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The week in polls: Trump erases Biden's bounce in Florida, Biden gains in Georgia

  The week in polls: Trump erases Biden's bounce in Florida, Biden gains in Georgia In the Senate, a poll found Doug Jones may not be doomed after all. And another found Lindsey Graham's race may not be as tight as believed.They have found Biden still holding a commanding lead nationally (though down slightly from last week) and leading in 10 of 12 swing states. But Trump regained a slight polling average lead in Ohio and ate a big chunk out of Biden's leads in Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Trump also erased Biden's gains in Florida from last week, which some Democrats had hoped signaled their nominee was pulling away in the crucial Sunshine State.

Biden also played up his toughness toward China during his time as vice president. Biden ’ s critical views on China today, however, may be surprising to many because he used to be a true believer of the “engagement with China ” doctrine. But guess what: they’re not competition for us ,” Biden said .

Biden ' s campaign has said he was not referring to Trump' s travel ban, but had not clarified his position on the ban. Biden first accused Trump of xenophobia in That he is going to act rationally about it. In moments like this , this is where the credibility of a president is most needed, as he explains what we

(Bloomberg) -- While Joe Biden has spent much of the campaign criticizing U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies toward China, his own platform sounds more like a change of tactics than a strategy overhaul.

The former vice president -- a long-time member of a foreign policy establishment that advocated engagement with Beijing -- has shifted along with the rest of Washington toward a more confrontational tone during Trump’s term, denouncing Xi Jinping as a “thug.” Still, the Democratic nominee has faced few questions about how he would handle China more effectively than his Republican opponent.

What Biden has said so far points to a more multilateral approach that places greater emphasis on alliances and human rights and is less reliant on tariffs and arms sales. Here’s where he stands on some of the biggest flash points between the world’s two largest economies:

Fact-checking Trump's massively dishonest weekend: The President made at least 66 separate false or misleading claims in three days

  Fact-checking Trump's massively dishonest weekend: The President made at least 66 separate false or misleading claims in three days President Donald Trump's dishonesty is getting worse. © Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images US President Donald Trump gestures during a rally at Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, Wisconsin on October 17, 2020. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images) Trump has been reliably deceptive for his entire presidency, filling his speeches and tweets with lies and other false statements.

Joe Biden said Wednesday night that China was “not competition” for the U . S ., prompting blowback At an event in Iowa City, Biden was explaining why he believes concerns that China could It’ s wrong to pretend that China isn’t one of our major economic competitors. When we are in the White House

Key Points . Joe Biden may keep Trump administration tariffs in place if elected president in November. Biden is backed by labor unions who want job protections and infrastructure He also faces demands from farmers and U . S . corporations eager for tariff cuts and a less disruptive China trade relationship.

a man holding a sign: Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Campaigns In Georgia © Photographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images North America Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Campaigns In Georgia

Joe Biden speaks during an event in Warm Springs, Georgia on Tuesday.

Photographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Trade, Tariffs

Biden has mocked Trump’s January trade deal with Xi as “hollow” and blamed the president’s tariffs for accelerating the decline in American manufacturing. But he hasn’t committed to either scrapping the pact or withdrawing the tariffs -- two key sources of leverage over China for the next administration.

“I will use tariffs when they are needed, but the difference between me and Trump is that I will have a strategy -- a plan -- to use those tariffs to win, not just to fake toughness.” -- Biden, in statement to United Steelworkers in May

Kristen Welker: 5 things to know about the moderator of Thursday's presidential debate

  Kristen Welker: 5 things to know about the moderator of Thursday's presidential debate Kristen Welker has been criticized by President Trump as "terrible & unfair." Get to know the White House correspondent ahead of the last debate.The NBC News White House correspondent and "Weekend Today" co-anchor will moderate the debate at Belmont University in Nashville (9 EDT/6 PDT). The second presidential debate was axed after Trump declined to participate virtually, following his COVID-19 diagnosis. Instead, he and Biden held dueling town halls , and the former vice president beat Trump in the Nielsen ratings.

Hollaway said Wallace’ s mother chased after him as he walked down the steps of his porch, still holding the knife, and then tried to shield Wallace and tell He also notes this is one of the reasons that 2020 is not a simple re-run of 2016. At a time when most Americans loathe their political leaders, Biden ’ s

A decade later, Biden ­ said : “A rising China is a … positive ­development not only for China Oh, and what did Biden do about the growing Chinese -fueled fentanyl crisis while “overseeing the China The two populists understand what China does. Meanwhile, just last summer, Biden said of the Chinese

Biden has pitched a $400 billion “Buy American” plan to direct government purchases toward domestically made goods. He has also pledged to “unite the economic might of democracies around the world to counter abusive economic practices” -- something China’s critics in places like Brussels and Tokyo complained wasn’t possible under Trump’s “America First” policies.

A major question is whether Biden will seek to rejoin the Pacific trade pact many China hawks viewed as the best way to counter Beijing’s economic might before Trump withdrew from it as one of his first official actions. Biden supported the deal -- now known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership -- as part of former President Barack Obama’s administration, but said during a Democratic primary debate last year that he would insist on renegotiating “pieces” of the pact.

