Politics Even ‘Targeted’ Lockdowns Have Costs

14:25  01 december  2020
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No thank you, Dr. Fauci

  No thank you, Dr. Fauci As a pandemic covers the globe, hypocritical bureaucrats impose far-reaching restrictions while barely pretending to abide by their own rules. "Trust the experts," we are told. Yet most Americans are skeptical of being governed by unelected technocrats. We know full well the perils of government by expert and the threat it poses to our individual liberty. Expert rule is an elitist political philosophy that has rapidly metastasized during the pandemic.

Even if we cared only about purely economic costs , ending all lockdowns would lead to deaths in the millions. Second, there can be dramatic gains from a targeted policy that continues to protect the elderly but gradually eases lockdowns on those under 65.

Who benefits from lockdowns that are destabilizing all facets of our society? Look no further than the emerging global oligarchy. Even their own governments are being systematically undermined from within. The US Department of Homeland Security, created in the aftermath of 9/11 to combat terrorism

On Black Friday, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. reached a record daily high of 205,460, according to Johns Hopkins University data. States across the country are beginning to tighten their restrictions on outdoor gatherings, dining, and retail shopping, while also closing public schools. President-elect Joe Biden, however, has promised his administration would not issue national lockdowns.

Olivia DeJonge et al. holding a sign: Business owners protest to remain open despite state-mandated restrictions in San Diego, Calif., November 16, 2020. © Mike Blake/Reuters Business owners protest to remain open despite state-mandated restrictions in San Diego, Calif., November 16, 2020.

“I’m going to shut down the virus, that’s what I’m going to shut down. I’ll say it again: No national shutdown. No national shutdown,” Biden said in a recent news conference. He continued, “Every region, every area, every community can be different. So there’s no circumstance that I can see which would require a total national shutdown.”

Woman Smashes Glass Over Boyfriend's Head For Not Having Dinner Ready, Police Say

  Woman Smashes Glass Over Boyfriend's Head For Not Having Dinner Ready, Police Say Stacy Rose Zelaya-Sheff has been charged with domestic violence after her boyfriend told police she became irate and violent.Stacy Rose Zelaya-Sheff has been charged with domestic violence after her boyfriend told police she became irate and violent at a property in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, over an unfinished meal.

One of the most persuasive arguments for ending the lockdown is that prolonging it will lead to a greater loss of life in the long run – the cure will end up being worse than the disease, to paraphrase Donald Trump. Why? Because a prolonged lockdown will lead to a massive economic contraction

The question is not “Do Lockdowns Work”? The answer to that is obviously yes. All different types of those restrictions, from the mildest to the most The problem that I see is the cost . One week of lockdown has cost us two trillion dollars, along with thousands of failed businesses, people unable to

On November 13, a top member of Biden’s COVID-19 task force, Dr. Vivek Murthy, argued for a more precise approach to curbing the spread. “We’re not in a place where we’re saying shut the whole country down,” Murthy said, “[We’ve] got to be more targeted.”

Murthy continued, “If we don’t do that, what you’re going to find is that people will become even more fatigued. Schools won’t be open to children and the economy will be hit harder, so we’ve got to follow science, but we’ve also got to be more precise.”

It is a hopeful sign that Biden’s task force is not fully on board with Dr. Michael Osterholm’s four-to-six week lockdown proposal, to be sure. But the lockdown is a strategy that should be reconsidered on the federal and state level as a whole, even with rising cases.

Live updates: U.S. reports highest daily death toll in more than six months

  Live updates: U.S. reports highest daily death toll in more than six months Record numbers of fatalities were also reported in nine states — Maine, Alaska, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Washington, Ohio and Oregon — according to data tracked by The Washington Post. © Briana Sanchez/AP Medical workers transport bodies to mobile morgues in El Paso County, Texas, earlier this month. Tuesday’s tally of 2,092 deaths is the highest the country has seen since May 6, when 2,611 deaths were reported. Here are some significant developments: The federal government plans to send 6.

