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06:25  30 october  2020
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USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal Pennsylvania

  USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal Pennsylvania A majority of likely Pennsylvania voters also said they do not support adding justices to the Supreme Court. "You start creating more justices to get the opinions you want," he said. "It's almost like 'well I gotta win and I'm just gonna create new facts.' " But Laws said that she supports adding justices to the Supreme Court, adding that it shouldn't be called court packing. "I believe it should be called court evening," Laws said. She said that she believes that the "minority shouldn't be ruling the majority," adding that the "the majority of the country is pro choice.

HISTORIC RESTORATION OF THE JUDICIARY: President Trump is transforming our judiciary – appointing a historic number of Federal judges Working with the Senate, President Trump has now had 158 judicial nominees confirmed to the Federal bench – a historic transformation of the judiciary.

If Judge Barrett is confirmed, conservative-leaning justices will hold a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future. Amy Coney Barrett has been on Donald Trump 's shortlist for Supreme Court vacancies for some time, but the word was that she would be the most appropriate

Amy Coney Barrett makes three. That’s the number of Supreme Court justices President Trump has successfully nominated, in addition to 220 lower federal court judgeships in a single term. In an era in which news cycles are as ephemeral as tweets, even presidential ones, these lifetime appointments make up a legacy that will endure for years to come.

Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch posing for a picture: WB.WhiteHouse.jpg © Provided by Washington Examiner WB.WhiteHouse.jpg

Timing and circumstance allowed Trump to nominate three Supreme Court justices in only his first term. President Richard Nixon was the last, and before that, President Herbert Hoover.

The reelection campaign of Trump’s top partner in that legacy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, took a victory lap after Barrett was sworn in.

Senate committee OKs Amy Coney Barrett. Here's what happens next in her Supreme Court confirmation

  Senate committee OKs Amy Coney Barrett. Here's what happens next in her Supreme Court confirmation The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Amy Coney Barrett's nomination to the Supreme Court. Here's what happens next.The Senate Judiciary Committee's 12 Republican members approved her nomination in a 12-0 vote, setting up a final vote Monday before the full Senate.

President Trump has appointed judges to the federal appeals courts at a record-setting pace. As a Republican candidate for the Texas Supreme Court , Don R. Willett flaunted his uncompromising conservatism, boasting of endorsements from groups with “pro- life , pro-faith, pro-family” credentials.

With President Trump in the White House, and following the death of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, anti-abortion activists are energised. Republican-controlled states have tightened restrictions on abortion in recent years. And there is a brewing political battle over whether Mr Trump should seek

“Working with President Trump, Senator McConnell has fundamentally transformed the federal judiciary by confirming pro-Constitution judges and justices at a record pace,” the Kentucky Republican’s team said in a statement, boasting that McConnell “leaves no vacancy behind.”

Trump has, at times, struggled with staffing, leaving executive branch positions open, shuffling through multiple appointees for a single job, or filling his Cabinet with acting secretaries. But the federal judiciary has been different.

There, Trump was prepared. Recognizing that he didn’t have much of a track record with social conservatives ahead of the 2016 election, Trump and his advisers quickly identified judges as an area of importance to this crucial GOP voting bloc. The Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia loomed.

Pack the court? Battles between Republicans and Democrats fuel clash over Supreme Court's future

  Pack the court? Battles between Republicans and Democrats fuel clash over Supreme Court's future The Constitution does not set the number of justices. Created in 1789 with six, the court has veered from five to 10, settling at nine 150 years ago.Fuming at what President Donald Trump and Republicans have done since 2016 to turn the court to the right, they could fight back with legislation, Senate rules changes – even by granting statehood (and two Senate seats) to the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico.

Supreme Court REJECTS Trump 's bid to prevent absentee ballots in North Carolina from being counted up to nine days after the election. The Supreme Court 's decision to uphold the extension came two days after Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed.

But Trump ’s Court —the collection of judges and justices now swarming our judicial system, nominated and confirmed to lifetime appointments on his Trump judges are dismissive of LGBTQ rights and protections—in some cases, to the point of open bigotry. They’re hostile to minority voting rights and

Trump not only vowed to replace the conservative icon with someone “in the mold of Scalia,” his team assembled and released a list of prospective successors, carefully vetted by the conservative legal networks, reassuring Republican voters unsure about how much they could count on the businessman, reality TV star, and political neophyte to be an ally when it came to the Supreme Court.

