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02:05  22 november  2020
02:05  22 november  2020 Source:   cnn.com

'That's his first love': Biden has more foreign policy experience than his 4 predecessors

  'That's his first love': Biden has more foreign policy experience than his 4 predecessors The president-elect already knows many of the players on the world stage – from Vladimir Putin to Angela Merkel to Benjamin Netanyahu.“I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy,” Bush told reporters at a joint news conference, in what turned out to be an embarrassing misconception. “I was able to get a sense of his soul.

With 47 days until election day, Biden took full advantage of the national spotlight to address the issues, call for unity and attack his opponent, President Donald Trump . But there were holes in his performance.

Elizabeth Bruenig Joe Biden . Trump is excellent at dominating a conversation and has a gift for wry insults Biden can’t match. But that kind of belligerence Michelle Cottle Biden ’ s repeated pleas for people to vote sent an important signal. Trump , meanwhile, went alllllll the way down the rabbit hole

Joe Biden is making a mistake.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump are posing for a picture © AFP/Getty Images

The President-elect is right in believing that Trump's efforts to overturn the people's will in the election will fail. In the end, the courts will turn away the crumbling case that Trump's lawyers are trying to build to prevent Biden from assuming his rightful position.

But Biden is incorrect if he thinks Trump's legal assault on his election and on American democracy is the principal problem the outgoing President poses.

Trump is poisoning the soil for Biden and for America's future. The libel, the calumnies, the discrediting of Biden's legitimacy and of American democracy will persist, unless Biden tackles them head on now and prevents Trump from crippling his presidency before it begins.

Fact check: Joe Biden didn't have a birthday party without masks. The video is from 2019.

  Fact check: Joe Biden didn't have a birthday party without masks. The video is from 2019. A video purporting to show Joe Biden and others celebrating his birthday while not wearing masks is actually from 2019.To mark the occasion, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted a video of herself next to Biden, leading a crowd in a chorus of "Happy Birthday.

Opinion by Joe Biden . Biden : Trump ' s Iran tweetstorm incredibly dangerous. But make no mistake , the seeds of this crisis were planted by Trump himself on May 8, 2018 -- the day he tore up the Iran nuclear deal against the advice of his own top national security advisers, turned his back on

Biden ’ s response? When immigration was brought up, he promised amnesty and “path to citizenship” to 11 million illegal immigrants within the first 100 days of his administration, the very issue Trump ran against in 2016! Under fire by Trump about his role in the 1994 crime bill – another “ mistake ”

On Jan. 20, Biden will be sworn in, and whether Trump likes it or not, power will change hands. But, while Trump's lawsuits are practically getting laughed out of court, the consummate snake oil salesman is winning in the court of Republican public opinion and could yet cause others who may have broken for Biden to second-guess their vote.

To most Americans -- we have to believe -- the sight of Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, face dripping with some sort of hair dye, raving about fantastically absurd conspiracies against Trump, falls somewhere between grimly entertaining and insulting. To most Americans, hearing Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, alongside Giuliani, claiming that millions of votes were stolen from Trump in a far-flung conspiracy -- with a key role for seven-years-dead Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez -- is too ridiculous even for a comedy routine.

Flashback by Ron Klain: Don't underestimate Biden. He knows what America needs and how to get it done.

  Flashback by Ron Klain: Don't underestimate Biden. He knows what America needs and how to get it done. Joe Biden will fight for social and economic progress, he won't grovel to dictators, and his decency will help reverse the savagery of the Trump era. Biden’s human qualities make him a better leader and a more effective politician. In February of 2009 — a few weeks into the Obama presidency — the administration’s key economic recovery package was in trouble. The country was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, and the president was pressing for emergency legislation to prevent a second Great Depression. Republican leaders opposed Barack Obama’s plan and vowed to defeat it.

Joe Biden has defeated but not vanquished his party’ s left wing, which resembles the Republican faction just described. Covid-19 highlights the perils of excessive reliance on Chinese supply chains and demonstrates President Trump ’ s worst mistake : abandonment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Compare where Trump and Biden stand on key issues in the 2020 presidential election, including healthcare, the economy, climate and the coronavirus response. Where do their stances differ and where do the candidates agree?

a person posing for the camera: Frida Ghitis © Provided by CNN Frida Ghitis

Most Americans know that Biden won. Most Americans believe the election was safe, as confirmed by Trump's own Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency -- just before Trump fired its chief, Chris Krebs, for reporting the election was the "most secure" in US history. Trump fired him because he directly contradicted the President's claim that the election was rife with fraud and he was the winner.

Most Americans know the truth. But apparently more than half of Republicans do not.

