Politics Biden says Trump's climate denial is the real threat to the suburbs

13:01  09 october  2020
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Opinion: Post-debate commentary from CNN contributors

  Opinion: Post-debate commentary from CNN contributors CNN Opinion asked contributors for their takes on how Donald Trump and Joe Biden did in the first presidential debate. The views expressed in this commentary are their own. © Provided by CNN Alice Stewart Scott Jennings: This was a hot mess My gut reaction to this debate is that Donald Trump will feel great about tying up and bludgeoning Joe Biden all night, Biden is wondering whether to show up at the next two debates and moderator Chris Wallace is planning to throw himself in a hot bath and cry.

Joe Biden called Donald Trump a ' climate arsonist' after west coast wildfires ravaged states like Oregon and California.

Biden ’s desire to merely enforce a federal rule designed to counter segregation in housing — saying that catastrophic weather events due to climate change were the real threat to the suburbs . “If we have four more years of Trump ’ s climate denial , how many suburbs will be burned in wildfires?

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Democratic nominee Joe Biden called President Donald Trump a 'climate arsonist,' saying the president's climate change denial is what's really threatening the suburbs.

'Donald Trump warned integration is threatening our suburbs. That's ridiculous. But you know what is actually threatening our suburbs?' Biden said Monday outside the Delaware Museum of Natural History. 'Wildfires are burning the suburbs in the west, floods are wiping out suburban neighborhoods in the midwest, hurricanes are imperiling suburban life along our coast.'

Amtrak rider-in-chief Biden embarks on Rust Belt train tour

  Amtrak rider-in-chief Biden embarks on Rust Belt train tour LATROBE, Pa. (AP) — If America had an Amtrak rider-in-chief, Joe Biden would be it. The former vice president, who estimates he's logged more than 2.1 million miles riding the rails in his lifetime, added seven more hours to that total Wednesday as his campaign chartered a nine-car private train to tour parts of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania — key areas to pick up votes if he wants to flip the states from red to blue in November. BidenThe former vice president, who estimates he's logged more than 2.

The climate crisis, he said , requires “action, not denial ,” taking aim at Trump – who has previously called climate Forbes has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment. Crucial Quote. Marc Lotter, the Trump campaign’ s director of strategic communications, responded to Biden ’ s claim that

“Donald Trump ’ s climate denial may not have caused these fires and record floods and record hurricanes, but it he gets a second term, these hellish events will continue to become more common, more devastating and more deadly,” the Democratic nominee said . Biden : "If you give a climate

Biden's comments came as Trump was traveling to California to see damage from the wildfires and as the president has tried to push that his Democratic opponent would 'destroy' the suburbs, pointing to an Obama-era fair housing rule.

In Wilmington, Biden opened up by pointing to the four concurrent crises that are happening under Trump's watch: COVID-19 and the economic collapse that the pandemic caused, 'emboldend white supremacy' and climate change.

Democrat Joe Biden tests negative for coronavirus after President Trump reports positive test

  Democrat Joe Biden tests negative for coronavirus after President Trump reports positive test Democrat Joe Biden has tested negative for coronavirus, his doctor announced Friday, hours after President Donald Trump announced a positive testDr. Kevin O'Connor, the primary care physician, said Biden and his wife Jill were each tested and "COVID-19 was not detected.

When Trump again tried to interrupt, suggesting that the Democrats would add “radical left” judges to the court, Biden lost his temper. Trump even interrupted Wallace as the moderator began to ask a question about his administration’ s lack of a comprehensive health plan, with which the president

Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump for improving U. S .-Russia ties and said he also saw grounds for cooperation with a Joe Biden administration, while mocking The Kremlin leader’ s intervention comes a day after Trump announced he’ s authorized the declassification of documents related to the FBI’ s

Biden told his small audience of reporters, who were kept separated by rings on the ground and told to wear masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, that Monday's remarks would be dedicated to climate and served as a prebuttal to the president's California trip.

And at one point, he had to slap off a fly that landed on his jacket, joking, 'Sorry, there was a bug. Speaking of the environment!'

'We have to act as a nation,' Biden implored. 'It shouldn't be so bad that millions of Americans live in the shadow of an orange sky and are left asking, is doomsday here?'

He said that Trump's actions on climate - such as pulling out of the Paris climate agreement - 'amounts to a full surrender,' language Biden also used to describe the president's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Suffolk/USA TODAY Poll: Biden's lead over Trump holding in battleground Arizona as voters see US on wrong track

  Suffolk/USA TODAY Poll: Biden's lead over Trump holding in battleground Arizona as voters see US on wrong track A new poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump in Arizona and Democrat Mark Kelly leading GOP Sen. Martha McSally.The same statewide poll found Democrat Mark Kelly with a commanding lead over Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., suggesting Democrats in the state could sweep the top two races for the first time since 1944.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. said that he would keep Americans safer than President Trump has in a speech aimed at deflecting criticism from Republicans This is “ The Daily.” Today: In the days since a man affiliated with a far-right group was killed in Portland, Oregon, President Trump has sought to pin the

Biden said Tuesday that the debate should be called off if Trump still has COVID. Next debate is scheduled for October 15 and a third is scheduled for Trump returned to the White House on Monday after three days of treatment for COVID-19 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Trump has clapped back and said it's Biden who wants a 'surrender' on COVID, accusing the Democrat of trying to shut down the country again - a proposal Biden hasn't backed.