4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate

  4 winners and 5 losers from the last Biden-Trump debate Joe Biden was a winner — as was moderator Kristen Welker.The first debate was a chaotic disaster thanks to Trump’s constant interruptions; the second one didn’t happen because Trump refused to agree to debate virtually while he had Covid-19 (they had dueling town halls instead). This time around, better moderation and the handy use of a mute button allowed both candidates to express their thoughts — leading to a mix of actual substantive policy exchanges and less-than-coherent mudslinging about families and personal finance.

China and the U . S . are jockeying for position in a changing world, facing off on everything from TikTok to spying to trade. Here Are the Major Flashpoints Between the U . S . and China .

There are some who say that if anyone is offended by Biden ' s latest comments, they aren't paying attention to what Biden is really saying .

TikTok, Huawei

Video: Did Biden family's overseas dealings affect Obama-era foreign policy? (Fox Business)

Biden has similarly promised a more global approach to countering the influence of Chinese technology companies such as Huawei Technologies Co. and TikTok-owner ByteDance Ltd. He acknowledged “genuine concern” about how TikTok handles data from its some 100 million American users, while faulting Trump for trying to make money off a deal to secure U.S. control over the social media network’s local business.

“God only knows what they’re doing with information they’re picking up off of here. So as president, I will go into it very deeply I’ll get the cyber-experts in with me to give me what is the best solution to deal with it.” -- Biden, during campaign stop in Duluth, Minnesota, in September

Biden said in February that he supported a ban on using Huawei equipment in the U.S., although he’s said little about whether he would continue the Trump administration’s “Clean Network” program to convince allies to swear off Huawei products in critical communications networks. He has said he would work with “fellow democracies” to develop global rules on cybertheft, data privacy and artificial intelligence.

Debate transcript: Trump, Biden final presidential debate moderated by Kristen Welker

  Debate transcript: Trump, Biden final presidential debate moderated by Kristen Welker Here is the full transcript of the final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, moderated by Kristen Welker in Nashville on Oct. 22, 2020. Headers have been added for ease of reading. © Mario Tama, Getty Images People are pictured watching the final debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at The Abbey in West Hollywood, California. [0:00] Welker: A very good evening to both of you. This debate will cover six major topics.

In turn, China ’ s Ministry of Commerce said it opposed the new rules and will take all necessary measures to defend the rights and interests of Even as the trade deal has secured increased access to China for American companies, the U . S . is looking to increase control over financial and economic

But it is hard to say that China would genuinely prefer Biden , either. A lion or a porcupine? “With the background of the U . S .- China great-power competition, Biden ’ s efforts to rebuild U . S . alliances and strengthen America’ s global leadership position also suggest some risks and challenges for China

The former vice president pledged greater focus on issues such as intellectual property theft that took a back seat to agricultural purchases in Trump’s “phase one” trade deal. He has promised new sanctions against Chinese firms that steal U.S. technology and threatened to cut them off from accessing the U.S. market and financial system.

Rights, Sanctions

Although the Trump administration has brought increased attention to China’s human rights practices, those efforts have often been undercut by reports of the president’s praise for Xi’s hard-line approach. Biden has vowed a more consistent message from the White House.

“I will put values back at the center of our foreign policy, including how we approach the U.S.-China relationship.” -- Biden, in a campaign statement in August

He has vowed to “fully enforce” the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act signed by Trump last year and meet with exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, if elected. Biden has labeled China’s mass detention and re-education program for the Xinjiang region’s predominately Muslim Uighur minority as “genocide” and called for an international effort to make a united stand against the campaign.

The Democratic nominee said he would convene a “Summit for Democracy” to reach new commitments to fight corruption and authoritarianism and advance human rights. That would include pressing technology companies to make pledges to “ensure their algorithms and platforms are not empowering the surveillance state, facilitating repression in China and elsewhere.”

Majority of voters say Biden won second debate, poll finds

  Majority of voters say Biden won second debate, poll finds Sixty-five percent of voters said the candidates were mostly respectful of each other's time, as opposed to 10% who said that after the first debate.Fifty-four percent of voters who watched the Thursday debate said Biden performed the best, while 39% said that Trump did. Eight percent of voters who watched weren’t sure or had no opinion on who did best.

Defense, Taiwan

As vice president, Biden was an advocate for Obama’s “pivot” to Asia. However, he’s unlikely to replace Trump’s “Indo-Pacific Strategy,” which focuses on drawing India into a broader coalition of democracies to help offset China’s regional weight.

Rather, Biden might seek to play down the military component of U.S. engagement in Asia, which under Trump has prioritized arms sales. The party platform approved during Democratic National Convention called for countering China “without resorting to self-defeating, unilateral tariff wars or falling into the trap of a new Cold War.”

“Democrats are committed to the Taiwan Relations Act and will continue to support a peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues consistent with the wishes and best interests of the people of Taiwan,” Democratic Party, in platform released in August

It’s unclear how Biden would approach Taiwan, whose president, Tsai Ing-wen, has received unprecedented support from Washington as Trump ramped up his attacks on China. While Tsai’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party has more in common with Biden’s left-leaning coalition on trade, environmental and social issues, the presidential contender has for decades advocated the “strategic ambiguity” sought to minimize the risk of a direct conflict with China over Taiwan.

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