Politics Changing suburbs threaten GOP hold on Texas

00:45  18 october  2020
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How swing states in Southwest may reconfigure politics in 2020

  How swing states in Southwest may reconfigure politics in 2020 How swing states in Southwest may reconfigure politics in 2020Since 2004, steady gains have allowed them to establish a clear upper hand in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. But, until recently, they had been frustrated by their inability to extend those gains to the region's two biggest electoral prizes: Arizona and especially Texas.

The GOP easily held onto the county's main congressional district and again swept the statehouse seats, although some were close calls. Talk of Texas turning blue isn't new. In 2014, veterans of President Barack Obama's campaign swooped in to launch Battleground Texas to great fanfare, only

Protesters hold signs calling for more gun controls at a rally three days after the shooting at Marjory In July alone, four members of Texas ' Republican congressional delegation announced they do not But enough goddamn GOP congressional retirements. Every retirement threatens GOP 's chance to

Warning signs are flashing for Republicans in Texas, as the party faces eroding support in the state's increasingly diverse suburbs.

John Cornyn wearing a suit and tie: Changing suburbs threaten GOP hold on Texas © Greg Nash Changing suburbs threaten GOP hold on Texas

A number of House seats in the state's suburbs this cycle are in play for Democrats, while Democratic Senate candidate M.J. Hegar has outperformed expectations in her race against incumbent Sen. John Cornyn (R). The Senate Majority PAC announced on Thursday they were jumping into the race, launching an $8.6 million television blitz supporting Hegar.

Texas man who sold AR-15 rifle used in 2019 Midland-Odessa mass shooting pleads guilty to dealing firearms without license

  Texas man who sold AR-15 rifle used in 2019 Midland-Odessa mass shooting pleads guilty to dealing firearms without license Marcus Anthony Braziel, 45, pleaded guilty to one count of dealing firearms without a license and one count of subscribing to a false tax return.Marcus Anthony Braziel, 45, of Lubbock, pleaded guilty to one count of dealing firearms without a license and one count of subscribing to a false tax return before U.S. District Judge James Wesley Hendrix on Wednesday.

In Texas as in the country at large, Republicans lose the big cities, sweep the rural areas and split the suburbs . The GOP has been down this road before. For a generation, Republicans lost the city of The changing Philadelphia suburbs upended the politics of Pennsylvania, just as the changing DC

GOP solution: address suburban voters concerns? Nah, gerrymandering and voter suppression! Really hard to gerrymander the suburbs (too many blue voters in close proximity) and nearly impossible to vote suppress educated which people.

At the presidential level, a number of polls show Trump holding a single digit lead over Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The former vice president's wife Jill Biden visited a number of Texas suburbs this week in an effort to rally the vote.

Republicans' struggle to appeal to the state's growing and increasingly diverse suburbs is reflective of a problem the party - and in particular President Trump - faces nationwide.

Trump issued a direct appeal to suburban women at a rally in Johnstown, Pa., on Tuesday, acknowledging his growing deficit with female suburban voters in particular.

"Suburban women, will you please like me?" Trump said, surrounded by pink Women for Trump signs. "I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?"

A number of polls paint a dire picture of Trump's standing with suburban women. A Washington Post/ABC News survey released in August showed Biden leading Trump by 13 points with the group.

Mellman: Battle of the suburbs

  Mellman: Battle of the suburbs Expanding the Democratic majority means winning more suburban seats. While redistricting will change things a bit, keeping that majority will require holding the suburbs. As vital as the suburbs are though, remember, analysts aren't always talking about the same people or places when they use the term.Mellman is president of The Mellman Group and has helped elect 30 U.S. senators, 12 governors and dozens of House members. Mellman served as pollster to Senate Democratic leaders for over 20 years, as president of the American Association of Political Consultants, and is president of Democratic Majority for Israel.

