Politics Biden Vowed to Restore Standards. It Won’t Be Easy.

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President Nixon's Call to a Heartsick Joe Biden: A Lesson in Bipartisanship That Still Echoes

  President Nixon's Call to a Heartsick Joe Biden: A Lesson in Bipartisanship That Still Echoes In 24 hours of historic events in 1972, Nixon took time to console Joe Biden over the deaths of his wife and daughter. The exchange resonates today as a lesson in graciousness, character, and bipartisanship, political historians say. © Getty/Bettmann Senator-elect Joe Biden and wife Nelia cut his 30th birthday cake at a party in Wilmington, November 20, 1972, joined by his two sons. Getty/Bettmann "The lesson in basic human kindness has nothing to do with politics and it shouldn't. Period," said Gregory Cumming, historian at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, Calif. "Character matters.

Biden says election is a battle for the soul of the nation and accuses Trump of having ‘failed in the most basic duty to the nation’.

The Associated Press declared Biden the winner on Saturday morning, four days after Americans went to the polls. As Biden extended his lead over Trump in Pennsylvania, the AP declared him victorious in the Keystone State, a win that put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to secure the presidency.

Neera Tanden that is standing in the grass: Neera Tanden is only the first test of the “what about Trump?” standard. © Photographer: Paul Morigi/Getty Images North America Neera Tanden is only the first test of the “what about Trump?” standard.

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Of all the nominees President-elect Joe Biden has so far put forward, Neera Tanden is the one most likely to lose a confirmation battle.

She has harshly attacked some Republican senators whose votes she may now need to become the head of the Office of Management and Budget. After the Senate voted to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, she issued a press release accusing Senator Susan Collins, the Maine Republican, of “offering a pathetically bad faith argument as cover for President Trump’s vicious attacks on survivors of sexual assault.”

Jill Biden, Joe's chief protector, stepping up as first lady

  Jill Biden, Joe's chief protector, stepping up as first lady WASHINGTON (AP) — She's fended off protesters who made a run at her husband. She's moved him farther from reporters during the coronavirus pandemic. She's supported his presidential ambitions again and again — except in 2004, when she deployed a novel messaging technique to keep Joe Biden from running. “No,” Jill Biden, then clad in a bikini, wrote in Sharpie across her stomach and then marched through a strategy session in which advisers were trying to talk her husband into challenging Republican President George W. Bush.

It won ' t be easy . The Trump administration's Title IX regulations prioritize students accused of sexual misconduct instead of their accusers The Biden administration will have limited options to scrap Title IX regulations implemented three months ago that control how schools deal with sexual assault cases.

Joe Biden 's projected victory in the US presidential election, defeating incumbent conservative populist Donald Trump, could mark the beginning of a dramatic shift in America's attitude toward the world. He vows to be friendlier to America's allies than Trump, tougher on autocrats, and better for the planet.

Senator Robert Portman, a Republican from Ohio, says her tweets have shown too much partisanship and not enough judgment. Tanden has deleted many of her more peppery tweets during the last month.

The counterargument from Tanden’s supporters is obvious: You Republicans are upset about tweets now? President Donald Trump has been far more incendiary, offensive and downright nutty in his Twitter feed, and Republican officeholders have gotten used to averting their eyes from it.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has gone so far as to say that since Portman can’t really be upset about Tanden’s comportment, he must really be motivated by the desire “to defeat a woman of color.” It seems more plausible to assume that Republicans, like most people, don’t like it when they’re insulted.

Live politics updates: Neera Tanden, Biden's expected pick for budget chief, draws fire from left and right

  Live politics updates: Neera Tanden, Biden's expected pick for budget chief, draws fire from left and right Conservatives and liberals decry Neera Tanden, Joe Biden's reported pick for budget chief; Trump wishes Biden well after fracture – updates.President Donald Trump has cleared the way for Biden's team to use federal resources and get briefings during the transition, although Trump has yet to formally concede the race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the Democratic nomination for president of the United States on Thursday, assuming the mantle of party standard -bearer more than 30 years after his first presidential run and vowing to deny President Trump a second term while uniting the country.

Joe Biden laid out his foreign policy vision for America to restore dignified leadership at home and respected leadership on the world stage. Arguing that our policies at home and abroad are deeply connected, Joe Biden announced that, as president, he will advance the security, prosperity, and

The debate over Tanden has low stakes for Biden. If she makes it through, she won’t be the first, or even the fifth, OMB director to have spent time in the political trenches. If she doesn’t, Biden will surely get someone else who has roughly the same outlook to fill the position.

But it’s a preview of what is very likely to be a running theme in politics during the Biden administration. Republicans will object to something: They’ll claim the Democrats are violating norms, or lying, or acting unethically, or seizing too much power for the president. Democrats will respond that such complaints, coming from Republicans who supported Trump, are too hypocritical to take seriously.

That indignant, dismissive Democratic response will be natural, and it will have some truth to it. Progressive activists will say that it would be unfair and self-defeating for Democrats to hold Biden to a higher standard than Republicans demanded of Trump — and they’ll have a point, too. Tanden herself expressed that sentiment in one of her deleted tweets, saying that “when they go low, going high doesn’t f**cking work” (demure asterisks in the original).

Neera Tanden, Biden's pick for budget chief, defends progressive credentials, deletes old tweets

  Neera Tanden, Biden's pick for budget chief, defends progressive credentials, deletes old tweets Several prominent Republican senators indicated Neera Tanden could face an "uphill battle" when she seeks confirmation.Voices from the left and the right protested after Biden announced Monday he would nominate Neera Tanden, who heads the left-leaning Center for American Progress, as his budget chief at the same time he officially unveiled other senior members of his economics team, including Janet Yellen, whom he tapped as his Treasury secretary.

Joe Biden sounds alarm on COVID vaccine warning he has not seen a 'detailed plan' for how it will 'get into someone's arm' and says shots will notbe mandatory but promises to 'rebuild confidence in science'.

President-elect Joe Biden spoke to a deeply divided nation Saturday night, making a plea for unity after four years of turmoil and conflict fomented by President Donald Trump.

But Biden campaigned on restoring standards. Bringing dignity and decency back to the White House was his central promise. “Character is on the ballot” was his favorite line.

If Democrats’ go-to answer to the controversies of the Biden presidency is to argue that Trump was worse, they’ll be treating Trump as the standard for presidential comportment. They’ll be doing their part to make the changes he wrought in the presidency permanent. And they’ll be making all their denunciations of Trump seem a little hypocritical, too.

The Biden administration thus faces not one difficult choice but two. It must decide whether to stick with Tanden (who also has enemies on the left) or substitute another nominee who is less of a partisan warrior. It will also have to decide whether to use “but what about Trump?” as an all-purpose excuse when it gets criticized, including in the more important future controversies that are sure to arise. Again and again, the Democrats’ political interest in scoring points against the Republicans will conflict with their stated project of improving the tone of political life — and their interest in making good on their promise of doing just that.

It was a promise that sounded easier to deliver than it will be. As much as most Americans look forward to Trump’s departure from office, we’re about to find out that rebuilding norms is a lot harder than tearing them down.

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Failing to convince Gov. Kemp to flip election, Trump vows to 'win back the White House' at Georgia rally .
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