Politics Poll: Democrats nearly twice as likely as GOP to call pandemic 'extremely serious'

19:31  30 november  2020
19:31  30 november  2020 Source:   thehill.com

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Black Friday shopping crowds for the 2020 holiday season were thin amid coronavirus pandemic .

Nearly twice as many Democrats as Republicans describe the coronavirus as "extremely serious," according to polling released Monday from the de Beaumont Foundation.

a person holding a bag and walking on a city street: woman wearing a face mask carrying toilet paper © Getty Images woman wearing a face mask carrying toilet paper

Sixty-two percent of Democrats called the current state of the pandemic "extremely serious," while 33 percent of Republicans said the same. Eighty-six percent of African Americans agreed with that characterization, compared to 74 percent of adults overall.

Asked about the best possible strategy for dealing with the virus, Republicans were more likely to favor reopening businesses and "learn[ing] to live with the virus." Democrats, however, were more likely to choose "close down a little more since the virus has gotten worse."

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This covert technology is called Operation Scorecard, and it was built by the CIA to surreptitiously steal elections in targeted countries. Now, that technology is being turned against the United States of America and is about to be activated on Tuesday to steal the election for Biden, explains Janda’s guest.

However, what it also portrays is the Democrat election theft strategy that’s being employed in real time to steal the White House from President Trump. As for Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been working overtime to use the current Democrat Secretary of State to fix the final certified vote in Lansing.

Just under a quarter of respondents, 23 percent, said someone close to them has died from the virus. Democrats were more likely than Republicans to know someone, at 30 percent versus 18 percent. Thirty-four percent of African Americans knew someone who had died from COVID-19.

Americans across the board said they trust public health officials and scientists more than President Trump, President-elect Joe Biden, or their member of Congress, governor or mayor. Fifty-nine percent of respondents across parties said wearing face masks are the most "sensible, responsible and impactful" way to stem the virus.

The survey also found respondents agree more with mitigation measures when they are described as "protocols" as opposed to "mandates," "controls," "orders" or "directives."

"Based on our findings, our leaders need to remove politics and partisanship from their messaging and give Americans a better reason to comply other than because it's good for them," pollster Frank Luntz, who conducted the survey, said in a statement. "They must remind people that it's also good for the people they love and will speed up the return to a strong economy and a normal life."

Pollsters surveyed 800 registered voters from Nov. 21-22. The survey has a three-point margin of error.

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