If strict lockdowns actually saved lives, I would be all for them, even if they had large economic costs . But, put simply, the scientific and medical case for We don’t need to have a national debate about whether the economic costs of lockdowns outweigh their public health benefits, because lockdowns

Enforcing eight-month "structured lockdowns " could halve the economic destruction that would be wrought by Covid-19 if no social-distancing measures were imposed, according to researchers from Cambridge University and the Federal Reserve.

First, the strategy’s efficacy will not suddenly improve because a state government goes “whack-a-mole” on certain counties or zip codes whose case numbers are spiking. Lockdowns have had a questionable effect in mitigating the spread of the virus (California, a state with the harshest restrictions, now faces a caseload of over 1 million). Epidemiologist Adam Kucharski told Wired, “Targeted measures can end up chasing the outbreak wider and wider, to the point where restrictions are equivalent to a broader blanket policy.” Moreover, in a preprint paper from August, researchers cited the “heterogeneity” of inconsistent pandemic control policies as inefficient. “Where certain venues see substantial increases in attendance while others close, suggests that closure can cause individuals to find an open venue, even if that requires longer-distance travel,” the paper says.

Facebook's controversial Libra cryptocurrency could launch in January

  Facebook's controversial Libra cryptocurrency could launch in January A report says the project will be a stripped-down version of the original plans.The Libra coin will likely be backed one-for-one by the US dollar, the paper reported, a more limited version of earlier plans. In April, the association launching Libra said it would create multiple single-currency stablecoins backed by major currencies, such as the dollar, euro and pound, as well as a coin based on a basket of currencies.

We all know about German people inhabiting the banks of the Yauza river, where little Peter, the future tsar of all Russia, ran around, made friends and got his first ideas of learning about ships and fleets. But what do we know about the British community of Moscow? Did it even exist?

And, even then, it would not be certain to work While this is not necessarily Greater Manchester’s view, the only thing certain Burnham says: if the government are calling for a lockdown , they have to finance it properly. He says it will cost less to support people now than it would to let people struggle.

Further, the “whack-a-mole” lockdown strategy can be capricious and invite confusion. A local county is not a light switch that governors can flicker on and off. Small business owners who survived the first deluge of lockdowns are barely staying afloat as it is. Slapping on more restrictions based on an infection rate standard set by public health officials spells countless, costly logistical problems. Closing down schools on short notice, as was the case in New York City before a partial reversal, is costly for students, first and foremost, and working parents, who must adjust to new schedules.

Finally, many of our leaders have lost credibility through galling acts of hypocrisy and mendacity. Their actions erode trust in local government, sowing seeds for civic discord. Mayor Lori Lightfoot violated her own mandates to get a haircut, and spoke to a mass of Chicagoans with a bullhorn after the presidential election. Governor Andrew Cuomo has profited by writing a book about his intrepid leadership during the pandemic, an act of self-deluding revisionism. Last but not least, California governor Gavin Newsom was caught violating his own restrictions by attending a birthday dinner at the French Laundry, a three-star Michelin restaurant in Yountville. If leaders cannot maintain at least a semblance of credibility by upholding their own mandates, then their citizens will grow more jaded, dejected, and desperate. The lockdown protests in Europe, which have turned violent in some cases, should serve as a timely warning for American politicians and health officials.

Moving or redecorating to work remote? Make sure your boss and Uncle Sam chip in

  Moving or redecorating to work remote? Make sure your boss and Uncle Sam chip in The U.S. has never seen remote work at the scale it's being done today. And since it can benefit employers and the broader society, the costs should be shared.Prior to the pandemic, approximately 12 percent of the U.S. workforce worked from home for at least one full day per month. Although not directly comparable, as of October, about 32 million Americans, or one-fifth, reported telework due to the pandemic, and almost three-quarters of those workers are between the ages of 25 and 54. The shift might have been inspired by the coronavirus, but it’s almost certainly something this cohort should be prepared for going forward.

The lockdowns damaged economies and small businesses. Their unintended consequences — of which there are many — will linger for years. In the meantime, citizens young and old suffer already. Though the vaccine is on the horizon, leaders should be judicious even with targeted lockdowns while we await its arrival.

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