Politics Lummis adopts 'laser eyes' meme touting Bitcoin

22:26  19 february  2021
22:26  19 february  2021 Source:   thehill.com

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Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) on Friday joined legions of Bitcoin investors who've adopted laser-eyed social media profile pictures cheering on the rise of the digital currency's value.

Lummis adopts 'laser eyes' meme touting Bitcoin © Twitter/Congress Changes Lummis adopts 'laser eyes' meme touting Bitcoin

Lummis on Friday embraced the "#LaserRayUntil100K" meme - a pledge among investors to use online visages that make them look like angry robots until the price of one Bitcoin reaches $100,000. One bitcoin was worth $55,434 as of Friday afternoon, almost $22,000 more than it was on Feb. 1 and $8,000 higher than Monday.

The conservative senator and cryptocurrency advocate first updated her Twitter profile picture Friday to feature small yellow dots in front of her pupils, each surrounded by a glint of red light

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Lummis later leaned even further into the meme, adding jagged bursts of red light around the yellow pupils.

"Sen. Lummis is a big supporter of digital assets and financial innovation, and the laser eyes are showing that support. Thanks for reaching out!," her office said in a statement to The Hill.

Lummis told Bitcoin Magazine she first purchased the digital currency in 2013 when it was worth roughly $300 a coin. Her investment had grown to anywhere from $50,001 to $100,000 by the time she joined the Senate in January, according to an amendment to her financial disclosure filed last month, and is likely worth at least $67,000 as of Friday.

Lummis served four terms in the House before winning the race to succeed retired Sen. Mike Enzi (R) last year. Bitcoin advocates praised her election as the first cryptocurrency holder to be elected to the Senate.

"I want to help other members of the U.S. Senate understand Bitcoin," Lummis told Bitcoin Magazine in November.

"So my first couple of years probably will just be talking to people about it, explaining what it is, how it works, what it does, what it can do, what it doesn't do and why I think it should be part of a diversified asset allocation."

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