On Monday, Biden, again, ridiculed some of Trump's anti-green energy rhetoric - such as his claim that windmills cause cancer and his complaint that eco-friendly lightbulbs turn him 'orange.'

'This is the same president who threw paper towels at the people of Puerto Rico,' Biden recalled.

The Democrat warned just how bad it could be if Trump is re-elected.

'If he gets a second term these hellish events will become more common, more devastating and more deadly,' Biden said, speaking of the recent wildfires, floods and coastal storms.

'We have four more years of Trump's climate denial, how many suburbs will be burned by wildfires? How many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out? How many suburbs will have been blown away in superstorms?' Biden asked.

'To give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised when we had more of America ablaze?' the former vice president said.

How Biden's climate plan compares to the Green New Deal

  How Biden's climate plan compares to the Green New Deal "Joe Biden's climate plan isn't everything, but it isn't nothing at all," one leading climate activist told CBS News.In response, President Trump pounced on what appeared to be an opportunity to underscore that point to Biden's base, saying, "That's a big statement… you just lost the radical left.

When Mr Trump said Mr Biden would be at the behest of the left of the Democratic Party over health and environmental policy, Mr Biden But many commentators and newspapers said the real loser was the American people. On the front page of its late edition, the New York Times said " Trump ' s

The Biden campaign announced that Mr. Biden had again tested negative for the coronavirus on Thursday; the Trump administration has declined to provide key details Mr. Trump had immediately objected to the concept of a virtual debate in an interview with Fox Business, saying : “I’m not going

Biden pitched a number of job-creating initiatives that could help the environment.

He said he wanted to build 1.5 million new energy efficient homes and public housing units, which could eliminate the country's housing shortage, increase energy efficiency and 'reduce ... the racial wealth gap linked to homeownership.'

Video: BIden slams Trump as 'climate arsonist' (Reuters)

Biden also said 250,000 could be created simply by putting people to work to plug abandoned oil and gas wells. 'Good union jobs for energy workers,' he said.

He also floated building a 'civilian climate corps.'

And in light of disasters like in Flint, Michigan, Biden said he wanted to ensure Americans had clean water and air.

'Fulfilling this basic obligation to to all Americans, especially in low income white, black, brown and Native American communities who too often don't have the clean air and the clean water,' he said.

Biden has put out a full-scale climate plan and had supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders help draft some joint proposals, but he hasn't backed the so-called 'Green New Deal.'

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a grass covered field: Joe Biden spoke in a field outside the Delaware Museum of Natural History, where his audience of reporters were kept six feet apart from one another using giant rings © Provided by Daily Mail Joe Biden spoke in a field outside the Delaware Museum of Natural History, where his audience of reporters were kept six feet apart from one another using giant rings

Earlier Monday, the Democratic nominee and his wife Jill - who sported black knee-high Stuart Weitzman boots that spelled 'VOTE' down her calf - voted early in Delaware's Democratic primary.

Second presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump canceled

  Second presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump canceled Both campaigns have agreed to appear at the third and final presidential debate, a podium format set for Nashville on Oct. 22, the source said.The bipartisan commission, under intense criticism from the Trump campaign, announced the decision in a statement late Friday, saying the campaigns of both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden "each now has announced alternate plans" for Oct. 15, the date of the debate.

Registered voters in the state could book a time to vote, allowing for proper social distancing.

'Vote. Vote. Vote,' Biden said as he emerged from casting his ballot.

He indicated that he had voted for Sen. Chris Coons in the Democratic Senate primary.

'I like Coons the best. He's a great, great senator,' Biden said.

Coons had spoken on his behalf during last month's Democratic National Convention.

Biden was also asked if he had confidence that all votes would be counted in November.

'I have confidence that Trump will try to not have that happen, but I'm confident the American public is going to insist on it,' the former vice president replied.

Biden encouraged Americans to vote early and explained why he decided to cast his ballot in person a day before Delaware's Tuesday primary.

'Because I'm going to be - where am I tomorrow?' the candidate asked, directing the question toward his aides and his wife.

'Florida,' Jill Biden answered, according to the pool report.

The Democratic nominee will travel to Florida on Tuesday and then return to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Thursday before heading to Minnesota on Friday.

'I'm traveling tomorrow,' Biden said.

The Trump campaign quickly pushed out the video clip of Biden asking his wife and staff where he was headed, as more evidence that the 77-year-old is not all there.

Both the Biden and Trump camps have questioned the fitness of the opposing presidential candidate, with team Biden showing Trump awkwardly tip-toeing down a ramp at West Point in June in pro-Biden ads.

The Trump team has focused on Biden's over-reliance on a teleprompter during his events.

The former vice president used one Monday for his speech.

He didn't hold a formal press conference, but did speak to several reporters as he exited.

Biden said in Florida he would 'talk about how I am going to work like the devil to make sure I turn every Latino and Hispanic vote.'

Recent polls showed Biden in a weaker position in Florida among Latinos than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was four years ago.

Biden was asked if he could explain this phenomenon.

The ex-vice president answered that his Latino support was 'much higher' than Trump's, 'But they gotta go higher.'

Another reporter asked if the gloves were now off in the presidential race, with just 50 days to go.

'Yes,' Biden replied and then left.

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