That’s to say nothing of four GOP - held Texas districts that political handicapper Larry Sabato at the Democrats are pushing the election battlefield into additional GOP - held suburban areas in other parts of the Brian Fitzpatrick (R) is in the fight of his political life, as well as the suburbs of Syracuse and

While there are 22 GOP seats up compared to 12 seats for Democrats, none of them are behind enemy lines in solidly blue states. And Republican-controlled states enacting laws that effectively ban all abortions threatens to make a bad situation worse for Republicans in many suburbs .

"These suburban women care about their families," said Julie Oliver, a Democratic candidate running in Texas's 25th district. "There is a different lens through which mothers view things, and it's with a slant towards looking at their children's futures."

Trump has honed in particularly on a law-and-order message in response to growing calls for racial justice and police accountability in the wake of numerous shootings of unarmed African Americans.

However, many say this message is backfiring on the president in the suburbs, especially in Texas.

"We don't have much white flight left in Texas," said Richard Murray, a pollster and political science professor at the University of Houston. "For years one of the drivers of suburban growth were whites in the older inner-city areas moving out and they were usually making these areas increasingly conservative and Republican."

Texas Sen. John Cornyn is facing his first real challenge from newcomer MJ Hegar

  Texas Sen. John Cornyn is facing his first real challenge from newcomer MJ Hegar Texas’s competitive Senate race is an omen of political change.That’s the way the two candidates — Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican seeking a fourth term, and his nascent Democratic challenger MJ Hegar — would probably prefer it. They have sought to make this race about Texas, rather than President Donald Trump. But in an especially polarized election year, national politics has nevertheless seeped into the race.

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A Texas state House committee on Monday night devoted several hours to discussing potentially subjecting women to the death penalty if they obtain abortions. That legislation is now one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws, with a number of GOP -controlled states intent on passing their

"That's pretty much over in Dallas, Houston and Austin," Murray said. "Now the suburban growth is driven by minorities moving out."

Experts say that the influx of African Americans, Hispanics and Asians to the state's suburbs could prove to be bad news for Republicans in November due to Trump's presence at the top of the ticket.

"Those voters were not particularly Democratic, but they're sure anti-Trump," Murray said. "That's been one of the factors that has accelerated this shift in the suburbs."

Additionally, the state's redistricting process, which appeared to favor Republicans by drawing lines around the Texas suburbs, may be backfiring as minority communities put down their roots in suburban enclaves.

"The maps wore out," Murray said. "Texas added a lot more people since the 2010 Census than any other state, and most of those are in the suburbs and most of those are not white."

Video: Women confront Sen. Jeff Flake in elevator ahead of vote (USA TODAY)

The suburban districts have in turn reflected what is happening across the country at a faster pace.

Donald Trump is now openly begging for votes

  Donald Trump is now openly begging for votes At a rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump revealed just how desperate his political fortunes are at the moment. © JONATHAN ERNST/Reuters Many public health guidelines were ignored at the Trump rally in Sanford, Florida. "Suburban women, will you please like me?" he pleaded. "I saved your damn neighborhood." require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); Which, well, awkward.

The Koch network threatens to hold GOP to account. "The idea that changing demographics alone are going to carry Democrats through, particularly in a Can Democrats advance further from those suburban beachheads in 2018? Joshua Blank, manager of polling and research at the Texas Politics

Trump holds roundtable on police reform, economy - Продолжительность: 1:24:29 Fox News 867 428 просмотров.

"I like to say that when Republicans in the suburbs nationally have a cold, they have the flu in Texas in these districts because everything in the state is happening five times faster," said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) spokesman Avery Jaffe.

Democrats saw some of their most encouraging gains in 2018, when now-Democratic Reps. Lizzie Fletcher and Collin Allred ousted two longtime Republican incumbents in suburban districts: Fletcher in the 7th district, in the greater Houston area, and Allred in the 32nd district, in the greater Dallas area.

Additionally, then-Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) came within roughly two points of ousting incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz (D-Texas).

