Politics McConnell's plan to derail Democrats' takeover — and nuke the economy — is already in full swing

21:00  22 january  2021
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McConnell believes impeachment push will help rid Trump from the GOP, but has not said if he will vote to convict

  McConnell believes impeachment push will help rid Trump from the GOP, but has not said if he will vote to convict Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that he believes that impeaching President Donald Trump will make it easier to get rid of the President and Trumpism from the Republican Party, according to a source with knowledge of the matter. © Olivier/Pool/Getty Images US President Donald Trump (L) talks to the press as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) looks on after the Republican luncheon at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 9, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Democrats pushed for McConnell to hold a full vote on the measure as soon as possible, but McConnell was vague about his plans in remarks on the Senate floor. He noted that Trump, who had voiced his displeasure with the size of the direct checks in the Covid-19 relief bill passed last week

© Susan Walsh, AP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., walks to the Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020. Democrats elect a new party chairman: Jamie Harrison of South Carolina.

Mitch McConnell wearing a suit and tie: Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell © Provided by Salon Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell

Bernie Sanders and Mitch McConnell Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

Shortly after President Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday, a friend told me he was worried. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., was smiling way too much during the ceremony, he said, and it made him nervous. The sight of a smiling McConnell, after all, is like seeing a smiling Ted Bundy: It should immediately make you wonder where the bodies are buried.

Sure enough, McConnell wasted no time launching his evil scheme to maintain control of the Senate after losing his Republican majority.

Full list of Trump's last-minute pardons and commuted sentences

  Full list of Trump's last-minute pardons and commuted sentences The list, made public early Wednesday morning, included his former chief strategist and longtime ally Steve Bannon.The list, made public early Wednesday morning, included his former chief strategist and longtime ally Steve Bannon as well as his former top fundraiser Elliott Broidy.

But Democrats changed Senate filibuster rules first. McConnell railed against the change at the time, though the "We intend to exercise the constitutional power granted the Senate under Article II, Section 2 to ensure the American people are not deprived of the opportunity to engage in a full and

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday defended the Senate Republicans coming up with a proposed trillion economic stimulus plan to battle the coronavirus without any input from Democrats , saying bipartisan negotiations were skipped in favor of speed.

On Thursday, McConnell kicked off the newly Democratically-controlled Senate's first filibuster, not of legislation nor appointments, but of even starting the business of the Senate by assigning committee spots. He demanded that Democrats take the elimination of the filibuster off the table completely before commencing with the basic business of the upper chamber. He justified the move by pompously declaring, "Minority rights on legislation are key to the Senate" and disingenuously appealing to tradition.

This is complete and total nonsense offered with the utmost bad faith, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D.-Mass., pointed out. "Mitch McConnell was fine with getting rid of the filibuster to a United States Supreme Court nominee for a lifetime appointment, but he's not okay getting rid of the filibuster for unemployment relief for families that are out of work because of COVID-19," Warren told CNN. "I've just had enough of Mitch McConnell."

GOP senators warn McConnell could face backlash if he votes to convict Trump

  GOP senators warn McConnell could face backlash if he votes to convict Trump A faction of Senate Republicans has a warning for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: Stick with former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. © Drew Angerer/Getty Images Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) arrives at the U.S. Capitol and walks to his office on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. McConnell, who is the longest-serving Senate Republican leader in history, has long had strong support within the Senate GOP Conference. But some say if the GOP leader votes to convict Trump, his backing will quickly wane.

On Wednesday, McConnell , of Kentucky, told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he supports allowing states to declare bankruptcy rather than getting federal money to cover budget shortfalls as tax revenue dives. "I would certainly be in favor of allowing states to use the bankruptcy route," McConnell said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tells House Republicans the next coronavirus relief bill will not extend the enhanced unemployment insurance benefit. McConnell has questioned the need for more immediate federal spending. He has said he wants to first see how effective the more than .5 trillion

Sen. Brian Schatz, D.-Hawaii, agreed, reminding the Republican leader: "We won the Senate. We get the gavels."

That McConnell is filibustering before Senate business even begins should serve as the surest sign that his strategy going in is to obstruct everything the thin Democratic majority wants to do, tank the ability of the government to serve the people, and force Biden's presidency into failure. This is what McConnell did to Barack Obama, working under the almost certainly correct theory that people blame government failures not on the Republicans who caused them, but the Democrat in the White House. And that's clearly what McConnell intends to do this time around.

McConnell blamed Trump for inciting the Capitol riot, but the senator - and everyone else who refused to acknowledge Biden's win - was complicit too

  McConnell blamed Trump for inciting the Capitol riot, but the senator - and everyone else who refused to acknowledge Biden's win - was complicit too "It's not about the riot, to me it goes back to the original sin of the lie," one expert told Insider in reference to false election fraud claims."The mob was fed lies," the Republican leader said from the floor of the Senate on Tuesday. "They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.

We already know Joe Biden was involved there. It turns out that two of the Ukrainian oligarch' s that ran PrivatBank, a large bank that got .8 billion in US aid and 'lost' it, laundered hundreds of millions of dollars through over a dozen shell companies & then used the laundered $ to purchase real estate in

McConnell coronavirus stimulus plan - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. 13 division c—assistance to severely distressed. 14 SECTORS OF THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY 15 TITLE I— ECONOMIC STABILIZATION 16 Sec.3101.Short title.

