Politics Trump’s campaign ends as his first one began, surrounded by outcasts and cranks

20:20  01 december  2020
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In last-gasp maneuver, Trump campaign tries to invalidate thousands of votes as Wisconsin recount gets underway

  In last-gasp maneuver, Trump campaign tries to invalidate thousands of votes as Wisconsin recount gets underway The president’s campaign sought to disqualify all votes cast in person before Election Day in two Democratic strongholds. As a recount began on Friday in Dane and Milwaukee counties — home to the cities of Madison and Milwaukee — Trump lawyers argued that officials should not merely retabulate all the votes cast in the Nov. 3 election to reconfirm they’d been counted properly.

During the speech Trump also spoke about his work to reform prescription drug pricing by the pharmaceutical industry. And with those raids, and that very first of many asset forfeiture filings by the DOJ yesterday, these people now know the truth down to the marrow of their bones

Trump enki has survived attacks for tens of thousands of years I seriously doubt he’ll be taking out by this one the man’ s already been exposed to Whatever Trump is experiencing, whether real or not, it has brought him a lot of sympathy and support, enabling him to function as a poster boy for big pharma.

When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, his team was mostly imported from the Trump Organization. He was introduced by his daughter Ivanka at an event in Trump Tower planned by his longtime adviser Roger Stone and his lawyer Michael Cohen. Some of those in attendance were paid to be there.

a man wearing a suit and tie: President Donald Trump walks out of the Oval Office and toward the Rose Garden of the White House, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020, in Washington, to pardon Corn, the national Thanksgiving turkey. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) © Susan Walsh/AP President Donald Trump walks out of the Oval Office and toward the Rose Garden of the White House, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020, in Washington, to pardon Corn, the national Thanksgiving turkey. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

His candidacy didn’t gain traction at first. It wasn’t until his comments about immigrants from Mexico spurred a broad backlash from his business partners, generating enormous media attention on the subject, that he rose to the top of the primary polls. Even as he maintained that position, though, it seemed unlikely that he would win the nomination, particularly given his habit of saying things that played well with a base tuned to conservative media but not to the Republican establishment.

Fact check: Some inauguration prep is underway, but a viral photo of it is actually from 1993.

  Fact check: Some inauguration prep is underway, but a viral photo of it is actually from 1993. A photo purports to show preparations for Joe Biden's inauguration. But, it's actually from Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993.Dump Trump — a page on Facebook that opposes President Donald Trump — posted a photo that purports to show preparations for the day occurring on the lawn behind the White House on Nov. 21.

Trump insisted his campaign had "hundreds and hundreds" of sworn affidavits to back up these allegations. Trump accused state judges and the media of shirking their responsibilities to hear his campaign ' s lawsuits and cover the fraud allegations, and attacked big tech for its alleged censorship.

Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox said a software error sent votes that were meant for Donald Trump to Joe Biden instead.

The result was that Trump’s campaign was as motley a crew even as the general election approached as it was at its outset. His campaign chairman was Paul Manafort, a guy whose connections to dubious international actors had pushed him outside of Republican circles. His advisory team on foreign policy was a grab-bag of names, including a guy whose credentials included a mention of participating in model U.N. Shortly before the election, Trump hired the head of the hard-right website Breitbart to guide his strategy.

Trump pitched this reliance on outsiders as a strength, a sign that he wasn’t beholden to the swamp. But for most of the time that he was running, he had no choice. More traditional campaign staffers and advisers were either lined up with his opponents or viewed him as too toxic to support.

Christian Wood felt for a second he was 'about to die' of COVID-19

  Christian Wood felt for a second he was 'about to die' of COVID-19 Despite feeling that terribly during his bought with COVID, Wood was able to make a full recovery from the virus. As of March 25, the big man was said to be feeling great and fully recovered.Wood became a sought-after player in free agency this offseason. He ended up signing a three-year, $41 million deal with the Houston Rockets.An undrafted center out of UNLV, Wood averaged 13.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in just 21.4 minutes per game for the Pistons last season.Subscribe to Yardbarker's Morning Bark, the most comprehensive newsletter in sports.

A campaign adviser for President Donald Trump called out Attorney General William Barr' s Department of Justice (DOJ) for being “asleep at the wheel” and not doing enough to investigate and fight allegations of voter and election fraud during the recent election. “ I wish the federal law enfor.

US President Donald Trump ' s campaign attorney has demanded recounts in every state using the software that wrongly gave 6,000 votes to Democrats in one Michigan county. Jay Sekulow's comments to Fox News on Friday followed revelations that the Dominion Voting Systems

Then he won. In short order, much of the establishment fell in line. Trump’s continued political strength with Republican voters meant that the party establishment was eventually subsumed into the MAGA world. By his fourth year in office, Trump’s senior team was mostly, if not exclusively, loyal to him.

As the 2020 election approached, the Trump reelection campaign and the party began preparing for potential legal fights after Nov. 3, standard practice in a presidential contest. After polls closed, it soon became apparent that Trump was unlikely to win a second term in office, though the race was close enough in enough states to introduce some uncertainty. The campaign and the party deployed lawyers to try to either flummox vote-counting in states trending toward the Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden, or to bolster Trump’s totals in places where he trailed.