Two years later, six Texas Republicans in the House have announced they are retiring, leaving the door open for Democrats to go on the offensive. The non-partisan Cook Political Report has rated two of these districts, the 22nd in the Houston suburbs and 24th in the suburbs between Dallas and Fort Worth, as "toss-ups." Cook rated another - the 23rd district, which goes from the San Antonio suburbs to El Paso and is held by retiring Rep. Will Hurd (R) - as "lean Democratic."

"It's worrisome," said one Texas-based Republican strategist. "They're raising a lot, for sure, so they've got the resources they need."

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Democrats say the diversification of the suburbs and a focus on key issues like health care, as well as drawing on their own backgrounds to relate to their would-be constituents, are key to their growing popularity in the state.

"My parents are immigrants from Lebanon and both of them are health care workers," said Lulu Seikaly, who is looking to unseat Rep. Van Taylor (R) in the 3rd district. "People here in Collin County have similar stories to the one that my family had."

Cook rates the race as "lean Republican."

The party's candidates have also focused on protecting the Affordable Care Act amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit Texas hard.

"On top of the pandemic itself, the health care issue has now been compounded because we have people who didn't have access before," said Sri Kulkarni, the Democratic candidate running in the 22nd district. "Their health care might be taken away by a lawsuit that's going to be heard the week after the election. People are not happy about that. People are scared actually."

Democrats also say they are encouraged by early voter turnout so far, with the state surpassing one million votes on the first day of early voting this week.

"You can feel it on the ground, even the number of voters that have turned out in this area, the suburban vote is higher than it's ever been," said Democrat Sima Ladjevardian, who is challenging freshman incumbent Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R ) in the state's 2nd district. The Cook Political Report rates the race as "likely Republican."

Republicans argue that it's too early to tell who will benefit from the rise in early voting.

RNC 2020 Day 4: Trump accepts nomination from White House

  RNC 2020 Day 4: Trump accepts nomination from White House The Republican National Convention concluded Thursday under the theme "Land of Greatness" with President Trump formally accepting the GOP nomination from the White House. A fireworks display lit up the sky above the Washington Monument at the conclusion of his remarks.

"I think that's going to be something to continue to watch here over the next week, in particular," the Texas-based strategist said. "It's really going to be a fascinating exercise not just to see what those numbers look like but where they continued to come from."

While many Republicans concede a number of Lone Star races are in play for Democrats this year, they say the cause for concern in the suburbs is overblown, particularly when citing race and health care.

"The field is a little bit more narrow than the Democrats would pretend," said another GOP strategist. "They think race dictates voting. In Texas, Hispanic voters cover a much wider range of political views than in a lot of parts of the country."

"We're pushing back directly on health care messaging in some of these places because Democrats are running candidates who support 'Medicare for all' in a lot of places," the strategist said. "That gives us a pretty potent pushback."

Additionally, Republicans argue that while Trump is underperforming in a number of districts he won in 2016, including the 22nd and 24th districts, the GOP candidates are still outperforming.

"Some of these districts are ones he won fairly handily," said the Texas GOP strategist. "That's good news for the candidate."

"You want to be a Sen. Cornyn who's outperforming him," the strategist continued. "Even if he continues to have a little bit of a drag you're ahead of the curve."

"But the weight of the presidency is still a real challenge here," they continued. "I do think a lot of these seats are going to be, if not potential Democratic grabs, they're going to be a heck of a lot closer than anyone would have ever anticipated."

Biden could benefit from the exodus to suburbs .
The US housing market has remained red-hot this year during the pandemic as some flee expensive coastal cities for the suburbs. And experts say there could be election consequences. © Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 12: People wearing masks load furniture into a U-haul moving truck as the city continues Phase 4 of re-opening following restrictions imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus on September 12, 2020 in New York City. The fourth phase allows outdoor arts and entertainment, sporting events without fans and media production.

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