Politics Retired Navy SEAL William McRaven says bin Laden conspiracy theory Trump boosted is as 'crazy' as denying the moon landing

05:25  21 october  2020
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Retired Navy Admiral and Navy Seal William McRaven rebuked President Donald Trump after attending events honoring military top brass and soldiers. McRaven walked away from both events noting an 'underlying current of frustration, humiliation, anger and fear that echoed across the sidelines'.

The Navy SEAL who says he shot bin Laden rips the wild body-double conspiracy theory boosted by Trump . None of the SEALs who were killed in the incident were involved in the raid. The billions "paid" to Iran is a reference to billions of dollars in frozen Iranian assets unfrozen as part of the Joint

William H. McRaven wearing a suit and tie: Ret. Adm. William McRaven Photo by Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images © Photo by Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images Ret. Adm. William McRaven Photo by Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images
  • Retired US Navy Adm. William McRaven said the Osama bin Laden conspiracy theory boosted by President Donald Trump was as crazy as denying the moon landing.
  • "I didn't even think it was worth addressing because it was so crazy," the former head of US Special Operations Command said during a CNN interview Tuesday.
  • McRaven added that he was glad to see that Robert O'Neill, a fellow former Navy SEAL and a former member of SEAL Team 6 who is said to have shot bin Laden, speak out against the conspiracy theory.
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Retired US Navy Adm. William McRaven, the former head of US Special Operations Command, said Tuesday that the Osama bin Laden conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump boosted on Twitter last week was as crazy as denying the moon landing.

Trump Touts Falconer’s Benghazi Blood-Sacrifice Conspiracy Theory

  Trump Touts Falconer’s Benghazi Blood-Sacrifice Conspiracy Theory President Donald Trump backed a budding conspiracy theory on Tuesday that four Americans were killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack to cover up the blood-sacrifice of Navy SEALs and the “fact” that Osama Bin Laden is still alive, marking what is perhaps the president’s strangest brush yet with far-right conspiracy theories. Trump’s promotion of the new Benghazi conspiracy theory, which is fast gaining traction on the far right, came in the form of a retweet of a QAnon believer pushing the claim. The president’s backing helped push the tweet about Benghazi above 14,000 retweets.

William McRaven says he backs the Democrat in an op-ed published Monday. He did not mention Donald Trump by name but has been a critic in A former Navy SEAL himself, McRaven retired from the Navy in 2014 and led the University of Texas system until 2018. In his op ed, published Monday

Donald Trump slams Navy SEAL who took down Osama Bin Laden . President Trump said this of journalists during a visit to the CIA on the the day following his inauguration. “Of course we should have captured Osama Bin Laden long before we did. I pointed him out in my book just BEFORE the

Last Tuesday, Trump retweeted a post from a since-suspended account that was spreading a baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that bin Laden is still alive and that former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden staged his killing and possibly had SEAL Team 6 killed to cover it up.

Amid significant criticism, the president defended his retweet Thursday at a Town Hall led by NBC's Samantha Guthrie, saying it was just a retweet. "That was an opinion of somebody," Trump said. "I'll put it out there. People can decide for themselves."

McRaven, a former Navy SEAL who oversaw the bin Laden raid, kept his thoughts on the unfounded conspiracy theory to himself until CNN's Jake Tapper asked him about it Tuesday.

"I didn't even think it was worth addressing because it was so crazy. It was a little bit like denying the moon landing," he said, characterizing the conspiracy theory Trump retweeted as far "off in left field."

Trump should be ashamed for saying Obama-Biden kept Osama bin Laden alive

  Trump should be ashamed for saying Obama-Biden kept Osama bin Laden alive Donald Trump disgustingly diminishes the presidency when he re-tweets crazy conspiracy theories or hateful messages from white supremacists. He did the former again earlier this week when he amplified a nutcase accusation that the Obama-Biden White House worked with Iran to keep Osama bin Laden alive while staging the death of a bin Laden body double. © Provided by Washington Examiner The re-tweets provide yet more evidence that Trump is neither morally nor temperamentally fit for the Oval Office. To be sure, re-tweets do not necessarily imply endorsements. Sometimes they amount to mere information sharing.