While his legal challenges derail, Trump keeps moving on two parallel tracks. On one, he and his allies are pressuring local officials to simply ignore the voters' verdict and refuse to certify the election. What that means is that Trump is trying to gut American democracy. That effort will fail.

It is the second track -- the Trumpian disinformation campaign -- where Trump is succeeding. And this is arguably more important than his legal and political challenges to the vote.

Biden and Harris to discuss economic plans during joint appearance in Wilmington on Monday

  Biden and Harris to discuss economic plans during joint appearance in Wilmington on Monday The Democratic duo will speak "on the economic recovery and building back better." The scale of their plans will hinge on control of the Senate.The duo will speak "on the economic recovery and building back better in the long-term," in their first speech addressing the country’s economic situation since their victory in the presidential election.

Biden , on the other hand — so the message — has decades of experience and can connect on a personal level with grieving families, those facing unemployment or those with loved ones in the military. But: Not being Donald Trump cannot be Biden ' s only selling point.

But Mr. Biden ’ s plan has received criticism for being too vague. Charlie Warzel, an Opinion writer at large for The Times, tweeted: Stay relevant. But in The Boston Herald, Jonah Goldberg argues that it would be a huge mistake for Mr. Biden to alter his platform.

Remember, Trump won more than 70 million votes. Polls show a majority of his supporters believe the wild fabrications of large scale fraud concocted in the imagination of the Trump camp.

A Reuters poll found 52% of Republicans said Trump won, compared to just 29% who said Biden did. The poll showed 73% percent of all those polled agreed Biden won. That Republican denial represents a massive hole in the ground beneath Biden's presidency, and unless Biden does something, that hole could expand.

Sure, the propaganda claims are so preposterous, so devoid of facts, that even Fox News' Tucker Carlson apparently couldn't persuade Sidney Powell to show any evidence. He said she told him to stop calling.

Carlson's momentary skepticism is no doubt an aberration: Such a thing is rare in right-wing media. Indeed, Trump's alternative reality of lies is being embraced and amplified by his other media accomplices. The head of OANN, one of Trump's favorite news and conspiracy organizations, tweeted, "Why is Biden still trying to act like he's going to be president when he knows the Dem cheating has been uncovered."

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That Trumpian echo chamber is where tens of millions of Americans live, and they will greet the Biden presidency as illegitimate. That message, incidentally, is being heard around the world, where not everyone is convinced that Trump is lying.

Allowing the lies to stand unchallenged, or failing to challenge them more forcefully, will harm the incoming presidency's ability to function effectively at home and abroad.

Fortunately, there is much Biden can do, if he chooses to. So far, he has not.

I am not suggesting that the President-elect get in the mud with Trump. Biden has opted to take a low-key approach to Trump's legal assaults on him and on US democracy. In recent days he has spoken more forcefully, calling Trump's actions, "incredibly damaging" and "totally irresponsible."

But he should do more. Today, Biden holds the second biggest megaphone in the country (Trump, as President, still commands the most powerful one, and he knows well the power of constant repetition of lies).

Biden should use his megaphone -- not to attack Trump but to counter his message. The world listens to Biden's words. His statements make headlines.

Biden doesn't want to enter the legal fray, but he should draw attention to what judges are saying about Trump's claims. He can point to inconsistencies in the absurd notions being spun by Trump's team.

Lindsey Graham says he's spoken with multiple battleground state officials about ballot counting

  Lindsey Graham says he's spoken with multiple battleground state officials about ballot counting Sen. Lindsey Graham, a key ally of the president, said he has spoken with officials in a number of key swing states about the election and ballot counting/Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger accused Graham Monday of pressuring him to find ways to exclude or invalidate legally cast absentee ballots and reverse Trump’s loss in the state, an accusation the South Carolina Republican called "ridiculous.

He can still do it without ever mentioning Trump's name. But he should tell the public, for example, that Trump's lawyers are making public statements about wrongdoing in the election, while in court they are contradicting the same claims, admitting to judges that they have no evidence to prove them.

Biden, with his calm demeanor, should reassure the American public that the election was clean, highlighting key facts that most people are not aware of, which show Trump is simply lying when he says, over and over again, that he won.

The President-elect is making a mistake by letting Trump use his disinformation weapons to advance this propaganda war. Trump is hurting America and its democracy -- and he is undercutting the Biden presidency. Every day he's allowed to get away with it he makes it more difficult for Biden to mount a successful presidency, one that can pull the country out of its current crises and start to heal the nation's self-destructive divisions.

Fact check: Doug Emhoff once represented Merck, but he isn't a 'big pharma' lawyer .
Douglas Emhoff, husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, isn't a "big pharma lawyer." And Joe Biden hasn't said he will mandate COVID vaccine.They say he was a lawyer for Merck, the company that makes Gardasil,  vaccine against human papillomavirusSubscribers.

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