Calais Campbell shares Ravens' concerns about COVID-19

  Calais Campbell shares Ravens' concerns about COVID-19 A report on Thursday claimed some within the Baltimore Ravens organization are “rattled” by the team’s COVID-19 outbreak, and veteran defensive lineman Calais Campbell has seemingly confirmed that. © Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports Campbell is among the players who have been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list by the Ravens this week. While placement on that list does not necessarily mean a player has contracted the coronavirus, Campbell implied in a tweet on Friday that he has. He responded to some reports about Baltimore’s COVID-19 situation and said players “just want to contain this outbreak.

President Trump is currently winning the 2020 election with most states won and he holds the lead in the Electoral College (EC) voting. Trump will likely win this state by a large margin after the corruption in Milwaukee is addressed. Michigan – this state is as bad as Pennsylvania.

Trump has said that his campaign will file a suit arguing that the recount had included illegally cast ballots an d that tens of thousands of ballots The campaign has offered no evidence to support that allegation. Even Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who has found himself at the receiving end of vicious

It didn’t take long for that effort to come up short. But Trump had spent most of the year insisting that any loss must be a function of fraud, so he began pushing the idea that the election had been stolen in earnest. Law firms working for his cause began to drop off the case, both because their long-shot efforts had fizzled and out of concern about being associated with Trump’s increasingly flailing efforts.

On Nov. 14, a week after the race was called for Biden, Trump announced that his legal team had been narrowed to what the attorneys on it would later refer to as an “elite strike force.”

This was to a campaign legal effort what Roger Stone, the model U.N. guy and Trump’s first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski were to a presidential campaign: what was left when the establishment turned its back. Just as the political world had been skeptical of Trump, the legal world came to be.

Since Trump announced the team above, the elite strike force has not comported itself particularly well.

  • Sidney Powell was kicked off the team after her unfounded claims about alleged fraud became increasingly unhinged. On Monday, she retweeted a call for the establishment of military tribunals and for the suspension of the electoral college.
  • At a news conference last month, Giuliani signed on to Powell’s bizarre and false theories about Venezuelan involvement in U.S. voting machines even as he detailed what he called “a national conspiracy” to steal the election from Trump. The only reason he declined to pin the conspiracy on Biden personally was because he suggested Biden was too addled to do so.
  • Joe diGenova, once a U.S. attorney, appeared on a radio show on Monday, where he declared that the country’s former cybersecurity leader — fired by Trump for stating unequivocally that the election wasn’t marred by interference — should be executed.
  • Attorney Jenna Ellis has apparently spent more time sharing unfounded allegations during hearings and on social media than actually guiding any effective legal strategy for the president. She has also attracted some attention for personal attacks on critics — ironic given that she at one time was part of the anti-Trump establishment and attacked her now boss.

L. Lin Wood, an attorney not formally affiliated with Trump’s team, has nonetheless received Trump’s blessing on social media. He, like Powell, has advocated for Trump to try to deploy extreme measures to block the results of the election.

Trump is planning an event DURING president-elect's inauguration

  Trump is planning an event DURING president-elect's inauguration Three sources told The Daily Beast Trump is plotting various ways to boycott Biden's administration including ways to detract attention from the inauguration.Three sources close to the president told The Daily Beast he is plotting various ways to boycott Biden's administration including ways to steal his thunder when he is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in January.

Dozens of legal cases brought by Trump’s campaign and his allies have been defeated in court. His team has failed to stop the certification of the vote in any of the states they have targeted, and there’s no sign that there will be any viable effort to block the appointment of electors for Biden before members of the electoral college meet later this month.

That the political establishment turned away from Trump when it seemed unlikely he would win in 2016 and that the legal world turned away when it became obvious he wouldn’t prevail four years later is probably not a coincidence. Establishment figures have a bias for power, and, at both points, Trump has seemed largely impotent. But it’s also probably the case that those moments of apparent impotence are ones in which Trump embraces strategies and rhetoric more likely to turn away established actors.

Regardless, Trump now finds himself in a similar position as he was in at the end of 2015. His team is loyal, sure, but also made up largely of people who weren’t likely to land gigs within the D.C. establishment.

Trump and his supporters often see that as a positive. Fair enough. In this case, though, the end result will almost certainly not be a surprise victory by the gang of outsiders. It will, instead, be that the president leaves office having spent at least a month encouraging a dubious team’s efforts to erode confidence in the outcome of the election.

Giuliani? Manafort? Himself? Here’s who a lame-duck Trump could pardon. .
A rundown of the Trump allies and others who might benefit from the uniquely presidential power. But it’s only the latest example of Trump using his sweeping pardon power to benefit a top ally. While other presidents have pardoned or commuted the sentences of allies, Trump has simply taken it to another level. He’s used it to benefit numerous close allies, financial donors and other extreme figures in the conservative movement. Chief among them have been Flynn and Roger Stone, whose sentence Trump commuted (that’s not a full pardon) earlier this year.

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