Donald Trump has compared Rep. Adam Schiff’ s claim that Hunter Biden’ s alleged leaked emails are part of a Russian disinformation plot to Hillary Clinton calling Democrat Tulsi Gabbard The leaks were published by the New York Post last week. “It’ s just crazy ,” Trump said of the theory , referring to the

Retired four-star Admiral William McRaven , who has been in command of US Special Operations missions since 2008, said he voted for Democratic presidential Mr McRaven - who oversaw Operation Neptune Spear, during which Osama Bin Laden was killed - said that though many of his

McRaven said that he was pleased to see that Robert O'Neill, a former Navy SEAL and member of SEAL Team 6 who is thought to have shot bin Laden, spoke out against the conspiracy theory, making it clear that not only did the US military get bin Laden but that the men who went on the mission risked their lives to do so.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Marshall B. Webb, Michael Mullen, William M. Daley, Denis McDonough, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blinken, Robert Gates, John O. Brennan sitting at a table: The White House/Getty Images © The White House/Getty Images The White House/Getty Images

Responding to the president's retweet of the bin Laden conspiracy theory, O'Neill tweeted last Tuesday: "Very brave men said [goodbye] to their kids to go kill Osama bin Laden. We were given the order by President Obama. It was not a body double. Thank you Mr. President."

McRaven told CNN's Tapper that Trump was disrespecting service members like O'Neill who participated in the raid to take down bin Laden by boosting "crazy" conspiracy theories.

"By being so dismissive, by promoting this crazy conspiracy theory, you really disrespected those guys that went on the mission, and frankly, I'd offer, a lot of people within the special operations and conventional forces that have been fighting this hard war for a long time," he said.

Trump digs in on conspiracy theory over bin Laden raid

  Trump digs in on conspiracy theory over bin Laden raid President Trump is doubling down on his decision to retweet an unfounded QAnon conspiracy theory that Osama bin Laden is still alive, a move that threatens to alienate members of the military with the election less than three weeks away.Trump's amplification of conspiracy theories that bin Laden's death was faked and that a body double that was killed instead comes on the heels of reports that disparaged soldiers and his suggestion that he may have contracted coronavirus from Gold Star families. Military observers say the president's propensity to retweet suspect material about a military operation isn't likely to help win back any support.

William McRaven , a retired four-star Navy admiral who led the U. S . Special Operations Command under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, believes President Trump ’ s decision to abandon America’ s Kurdish allies in Syria is a betrayal that is eroding the country’ s reputation both at

Trump says it' s Bill Clinton' s fault that bin Laden was around to mastermind 9/11 and boasts: 'I pointed him out in my book just BEFORE the attack on The president levied the claims after retired Navy Admiral Bill McRaven , who headed the Seal unit in charge of the raid on the 9/11 mastermind

The president has floated a number of unfounded conspiracy theories and scientifically dubious claims in the past, including during his 2016 presidential campaign.

More recently, Trump pitched the unsupported idea that his Democratic opponent Joe Biden was taking performance-enhancing drugs in order to get him to the election finish line by November. He has called for Biden to take a drug test.

McRaven has been a measured but outspoken critic of Trump and his administration. Throughout Trump's presidency, he has identified administration policy decisions he considers disastrous and accused the commander-in-chief of failing to display leadership in a time of urgent need.

In an opinion column titled "Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President" that was published in the New York Times in October 2019, McRaven wrote that Trump was gutting the country of the "nation's principles."

In another article published in The Washington Post in 2018, McRaven wrote: "A good leader sets the example for others to follow."

"Your leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities," McRaven added. "Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation."

McRaven said in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal that he voted for Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

The retired Navy SEAL held a number of important leadership positions within the special operations community during his nearly four decades in the service, including overseeing the successful Operation Neptune Spear raid in 2011 that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

After retiring in 2014, he went into academia and has written several books on his experiences as a Navy SEAL.

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