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Indian couple run street-side classes for poor students

  Indian couple run street-side classes for poor students NEW DELHI (AP) — On a quiet road in India's capital, tucked away on a wide, red-bricked sidewalk, kids set adrift by the country's COVID-19 lockdown are being tutored. The children, ages 4 to 14, carry book bags more than 2 kilometers (a mile) from their thatched-roof huts on the banks of the Yamuna River to this impromptu, roadside classroom. There, they receive free lessons in math, science, English and physical education, taught by a former Indian diplomat and his wife.

Right Wing Populism in America builds on their years of expertise to provide a sweeping historical account of the tradition of such tendencies in Chip Bertlet has written about rigt-wing movements for over 20 years, with bylines in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Progressive, and the

Right wing Americans have to stop visiting, sharing, and commenting on left wing Internet sites. In the event that right wing interest are not invited to equal control of the worldwide root nameservers that are at the core of the Internet, a second Internet is going to have to be developed and used.

By likes, comments, shares, and reactions, Facebook-owned Crowdtangle cites Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro, David Harris Jr., Franklin Graham, and Blue Lives Matter as some of the most successful pages on the social-media platform. In a recent Politico article, an anonymous Facebook executive tried to explain why:

a tall clock tower sitting next to a body of water: The Washington Monument viewed from the Lincoln Memorial © lucky-photographer/Getty Images The Washington Monument viewed from the Lincoln Memorial

“Right-wing populism is always more engaging,” a Facebook executive said in a recent interview with POLITICO reporters, when pressed why the pages of conservatives drive such high interactions. The person said the content speaks to “an incredibly strong, primitive emotion” by touching on such topics as “nation, protection, the other, anger, fear.”

Time, TV, streaming info on Tampa Bay Lightning's potential Game 5 Stanley Cup clincher vs. Dallas Stars

  Time, TV, streaming info on Tampa Bay Lightning's potential Game 5 Stanley Cup clincher vs. Dallas Stars The Tampa Bay Lightning, holding a 3-1 series lead against the Dallas Stars, are in position to capture their first Stanley Cup since 2004 as they play the Dallas Stars in Game 5 Saturday night in the Edmonton, Alberta, bubble.

Reinhard explores the role activism plays within contemporary right - wing movements. Topicsactivism alt-Right identitarianism Operation Reinhard. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Red Ice is based in Sweden and North America .

It' s our first serious political conversation, despite our having worked together for 18 months, in which they disabuse me of various misconceptions about them, before we go on to consider the differences between Russia and America with regard to the academic left.

“That was there in the [19]30’s. That’s not invented by social media — you just see those reflexes mirrored in social media, they’re not created by social media,” the executive added. “It’s why tabloids do better than the [Financial Times], and it’s also a human thing. People respond to engaging emotion much more than they do to, you know, dry coverage. . . . This wasn’t invented 15 years ago when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook.”

On the eve of Election Day, social media has become a topic of heated debate. Many on the right complain of Big Tech’s overreach in censoring conservative voices, while progressives fret over “misinformation” shared on Twitter and Facebook. One thing both sides can agree on is that digital activism has become a powerful political tool.

Watch: South Carolina blows chance at upset against Tennessee with brutal mistake

  Watch: South Carolina blows chance at upset against Tennessee with brutal mistake The South Carolina Gamecocks found themselves down by four late in their season opener against the 16th-ranked Tennessee Volunteers. Everything went wrong shortly after.That’s when everything went wrong. Tennessee was forced to punt the ball back to South Carolina with just over a minute remaining in the game. The Gamecocks’ offense never saw the ball.

Regarding right wing media in the USA and Canada, I’ll reiterate my conviction that said media is more concerned Right wing media outlets, such as Fox News Network, Rush Limbaugh' s show, and TheRighting has probably the most comprehensive list. of right - wing digital media outlets and it’ s

The New Transnational Activism , first published in 2005, shows how even the most prosaic activities can assume broader political meanings when they provide ordinary people with the experience of crossing transnational space. This means that we cannot be satisfied with defining transnational

David Bozell is the president of ForAmerica, a nonprofit organization that promotes conservatism through original and aggregated social-media content. He says that the story of the Right’s digital messaging begins in 2008. Like many others across the spectrum, he believes that the Obama campaign was the first to recognize social media’s potential. Its innovation and success, he says, galvanized conservatives. “It’s not so much that conservatives use Facebook more. You gotta’ look back at 2008, when Obama used Facebook in particular with weapons-grade precision. Conservatives immediately understood that we needed to plant the conservative flag on the most popular, widely used communication vehicle in the world.”

