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23:15  21 november  2020
23:15  21 november  2020 Source:   newsweek.com

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President Donald Trump ’s re- election campaign has dismissed its final lawsuit against the electoral process in Michigan on Thursday, as multiple However, the board did in fact vote to certify the results of the election . Both Mr Trump and Mr Giuliani have promoted false claims surrounding the results

For you, the day Trump claimed election fraud was the most important day in your life. For anybody who claims that Trump isn't racist because he disavowed white nationalism only after he was pressured, here's your chance to admit he only did so for the optics.

A lawsuit by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF) is challenging President Donald Trump's campaign's claims about voter fraud, saying that the attempts to overturn the results in Michigan are disenfranchising Black Voters.

Trump says the battleground states saw election fraud. Republican officials running those states disagree.

  Trump says the battleground states saw election fraud. Republican officials running those states disagree. Republican officials in swings states have responded by assuring voters there have been no signs of fraud.State leaders and election officials – many of them Republican – in those crucial swings states have responded by assuring voters there have been no signs of widespread fraud despite what Trump and his supporters have alleged.

Trump Camp Files Suit in Georgia to Stop Counting Ballots After Biden Camp Seeks Volunteers to go Joe Biden Campaign Seeking Volunteers in Georgia to ‘Go Door to Door Helping Voters Fix Their Mail in “There Are Facts of Fraud ” – Rudy Giuliani: Trump Team to File Lawsuits against on

🚨BREAKING: Trump campaign notches WIN in PENNSYLVANIA state court The court, at Trump 's request, issues interim order to election boards to (a) In Michigan, the president has faced a setback with a judge scoffing at Trump ’s lawsuit to stop the count in the state due to allegations voter fraud .

a close up of a building: A © SETH HERALD / AFP/Getty A "Count every vote" sign lays outside of the TCF center where ballots are being counted in downtown Detroit, Michigan on November 4,2020.

The complaint filed on Friday named both Trump and his campaign as the defendants. It claims that the Trump campaign has sought to pressure local and state officials to not count ballots for Wayne County, where Detroit is located. The lawsuit said that the president's efforts violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which rules against disenfranchising Black Voters.

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President Trump apparently won the election by an 80% vote , while voter fraud was said to be committed by the Democratic Biden Camp The Biden Crime Family and ballot fraud co-conspirators were believed to have been detained for ballot fraud . If so, all could be headed to GITMO and Military

Trump voter fraud commission: Some refusing to cooperate. President Trump dismantled his controversial voter fraud commission as the group faced lawsuits , oppositions from These claims have not been verified. However, critics have said the commission was part of a campaign to make it

Trump has filed a number of lawsuits, claiming that voter fraud cost him the election. But as the LDF lawsuit pointed out, most of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign have been unsuccessful.

"Defendants are openly seeking to disenfranchise Black voters," said the suit, adding: "Defendants' tactics repeat the worst abuses in our nation's history, as Black Americans were denied a voice in American democracy for most of the first two centuries of the Republic."

As CNN reported, the president reached out to two Michigan Republican canvass board members to offer support. On Wednesday, the board members tried to rescind votes certifying the election results in Wayne. One of the members told The Washington Post that Trump was calling her out of a "genuine concern for [her] safety," rather than to pressure her on Tuesday.

Fact check: Claim that Pennsylvania case is proof of ‘dead people’ voting is under investigation

  Fact check: Claim that Pennsylvania case is proof of ‘dead people’ voting is under investigation While Pennsylvania’s ballot tracker shows a recorded mail-in ballot for a Denise Ondick, officials have yet to determine this was voter fraud.At a Nov. 7 press conference, Corey Lewandowski, President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, claimed election officials in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County had received a mail-in ballot for Denise Ondick, despite Ondick having passed away before even receiving the ballot.

Prominent Democrats denounced the voter fraud commission as an attempt to give respectability to Donald Trump ’s assertion that 3 million to 5 President Donald Trump is dumping a controversial commission that was charged with investigating his unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud during the

President Trump 's legal team has finally revealed what it claims is a definitive example of election fraud in Michigan — based on data from Minnesota.Since the presidential election President Donald Trump sought to leverage the power of the Oval Office on Friday in an extraordinary attempt to block

After a tie led to a delay in certification, people spoke out against the canvassers for refusing to certify the election. The two canvassers later reversed their vote, thus certifying the election results.

The lawsuit stated: "By exerting pressure on state and local officials in the manner described above, Defendants are intimidating or coercing state and local officials from aiding Plaintiffs and other residents of Detroit and Wayne County from having their votes 'counted properly and included in the appropriate totals of votes cast.'"

The filing is seeking the court to block the Trump campaign "from continuing to exert pressure on state or local officials in Michigan, or in any other state."

"We filed the case yesterday in federal court in the District of Columbia. The suit is based on a provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 known as 11b. That provision is designed to prohibit any sort of intimidation or coercion or attempts to intimidate or coerce anyone either in exercising the franchise directly or in baiting someone who's exercising the franchise. The Voting Rights Act defines voting broadly to include not just the act of casting the ballot, but everything necessary for the ballot to be counted and effective," NAACP LDF Director of Litigation Sam Spital told Newsweek in a phone call.

Trump keeps making arguments about the election on Twitter that he won't make in court

  Trump keeps making arguments about the election on Twitter that he won't make in court While President Donald Trump claims massive fraud led to his electoral loss, his lawyers are saying something else entirely.On Twitter, Trump has called for election officials to discount hundreds of thousands of legally cast votes, an argument he premises on the false claim that Republican election observers were not permitted to do their jobs.

Spital continued: "Essentially what President Trump and the Trump campaign are doing, we allege in our lawsuit is to be engaged in a campaign in Michigan clearly to pressure state and local officials to disregard entirely the votes of either Wayne County or Detroit, which would thereby disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of prominently Black Michiganders."

A number of people have spoken out against the president's voter fraud claims and condemned pressure being put on officials like Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

"If you look at what Senator Romney tweeted, he said essentially that the President was engaged in this campaign of pressuring state and local officials to overturn what the people decided. The key points that our case makes is that: yes, that is right, but the other part of the story is that the president is doing this in a very racially-targeted way that ties into a really long and shameful history of overt and subtle attempts to disenfranchise Black Voters," Spital said.

LDF President and Director Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill said in a statement that the efforts to stop the votes from being certified from Trump are dangerous.

"These allegations have been consistently debunked and the campaign's litigation attempts turned away by courts in several states. The president's use of dog whistles to suggest the illegitimacy of votes cast by Black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta are an appeal to a dangerous and corrosive racialized narrative of voter fraud," she said.

Ifill continued: "Equally alarming have been the president's attempts to pressure state and local officials in Michigan-first with a demand that votes in Detroit not be counted and now, more recently, urging officials to refuse to certify votes from Wayne County. The right of Black voters to participate in the political process and elect candidates of their choice is protected by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That legislation protects against efforts to intimidate or coerce officials to disenfranchise Black voters."

Ifill's statement concluded with a commitment to protecting the ballots cast by Black voters from the president's efforts to overturn the election.

A federal court can put a halt to Trump's alleged interference. "The goal of the lawsuit is to make this stop, to make clear what is happening, what the president is doing, and what apparently some of his allies on his campaign are doing violates the law, and its precisely the kind of conduct that federal courts have the power to enjoin and stop from happening," Spital said.

Press contacts for the Trump campaign did not respond to Newsweek's emailed requests for comment in time for publication.

Correction 3:39 PM ET: An earlier version of this story referred to the lawsuit as an NAACP lawsuit, not an LDF lawsuit.

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