Politics Obama can't credibly racialize his party's failures

07:50  22 november  2020
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Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy

  Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy In an exclusive interview, the former president identifies the greatest threats to the American experiment, explains why he’s still hopeful, and opens up about his new book.This was not meant to be commentary on the Trump presidency—not directly, at least. In any case, Obama has more respect for Genghis Khan than he has for Donald Trump. He raised the subject of Genghis Khan in order to make a specific, extremely Obama-like point: If you think today’s world is grim, simply cast your mind back 800 years to the steppes of Central Asia. “Compare the degree of brutality and venality and corruption and just sheer folly that you see across human history with how things are now,” he said.

Obama ' s reply was telling. "I think if I'm arguing for entirely different policies and Congress ends up pursuing policies that I think don' t make His response to The New York Times is another illustration that Obama and his liberal allies have a limited—and limiting—definition of presidential leadership.

Barack Obama brushed aside the critics who hated him for his skin color—but failed to see the racial confrontation they foretold. To the extent that these insults were racialized —and there’ s no doubt they were— Obama deflected them through humor.

Former President Barack Obama continues to believe the world revolves around him.

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In his new book, among other fanciful claims, he argues that the election of a black man shocked a thoroughly racist country and prompted it to react by electing a president who appealed to racial resentment.

“It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted,” Obama writes. “For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.”

Narcissism is Obama’s blind spot, and here, it clearly walks him into a crash.

Barack Obama Recalls How Complaining Parents Forced Him to Quit Coaching Sasha's Basketball Team

  Barack Obama Recalls How Complaining Parents Forced Him to Quit Coaching Sasha's Basketball Team Barack Obama writes in his new memoir that he “celebrated like it was the NCAA finals" when his daughter Sasha's team won the championshipThat’s, at least, according to former President Barack Obama himself.

Cognitive dissonance sets in because the mind cannot wrap itself around such depravity and evil, it will reject it James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington. He’ s also a big Democratic Party supporter and raised money for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Watch the streets of manhattan explode with people whn Obama gets elected president in Tmes Squre New York.

First of all, this may come as a surprise, but Obama was reelected. Not that his defeat in 2012 would have vindicated his thesis here, but in the circumstance, he seems forced to take the ridiculous position that the nation’s racism was on at least a five-year delay. At some point in 2013, everyone presumably woke up and cried out at once, “Wait, what? The president’s been black all this time?”

This isn’t the only problem with Obama’s attempt to racialize the failures of his party and his legacy. For example, one can hardly blame voters’ racism for President Trump’s win when so many of the same voters who had backed Obama twice — particularly in Democratic areas of the Midwest — turned right around and voted for Trump in shocking, game-changing numbers. Were they shocked at their own votes to elect and reelect Obama? Or is Obama just wrong here?

Candace Owens accuses Obama of 'hating America' after memoir comments

  Candace Owens accuses Obama of 'hating America' after memoir comments Activist Candace Owens accused Barack Obama of 'hating America' as she hit back on his comments on Trump's rise to the presidency during the Hannity show on Fox on Thursday night.The author told Fox News' Sean Hannity that Obama's recent comments about the Republican party and racism in the United States were 'absolutely despicable' as white Americans had voted him into office.

Nobody can credibly blame Obama for the modern day Great Depression that he inherited, but 8. he can ’ t negotiate. I wouldn’t trust Obama to renegotiate my monthly gardener’ s fees. Two breath-taking failures on behalf of the very section of population that most helped get him elected.

Did some people think Barack Obama won the 2nd debate only because he showed up this time? Mitt Romney gave 2 solid debates while This clip has a part of the 2nd debate, where Romney gives a list of Obama economic failures of the last 4 years, and Dick Morris gives his analysis of the debate.

Another convincing rebuttal of Obama's argument is his election history. The public actually liked Obama — the black guy — more than other Democrats, which explains why he persistently outperformed his party. And unfortunately for the thousands of (mostly white) Democrats in state and federal politics who lost elections between 2010 and 2016, the black president’s popularity never transferred to them or to the party agenda they shared.

Besides, it is much more likely that those voters’ support for Trump had less to do with Obama than it did with Trump’s opponent. Hillary Clinton was one of the nation’s most loathed politicians — a proven liar reeking of corruption. But it may not have been that complicated. Perhaps Clinton, like all other viable Democratic candidates, was just never going to inspire the same level of turnout among black voters that Obama had.

Go figure. Not everything is about Obama. But it is pathetic to see Obama embrace the leftist habit — a habit he had at least rhetorically rejected in The Audacity of Hope — of groundlessly attributing malice and bad faith to anyone who disagrees with his party or his ideology. During his presidency, the Left embraced race as its crutch that any disagreement with Obama is racism to the point that its thinking parts atrophied. But at least Obama seemed to stay above the fray.

Obama’s Memoir Is a Chance to Finally See Our Sanest President

  Obama’s Memoir Is a Chance to Finally See Our Sanest President Critical responses to Barack Obama’s memoir suggest less what’s in the book than what we’ve always wanted from him.Another complaint, voiced by numerous critics, is that the book is too long—and that, even so, it’s only the first volume of the story, covering the period of his presidency up to the 2011 raid on Abbottabad in which Osama bin Laden was killed. A Promised Land features what some consider an excess of background information whenever Obama tackles a subject like the subprime mortgage crisis, the filibuster, or the Iraq war.

Опубликовано: 18 дек. 2017 г. WATCH: President Donald Trump SLAMS OBAMA & Predecessors for National Security Failures . Trump Obsesses Over His Cognitive Test, Deploys More Secret Police: A Closer Look - Продолжительность: 14:00 Late Night with Seth Meyers Recommended for you.

During a speech honoring Nelson Mandela in South Africa, former President Barack Obama discussed the current political climate, including the threat of what

No longer. A gray and newly irrelevant Obama has every reason to be bitter now. His personal triumph failed to transform the nation as he had promised. He left behind him a party, which was a dominant majority party in 2008, a withered husk from top to bottom, desiccated in every office, from Congress to state legislatures.

Democrats are already loath enough to admit that their ideology or party would lose favor with voters. But their brains simply cannot process the idea that the voters, many of them ancestral Democrats of long pedigree, would find them so distasteful as to prefer Trump.

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Obama: Trump "promised an elixir" for the "racial anxiety" of Americans spooked by a Black president .
Tump "promised an elixir" for the racist anxiety Obama's election stirred in white Americans, the ex-president says A Promised Land by Barack Obama Crown Publishing

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