The only solution is to take the filibuster debate off the table completely, not by agreeing to let the filibuster stand, but by killing the filibuster off completely, right here and now. McConnell's favorite tool for obstruction needs to be taken away from him.

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"Right now, the chamber that calls itself the world's greatest deliberative body can't even debate how to arrange itself," the editorial board at the Los Angeles Times wrote Friday morning, arguing that McConnell's maneuver is proof enough that it's time to get rid of the filibuster entirely.

It does seem that many to most Democrats in the Senate agree, but the hold-up, according to Politico, is coming from Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who "say they want to keep the filibuster, emphasizing that it drives compromise."

This is utter nonsense. McConnell doesn't want to keep the filibuster for "compromise". Republicans are never going to meet Democrats halfway on anything. McConnell wants to keep the filibuster to avoid compromise and block all legislation, rendering Democrats who were elected to lead as leaders in title only.

Why Mitch McConnell relented on his demands about preserving the filibuster

  Why Mitch McConnell relented on his demands about preserving the filibuster McConnell didn’t get all he’d hoped, but got some Democrats to reaffirm their commitment to the filibuster.In the past few weeks, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and McConnell have been working to negotiate the organizing resolution — which governs committee membership and funding allocation — in the 50-50 Senate. The leaders had previously been at an impasse because McConnell was demanding that Democrats commit to keeping the legislative filibuster intact as part of the resolution, something Schumer was unwilling to do, since it would reduce the party’s leverage in negotiations over future legislation.

McConnell's very obvious plan is to keep anything from getting done, forcing the economy to collapse on itself and the pandemic to continue to spiral out of control. Republicans can then falsely blame Democratic leadership for the destruction — knowing most voters pay very little attention and won't know the truth — to reap the rewards at the ballot box. If the filibuster is not destroyed swiftly, it will be used relentlessly by Republicans to obstruct absolutely everything. To believe anything else is to be a total fool.

McConnell's immediate goal is forcing Biden's presidency to fail, but really, it goes much deeper than that. Ever since Ronald Reagan's administration, Republicans have campaigned on the idea that government is inherently dysfunctional. The idea is to demoralize voters and drive down turnout so that the only people who show up to vote are right-wing culture warriors. And the best possible way to do that is to make absolutely sure that government never works, by tanking any efforts by Democrats to pass bills that actually help people.

That's why it's foolish to believe there's any argument that could be made to lure Republicans over to vote for Democratic bills. Republicans don't want to vote for Biden's proposed coronavirus relief bill, even though it would do a lot of good for their constituents, because they believe — rightfully — that seeing the government work effectively for the common good would do long-term political damage to the Republican Party. They'd rather just keep screwing over their own constituents, and pretending the problem is government itself, and not Republican obstructionism.

Richard Blumenthal Warns Senate Democrats Against 'Complacency' Over Mitch McConnell

  Richard Blumenthal Warns Senate Democrats Against 'Complacency' Over Mitch McConnell The Democratic senator suggested McConnell's actions were only a "first test" for Democrats in the upper chamber.McConnell had sought assurance from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that there would be no moves to scrap the legislative filibuster. This demand led to a deadlock in the sides organizing the chamber and a raft of aspects of Senate business.

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The good news is an increasing number of Democrats who understand that Republicans only feign interest in compromise in order to run out the clock, making sure that absolutely no legislation of consequence gets passed. Sen. Chris Murphy, D.-Conn., told Edward Isaac-Dovere of The Atlantic that there's "a consensus that one of the mistakes of '09 was playing footsie for a long time with Republicans who never had any intent to actually get to yes."

Unfortunately, this message doesn't seem to be cracking the thick skulls of the centrist Democrat holdouts like Manchin. What makes this doubly stupid is that, by getting rid of the filibuster, the power of said centrists increases dramatically. Without a filibuster, Manchin can extract all sorts of concessions to get legislation passed, because he's the swing vote. With the filibuster, Republicans hold all the cards — all of them. McConnell would be the real Senate leader, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D.-N.Y., will be leader in name only.

The filibuster is not a sexy debate; parliamentary procedure never is! But it is the most important and pressing issue facing the country right now, because as long as it still exists, there's simply no hope of passing any real legislation on any pressing issue, from the pandemic to climate change.

There is no time to waste. As Ezra Klein of the New York Times writes, Democrats only have "[t]wo years to prove that the American political system can work," and if they fail, "they will open the door for Trumpism or something like it to return, and there is every reason to believe it will be far worse next time."

Again, a lot of congressional Democrats — most, hopefully — seem to get this. But with only 50 Democrats in the Senate, they all need to get on board, and fast. This is about getting relief to people and passing bills that are way overdue. But it's also, as Klein argues, about saving democracy itself. If the people don't see their government working for them, they will drift away and let the Trumpers take over. The only way to stop that is to nuke the filibuster so thoroughly that only a smoking pit remains.

How Mitch McConnell blew his 'LBJ moment' and handed the GOP back to Trump .
The Republican claim that the Constitution forbids trying a former president is a flawed pretext for avoiding a long overdue moral showdown with Donald Trump. In fact, a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report suggested that, while the issue is not free from doubt, the Senate has a plausible constitutional basis for trying a former president. The CRS noted that in 1876 the Senate held an impeachment trial of William Belknap, President Ulysses S. Grant's secretary of war, even though he was no longer in office. (Belknap was acquitted.

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