Politics Donald Trump also loses in court in Pennsylvania

01:05  28 november  2020
01:05  28 november  2020 Source:   spiegel.de

Fact check: Images claiming to show pro-Trump rally are from 2016 in Cleveland, 2018 in London

  Fact check: Images claiming to show pro-Trump rally are from 2016 in Cleveland, 2018 in London Some viral photos claiming to show the pro-Trump rally that took place Saturday in D.C. are actually from a 2016 NBA championship parade in Cleveland.One viral post on Facebook claims to show the "million plus Trump supporters from all over the USA" who showed up at the event. USA TODAY requested comment from this user, and the post was subsequently deleted.

Trump loses lawsuit that sought to block Pennsylvania win for Biden. It was Ellis who on Tuesday, after Giuliani's performance in court was criticized by a number of legal analysts, tweeted: "You media morons are all laughing at @RudyGiuliani, but he appears to have already established a great rapport

As Donald Trump continues to accuse Democrats behind Joe Biden of trying to “steal” the presidential election, he celebrated a “big legal” win in his Pennsylvania lawsuit. 🚨BREAKING: Trump campaign notches WIN in PENNSYLVANIA state court The court , at Trump 's request, issues

The US President suffers another defeat: an appellate judge in Pennsylvania - once appointed by Trump - gives his lawyers a bad report. They want to go to the Supreme Court now.

  Donald Trump verliert auch in Pennsylvania vor Gericht © Erin Schaff / imago images / ZUMA Wire

With legal proceedings in several US states, the election campaign of Donald Trump tries to portray President-elect Joe Biden as the illegitimate winner of the election. The serious fraud allegations, however, cannot even begin to substantiate Trump's team. Accordingly, the next defeat in court followed in Pennsylvania - with a rigorous comment from the judge.

The Pennsylvania lawsuit sought to have millions of postal votes invalidated with allegations of fraud. However, the appeals court, like the lower instance, said last week that Trump's lawyers had provided "no clear evidence" of the alleged massive fraud. In addition, the Democrat Joe Biden won the election in the state by around 81,000 votes, which is why alleged individual cases would not play a role, it said. Pennsylvania officially certified Biden's election victory in the state as a few days ago. Biden won 20 electors in Pennsylvania.

Fact check: Fake Trump tweet echoing Halsey song lyrics originally began as a joke

  Fact check: Fake Trump tweet echoing Halsey song lyrics originally began as a joke A doctored image shows Trump tweeted Halsey lyrics about losing the election. This fake tweet, which doesn't appear on his profile, was a joke.“I was red… and you liked him cause he was blue.. then you touched me.. and i was a lilac sky.. but then you all decided that purple just wasn’t for you,” reads an Instagram post containing what appears to be a quote of a tweet from Trump.

President Donald Trump from the Porter Wright firm have withdrawn as of Friday from representing him in challenges to election results in Pennsylvania . The president has said that he will leave office if he loses the election, but he also believes he has won, and wants the courts to decide.

An appeals court upheld the results of Pennsylvania 's election — leading President Trump 's campaign to vow a final challenge before the Supreme Court . “The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud,” she wrote. Ellis added, “On to

»Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Injustice charges are grave. But to label an election as unfair does not mean that it is also unfair, «wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas. “Charges require specific allegations and then evidence. We have neither here nor the other «. The panel consisted of three judges, all appointed by Republican presidents. Bibas was appointed federal judge by Trump in 2017.

Trump's lawyers want to go to the Supreme Court

A Trump lawyer, Jenna Ellis, continued the serious allegations against the judiciary - also on behalf of Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. She tweeted that "the Pennsylvania judiciary's activist machinery continues to cover up massive allegations of fraud." Now you want to call the Supreme Court in

Washington , she wrote.

Fact check: Trump's campaign page has control over his designation as 'political candidate'

  Fact check: Trump's campaign page has control over his designation as 'political candidate' Trump has been designated as a political candidate long before the election and Facebook is not in charge of determining a page's titleMany supporters are criticizing Facebook, claiming the platform removed Trump's title of "President" on what many describe as his "official" Facebook page and downgraded it to "Political Candidate.

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected the Trump campaign’s attempt to challenge the state’s vote, alleging massive fraud – a claim the judges The decision was the latest legal loss for President Donald Trump , who continues to insist he actually won the presidential election and massive voter

Pennsylvania Republicans asked the Supreme Court to rule on the merits of their challenge to the More people have voted in Texas already than voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the state four years ago. In Pennsylvania , Biden knocks Trump for continuing to hold ‘superspreader’ events.

courts have already dismissed numerous lawsuits from Trump and his Republican allies, including those in

Michigan , Pennsylvania, Georgia , and Nevada . Even with an appeal to the Supreme Court, in which six of the nine judges are considered conservative, Trump is unlikely to be successful in view of the facts.

Most recently, Trump said he would vacate the White House when Joe Biden was elected 46th President of the so-called Electoral College. At the same time, however, Trump repeated his baseless claims about alleged election fraud. "That's far from over," said Trump. In truth, Biden is the winner, the ongoing protests from the White House do nothing to change that.

Fact check: Trump lawyer Sidney Powell falsely stated he won election 'by a landslide' .
A meme correctly quotes onetime Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell. But her assertion that he won the election "by a landslide" is false.“We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down. We are going to clean this mess up. President Trump won by a landslide and we are going to prove it. We are going to reclaim the United States of America,” reads a Facebook meme.

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