“We had a hunch we would find that there were conservatives on the platform who just weren’t being talked to or mobilized in any real, orchestrated way,” he adds.

NC State's Khalid Martin released from hospital following scary collision

  NC State's Khalid Martin released from hospital following scary collision NC State safety Khalid Martin left Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech in an ambulance following a frightening collision with a teammate, but fortunately the redshirt freshman appears to be doing well. © Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports NC State safety Khalid Martin left Saturday’s game in an ambulance following a frightening collision with a teammate, but fortunately the redshirt fres Martin laid motionless on the field after a helmet-to-helmet collision with a teammate in the third quarter. He was immobilized on the field and taken to a local hospital.

Digital Activism . 44,036 likes · 13,821 talking about this. Ravish Kumar is right . Those who hate the society can never become a good husband or a lover nor a brother. Dekhlena.

Americans are accustomed to thinking of right - wing media as integral to contemporary conservatism. In 2009 Rush Limbaugh topped polls as the de Conservative media activism has not been absent from the many histories of modern conservatism. George Nash' s classic The Conservative Intellectual

Since 2010, ForAmerica has tallied an average of 108 million video views and 83 million engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.) per year. It reaches an audience of 19 million people per week, making it, by all metrics, the most engaged conservative page in Facebook’s history. Bozell attributes much of this success to a simple but effective strategy. “We try to hit three different messaging buckets,” he says. “We want to educate, we want to inspire, and we want to entertain. And we want to use an article, a meme, or a video to do one of those three to advance conservatism.”

ForAmerica tailors its messaging to a predominantly older, female demographic. “Women vote more prolifically than men. Women engage in social media more than men. Women are increasingly in charge of the family checkbook more than men,” Bozell says. “Arguably, depending on which battleground state you’re looking at, women are generally regarded as the most important demographic in these races.”

The pictures, videos, and memes — or “popular communication tools,” as Bozell calls them — blend culture and politics. Some reference Star Trek or the Indiana Jones movies; others feature famous bands. But while the image or the meme may be glitzy and lighthearted, the underlying issue it addresses tends to be contentious. “Immigration has always been up near the top of the list, and health care, too, because it affects everybody,” Bozell says. “Now, obviously, the Supreme Court is going to be a big deal.”

Five questions that need answering ahead of Week 4 in college football

  Five questions that need answering ahead of Week 4 in college football The SEC is starting, Miami is looking to build on its momentum and Oklahoma faces a test. What to expect ahead of Week 4 in college football.Heal the Hood Foundation shows creativity in helping to curb crime and violence in Memphis

"Road Map For Revolutionaries will become THE tool in your toolbox that is irreplaceable in today’ s world where advocacy and activism are daily essentials. This new book co-authored by three brilliant women gives you the perfect template for supporting your chosen causes when you have run out of

Right - Wing Populism in Rural Europe. Introduction to the Special Issue. This special issue aims to understand the rise of right - wing populism in the European countryside, as well as the forms of resistance and the alternatives being built against it.

While proud of ForAmerica’s success, Bozell is skeptical of the idea that conservatives have gained traction on platforms such as Facebook because their message is “right-wing populist,” steeped in themes that were riffed on during the Weimar Republic. For him, engagement is driven not by fear but by humor, wit, and an appreciation for irony.

“Why do conservatives see more success than liberals on Facebook? Just flatly, I think we’re funnier. We like to laugh, and we like to engage in this type of activism from our couch,” he says. “Goofing on the other side — it is fun.”

That said, ForAmerica’s means may be lighthearted, but its ends are not. It is still a fundamentally political operation, laser-focused on getting President Trump over the finish line this November. Ultimately, Bozell says, “We are trying to win.”

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