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20:31  22 february  2021
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Republicans surrender to the extremist caucus

  Republicans surrender to the extremist caucus Congressional Republicans have crystallized an ominous question by rejecting consequences for Donald Trump over the January 6 riot in his impeachment trial and welcoming conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia into their caucus: Has the extremist wing of the GOP coalition grown too big for the party to confront? © Provided by CNN Sanctioning Trump or Greene offered the party an opportunity to draw a bright line against extremist groups and violence as a means of advancing political goals.

While pundits talk about a post-impeachment civil war within the Republican Party, the truth is that the GOP is more unified than ever in taking back control of Congress in 2022.

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History is also on the Right's side, with Democrats in charge of both chambers and President Biden pushing a leftist, go-at-it-alone agenda. Put simply, Democrats are helping to unify the Republican Party.

Historically, the party not in the White House expands its majorities in midterm elections, with the greatest example being 1994. That year, Democrats were burned after President Bill Clinton made unpopular pushes to overhaul healthcare. The legislative overreach cost Democrats. Republicans regained control of both houses of Congress for the first time in more than 40 years, widening their lead in the Senate to a 53 to 47 advantage and 230 to 214 in the House.

'We Can Have Division': GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Downplays Republican Tensions Over Trump

  'We Can Have Division': GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel Downplays Republican Tensions Over Trump "The voters are saying overwhelmingly they agree with what President Trump did in office," the chair of the Republican National Committee insisted.Republicans are split over the role Trump should play in the GOP going forward in the wake of the violent insurrection carried out by his supporters against the U.S. Capitol on January 6. While most Republican voters and lawmakers continue to support Trump, there is a notable faction of GOP lawmakers who are strongly opposed to the former president.

Could Biden and Democratic Leaders see a repeat performance 28 years later?

The answer lies in how bruising our Republican primaries could be and on the question as to whether former President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy can agree on the candidates they will back in the primaries. Failure to unify will risk Republicans taking back Congress, but also Trump’s four years of legislative accomplishments.

But how to win?

To regain control, Republicans should focus on consensus issues that speak to our core principles, much like Newt Gingrich’s 1994 Contract with America. These should be guiding principles that play well to both the "Trumpers" and centrists in the GOP, as well as to independent and even conservative Democratic voters. Here are five to start with.

As Donald Trump Asserts Dominance of GOP, Super PAC Launches to Shield His Republican Foes

  As Donald Trump Asserts Dominance of GOP, Super PAC Launches to Shield His Republican Foes The former president rejected the idea of setting up a rival third party and indicated his desire to have a sway over the Republican Party.Trump listed Republican representatives who voted to impeach him in the House and Senators who subsequently voted to convict him during his speech as he addressed the conference on Sunday, branding them "grandstanders.

Strengthening the defense of our homeland and securing our southern border. Getting us out of a COVID suppressed economy by highlighting how Democratic governors and mayors have crushed jobs, schools and failed our nation’s seniors. Discussing socialism and why people like myself risked oppressive regimes to come to the United States legally and work hard to achieve the American dream. Keeping the U.S. energy independent. Lowering drug and healthcare costs and taking further action to confront burdensome out-of-pocket costs under Obamacare.

One easy way for Republicans to hurt themselves, especially after the events of Jan. 6, is by discounting those who still believe the presidency was stolen from Trump. Remember, it’s not just the 75% of Republicans who believe Biden did not win the election legitimately. According to a January 2021 CNN poll, 36% of Independent voters also believe this to be true. The best way to address their concerns is to make the first order of business in a Republican-controlled Congress an election integrity bill. Such legislation would outright ban the 2020 election expansions that widened the scope of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, which allows a third-party individual to go from house-to-house collecting ballots with no requirement for voter identification or chain of custody.

“We did not send him there to do the right thing": Republicans censured for voting to convict Trump

  “We did not send him there to do the right thing Nearly every Senate Republican who voted against Trump now faces a public rebuke from their own party Richard Burr and Pat Toomey Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

Having served as a lawyer in both the House and Senate, I would highlight the following: Should Republicans succeed in flipping both the House and Senate, Biden’s take-it-or-leave-it legislative agenda will surely be dead on arrival. Lastly, let’s not forget what President Ronald Reagan said, "Somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is a friend and ally, not a 20% traitor."

Friends, let's endeavor to pursue victory rather than fall into the Left's trap of a damaging internecine war.

Amanda Makki was a 2020 Republican candidate in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. She is a lawyer who worked in Congress for a decade as a healthcare policy adviser and at the Pentagon just weeks after 9/11. She is a native Farsi speaker and lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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