The list was a hit with conservatives. Trump outperformed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with voters who cast their ballots based on the composition of the court, according to exit polls. He won 81% of white evangelicals. And he fulfilled the campaign promise once elected.

“The ratio of solid movement originalists to establishmentarian hacks is pretty high,” said Ilya Shapiro, a senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies. “The caliber of the nominees is better than any president in history, in terms of their scholarly credentials, the number of Supreme Court clerks, … top-notch people who are already superstars.”

President Trump has kept his promise to remake the federal bench, including the Supreme Court

  President Trump has kept his promise to remake the federal bench, including the Supreme Court Trump has become the first president since Richard Nixon to name three judges to the Supreme Court in a first term.With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacancy created by the death  of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump has become the first president since Richard Nixon to name three judges to the nation's highest court during a first term.

Mr Trump 's Democratic rival, Joe Biden, insists the decision on her replacement should wait until after the vote. The ideological balance of the nine-member But President Trump has vowed to swear in Ginsburg's successor "without delay", a move that has infuriated Democrats, who fear Republicans

This judicial transformation extends to federal agencies. Administrative law judges are basically civil servants who handle a varied caseload from Social Security benefit claims to regulatory enforcement. After making a broad interpretation of a recent Supreme Court decision, the Trump administration is

Many give credit to the team that Trump had in place to advise him on judicial appointments. “A premium was put by White House counsel Don McGahn on intelligence and the strength of their convictions,” said a conservative court watcher.

The courts were also a high priority for McConnell. He had held open Scalia's seat for the final year of Barack Obama's presidency, rebuffing Merrick Garland's nomination. After Trump took office, it became apparent during the Obamacare repeal-and-replace fight that legislating wasn’t going to be easy, even when Republicans held majorities in both chambers. The GOP’s Senate majority was expanded in the 2018 midterm elections, but Democrats took control of the House. Judges were an area that Senate Republicans, in concert with Trump, could make a lasting impact.

Even then, it wasn’t always easy. To confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch as Scalia’s successor, McConnell and Republicans had to vote to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for ending debate on Supreme Court justices. This filibuster requirement for lower court judges had been terminated in 2013 by the Democrats under the leadership of Harry Reid. “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think,” McConnell warned Reid on the Senate floor as Democrats detonated the nuclear option.

New Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett could have immediate impact on American democracy

  New Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett could have immediate impact on American democracy It won't take long for Republicans to learn if Barrett is the reliable conservative upon whom they raced to bestow a seat on the Supreme Court.Upon taking her judicial oath from Chief Justice John Roberts Tuesday, Barrett became the person who could tip the balance on challenges to state election procedures that could determine who wins the White House and control of Congress a week later.

The Supreme Court will allow election officials to accept ballots after Election Day in two key battlegrounds: Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Trump claims the nation is ‘rounding the turn’ on the virus as cases climb; Biden vows to ‘deal honestly with the American people.’

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump 's recent comments about "Obama judges " who ruled against him captured headlines and even drew scrutiny from the chief Supreme Court justice, but judges appointed by Democrats aren 't the only to rule against the Trump administration.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s already contentious confirmation hearings were rocked by Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation of sexual assault. But many Republicans were convinced that Democrats were smearing an innocent man. This included Trump. "On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure," he said at the White House.

When Barrett was nominated, supporters expected a similarly grueling process. “We want to pray for her family because we know these will be interesting, tough weeks,” Trump adviser Mercedes Schlapp said during a Catholics for Trump conference call. Deputy campaign manager Justin Clark said he was “really, really, really concerned.” But Senate Democrats quickly ran out of ammunition.

Still, Democratic support for Trump’s Supreme Court picks steadily eroded. Only three Democrats voted for Gorsuch, compared to the four who voted for Justice Samuel Alito, former President George W. Bush’s last nominee. Just one voted for Kavanaugh. None voted for Barrett.

Trump and McConnell nevertheless reshaped not only the Supreme Court but the entire federal judiciary.

“A third of federal circuit judges, that’s a really big deal," Shapiro said. "Judges are for life.”

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