Politics US House of Representatives votes in favor of second impeachment proceedings against Trump

04:55  14 january  2021
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Impeachment Fast Facts

  Impeachment Fast Facts Read Fast Facts on CNN to learn more about impeachments of US and world leaders.Here's a look at the process of impeachment, a misconduct charge that leads to a trial to determine whether a public official is guilty of abuse of power or other offenses. A conviction leads to removal from office.

The House of Representatives plans to vote Wednesday on an article of impeachment charging President Trump with “high crimes and misdemeanors” for inciting supporters to assault the Capitol on Jan. 6. If a majority of members vote in favor , Mr. Trump will be the first president in U . S . history to

*/ WATCH LIVE: House floor proceedings on Trump ImpeachmentHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi The U . S . House of Representatives on Wednesday started debating the unprecedented second First impeachment . The House , with no Republican votes , impeached Trump in late 2019 for trying

This makes President Donald Trump the first President of the United States to be impeached twice.

Innen wird über das Impeachment abgestimmt, außen die Tribüne für Joe Bidens Amtseinführung aufgebaut © Artur Gabdrahmanov / Sputnik / dpa / picture alliance The impeachment will be voted on inside, the grandstand for Joe Biden's inauguration set up on the outside

A majority in favor of Donald Trump's impeachment in the House of Representatives was considered certain: the Democrats of the future President Joe Biden will dispose of them here over the necessary simple majority to initiate impeachment proceedings. In addition, several MPs from Trump's Republicans are also likely to vote for the impeachment.

'Never too late': Trump's second impeachment comes quickly compared to months-long investigation into Ukraine

  'Never too late': Trump's second impeachment comes quickly compared to months-long investigation into Ukraine House Democrats impeached President Trump for a second time only a week after the crime alleged, compared to a months-long probe for his first case.House Democrats began investigating Trump across six committees after regaining control of the chamber in January 2019. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., declared a formal impeachment inquiry in September 2019. The House impeached Trump that December and the Senate acquitted Trump in February 2020.

The US House of Representatives votes to urge the Vice-President to invoke the 25th amendment to Vote like these are often used in election advertisements against sitting members, and I suspect this Representative from Michigan Fred Upton will vote in favour of impeaching Donald Trump .

USA Votes . Follow our live coverage as US President Donald Trump is impeached for a second time. President-elect Joe Biden has released a statement following the historic vote in the US House of Representatives in which 10 Republicans crossed the floor to vote with Democrats and impeach

Trump is the first president in US history against whom two impeachment proceedings have been initiated. The process itself is then conducted in the Senate. For a conviction, however, a two-thirds majority of the votes in the Senate is necessary, but this is difficult to achieve. With only 50 of the 100 Senators in the Democratic camp, the party depends on the support of at least 17 Republicans. Individual Republicans in the Senate have openly opposed Trump, but have not yet agreed to impeachment. A first impeachment trial against Trump failed just over a year ago because of the Republican majority in the Congress Chamber.

In the meantime it became known that a possible vote on the impeachment of Trump in the Senate will no longer take place this week. A spokesman for Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed a report by the Washington Post on Twitter that the Congress Chamber would not be convened for an extraordinary session. The next meeting should take place on Tuesday, one day before the end of Trump's term in office.

Here are all the US presidents who have been impeached

  Here are all the US presidents who have been impeached The House voted on Wednesday to impeach Trump for inciting an insurrection, making him the first president in US history to be impeached twice. The Democratic-controlled House voted 232-197 to impeach Trump on a charge of inciting a violent insurrection on the US Capitol on January 6.Ten House Republicans, including the third-highest-ranking House Republican, Rep. Liz Cheney, joined their Democratic colleagues and voted in favor of Trump's impeachment.The House will now transmit the articles to the Senate, which will hold a trial on whether to convict Trump.

Trump is only president in history to be twice impeached . In a historic rebuke, the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for the second time for his role in last week's riots at the U . S . Capitol A total of 10 Republicans voted in favor of his impeachment .

The U . S . House of Representatives voted today to impeach President Donald J. Trump for Incitement of Insurrection. The vote saw 10 Republican members of Congress vote in favor of impeachment , along with all 222 Democrats. This is the first time that a US President has been

long-term blockade against Trump?

In any case, it is considered highly unlikely that the House of Lords proceedings can begin before the end of Trump's term on Wednesday next week. The Democrats are striving to condemn Trump even after he has left the White House - also because he could then be excluded from public office in the future and thus from a new presidential candidacy in 2024 in a next step. The Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has already selected nine MPs to represent the case against Trump in the Senate. The team of so-called "Impeachment Managers" is led by MP Jamie Raskin.

Trump justifies speech

The storming of the Capitol on Wednesday last week triggered horror and outrage far beyond the borders of the United States. A police officer was killed in the violent attack and an attacker was shot dead in the parliament building. There were also three other deaths. In a speech shortly before the riots, Trump called on his supporters to march on the Capitol. He himself stated that his words were "perfectly appropriate".

Fears are now new acts of violence before and during the inauguration of the future President Joe Biden next Wednesday. That is why drastic security precautions are taken. : The Capitol, in front of which Biden will take his oath of office, will be cordoned off. The deployment of 15,000 national guards is planned. The center of Washington is increasingly turning into a fortress.

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Trump impeachment sets up politically perilous Senate trial, possibly threatening Joe Biden's agenda .
The historic impeachment of Trump for his role in the Capitol Hill riot adds a gargantuan dose of uncertainty to Joe Biden's first days in office.With days remaining until Biden is inaugurated and Democrats take control of the Senate, attention shifted quickly to questions over the timing of an impeachment trial – a rare spectacle that promises to consume American politics for weeks and challenge assumptions about how Washington will transition out of the Trump era.

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