Politics Buoyed by the debate, some Republicans are bullish on Trump

14:15  24 october  2020
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Fact check: Joe Biden called 'forces of intolerance,' not Trump supporters, the 'dregs of society'

  Fact check: Joe Biden called 'forces of intolerance,' not Trump supporters, the 'dregs of society' Accounts linked to President Donald Trump and his family claim that Joe Biden called Trump supporters the "dregs of society." In reality, he said that about "forces of intolerance."A campaign account, Trump War Room, claimed on Twitter that the remark was in reference to "Trump supporters.

President Trump and Joe Biden make their points at the final presidential debate on Oct. This time, in the final presidential debate , President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were able to cut through to some of the issues. European shares rallied on Friday, buoyed by positive earnings

Exclusive: Donald Trump , buoyed by the campaign, looks ahead to a post-midterm presidency. Trump has repeatedlyexpressed optimism that Republicans would not only hold their majority in the Senate but perhaps Trump was less bullish on the House than the Senate, though he said there

Despite months of daunting poll numbers, many Republicans remain hopeful that the final presidential debate was only the beginning of a strong closing push by President Trump that will defy expectations and return him to the White House.

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“Best case, he wins 322 electoral votes,” said Republican strategist Mark Smith. “Worst case, 285.”

“I think he'll win north of 300 electoral votes,” said Republican strategist Peter Hatzipetros, who wouldn’t rule out a popular vote triumph for the president.

It’s the flip side to Democrats who are nervous that the polls don’t tell the whole story of this election after Trump’s surprise victory in 2016: Republicans who look at big crowds and their own gut instincts are unconvinced that the president is really trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 7.9 points, as the RealClearPolitics national polling average currently shows, in the closing days of the campaign.

Trump's ad strategy targeting senior citizens: I recovered from COVID-19 and so can America

  Trump's ad strategy targeting senior citizens: I recovered from COVID-19 and so can America “Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it,” said Trump, who suggested he might be immune to COVID-19. “You’re going to beat it.”“President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus and so is America,” the narrator says. “President Trump tackled the virus head on, as leaders should.

Donald Trump at the final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, on 22 October. To this day, many Democrats – and Republicans – are convinced it played a substantial role in The lie was aired this week by the Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo and alluded to by Trump when he

US President Donald Trump has refused to take part in a virtual TV debate with his Democratic rival Joe Biden. The commission organising the debate in Miami on 15 October said it would have to take place remotely after Mr Trump tested positive for coronavirus. He was more bullish on Thursday

“Oh my God, this means we can’t trust the polls,” is how one Democratic strategist characterized the reaction to Trump’s upset four years ago.

Some of those polls may be tightening in battleground states like Pennsylvania, where Biden has enjoyed a clear but not insurmountable lead. Although Biden’s national polling advantage is somewhat larger and has been significantly more durable than Hillary Clinton’s, he isn’t far ahead of where she was in the swing states at the same point last time around. Operatives in both parties will be looking for signs of a late Trump rally, especially in the Rust Belt, while Democrats hope they can pick off Arizona, Georgia, Ohio, and even Texas.

Several Republicans told the Washington Examiner that too many pollsters are using outdated models for parsing their data. “The enthusiasm gap is 2 to 1” in Trump’s favor, Smith said, adding it was a deficit not even Barack Obama can close. “You have a former president of the United States speaking through a bullhorn to 50 people in the streets of Philadelphia.”

Sen. Cory Gardner, tied to President Trump's 'vindictive' base, faces conundrum in Colorado

  Sen. Cory Gardner, tied to President Trump's 'vindictive' base, faces conundrum in Colorado Cook Political Report moved the Colorado Senate race from “toss-up” to “lean Democrat” in late September. Gardner’s support of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll indicated that a slim majority of registered voters (52%) think the confirmation should wait until after the election. 1/22 SLIDES © Bethany Baker / The Coloradoan Democratic challenger and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, left, and Republican U.S. Sen.

In their final debate , President Trump unleashed an unrelenting series of false, misleading and exaggerated statements as he sought to distort former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s record and A team of New York Times journalists fact-checked the debate , providing context and analysis.

