachment and court packing as ways to prevent Trump from appointing a new Supreme Court justice.On Friday's episode of Firing Line on PBS, Demings spoke about Trump's plans to nominate a new Supreme Court justice, with the election just weeks away.

Philip K. Howard is an attorney and author of "Try Common Sense." He is founder of Campaign for Common Good.

Video: Mount Rushmore name change unlikely, despite proposal (FOX News)

Make America work again .
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