Moderator Megyn Kelly challenged Trump on some of his past comments about women. "You call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and Later in the debate , Bush cautioned that Trump 's "divisive" language could be detrimental to the Republican Party. " We ' re going to win when we unite

Smith dismisses the national polling averages as “teardrops in the rain,” pointing instead to surveys where Trump has improved his share of the black vote and is winning around 35% of Hispanics, a key voting bloc in a number of battleground states, including Florida.

In any event, Republicans are hopeful that the last Trump-Biden debate would help focus the electorate on concerns about whether the former vice president’s environmental agenda will damage the oil industry and decimate working-class jobs. Democrats in competitive races distanced themselves from Biden’s oil industry comments. “Goodbye, Pennsylvania. Goodbye, Texas. Goodbye, Ohio,” Smith predicted.

“This past week, the American people learned that not only is Joe Biden committed to eliminating the oil industry, he is severely compromised and corrupt,” said a post-debate Republican National Committee statement.

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal Pennsylvania

  USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal Pennsylvania A majority of likely Pennsylvania voters also said they do not support adding justices to the Supreme Court. "You start creating more justices to get the opinions you want," he said. "It's almost like 'well I gotta win and I'm just gonna create new facts.' " But Laws said that she supports adding justices to the Supreme Court, adding that it shouldn't be called court packing. "I believe it should be called court evening," Laws said. She said that she believes that the "minority shouldn't be ruling the majority," adding that the "the majority of the country is pro choice.

When watching the debates , many of his detractors criticize Trump 's apparent lack of substance. For instance, he ducked Megyn Kelly's question about sexism with a joke about Rosie O'Donnell. For that reason, Trump 's arguments tend to sink in more than his opponent's (like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz) do.

US President Donald Trump and his White House challenger Joe Biden are feuding over plans for their final TV debate . On Monday, Republicans were dealt a defeat by the US Supreme Court as it declined to take up a case on postal ballots in the critical swing-voting state of Pennsylvania.

“Trump was much more presidential in Thursday night’s debate than in the first debate,” evangelical author Stephen Stang said in a statement. ”I don’t think this debate changed many minds, but it did clarify the drastic choice Americans have to make on November 3.”

“My personal concern is not whether the president will win the election,” said Hatzipetros. “It will be the litigation. It will be another four years of trying to kick him out of office.”

Democrats are confident that they have done well in the early vote, which has been massive in some states, and that COVID-19 will prod voters to turn the page on Trump. Pollsters believe they have corrected many of the problems that plagued the industry in 2016. Some Republicans agree. “All things considered, I’d rather be Biden right now,” said a top GOP consultant in Pennsylvania.

But the fact that such widely divergent political analysis exists among campaign professionals with Election Day fast approaching is a testament to the uncertainty of 2020 and the pandemic, as well as the unpredictability of Trump himself. “I can’t wait to see the Hail Marys both campaigns will attempt,” Hatzipetros said.

4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate

  4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate Joe Biden was a winner — as was moderator Kristen Welker.The first debate was a chaotic disaster thanks to Trump’s constant interruptions; the second one didn’t happen because Trump refused to agree to debate virtually while he had Covid-19 (they had dueling town halls instead). This time around, better moderation and the handy use of a mute button allowed both candidates to express their thoughts — leading to a mix of actual substantive policy exchanges and less-than-coherent mudslinging about families and personal finance.

President Trump must have looked at the Democratic debates the way Bruce Willis looked at the famous If the Democrats had been pre-programmed by the Republican National Committee, they what to shop now. This portable protection pod may give you some peace of mind while traveling.

President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden did not have a debate , but a shouting match filled with personal attacks, interruptions, hateful There is a reason the US Constitution puts freedom of speech and the press in the first amendment – followed by the right to bear arms as the second.

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Fighter jets fire flares, escort plane from airspace near Trump event in Arizona .
U.S. fighter jets escorted a plane flying in restricted airspace near President Donald Trump's rally in Bullhead City, Arizona.The North American Aerospace Defense Command tweeted that it sent two F-16s to investigate "a general aviation aircraft that was not in communication" with air-traffic controllers as it neared Bullhead City.

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