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13:32  26 february  2021
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Biden heads out of D.C. for town hall and first major presidential trip

  Biden heads out of D.C. for town hall and first major presidential trip President Biden took his message to Milwaukee, attempting to move past former president Donald Trump’s impeachment and sell his own agenda. But even as he tries a return to normalcy, Biden’s events are heavily restricted by the pandemic. Speaking at a CNN town hall, Biden pledged that any American who wants a vaccine will have access to one by the end of July. He said he wanted many elementary and middle schools to be open five days a week by the end of April. And he said that "by next Christmas, I think we'll be in a very different circumstance.

President Biden has spent his first five weeks in office peeling back his predecessor's legacy, one executive action at a time. On Sunday, former President Donald Trump will take his first opportunity to respond.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump are posing for a picture: Trump reemerges to legacy being erased by Biden © Getty Images Trump reemerges to legacy being erased by Biden

Biden moved on his first day in office to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, cut off funding for the border wall, reverse Trump's travel ban and recommit to the World Health Organization. And the president's rhetoric is regularly filled with swipes at Trump's bungled handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his inability to be transparent with the public.

The Daily 202: Biden builds back boring in town hall. That’s not a bad thing

  The Daily 202: Biden builds back boring in town hall. That’s not a bad thing Let’s come out and say it: An absence of incendiary tweets doesn’t make a young presidency boring when the administration is facing a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, the resulting economic devastation, the climate crisis and a host of other problems. A running seven-day average of deaths from the virus stood at 2,455. Whatever the assessment of whether Biden is meeting those challenges, these are not boring times. On the substance, the Delaware Democrat probably disappointed progressives on several fronts.

Trump's first media appearances since leaving office have been focused on national headlines involving the death of Rush Limbaugh and Tiger Woods' serious car accident. But he is expected to return fire against Biden in a speech Sunday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

"Joe Biden's dangerous first month failures will feature prominently in Sunday's speech," said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump.

Immigration is expected to be among the dominant topics of the address, according to people familiar with the planning. Trump is likely to seize on the influx of migrants at the southern border, which has prompted the Biden administration to reopen a facility for teenagers in Texas that operated for a month during the previous administration.

Ex-partner of Hunter Biden's lawyer recused from criminal case, DOJ indicates

  Ex-partner of Hunter Biden's lawyer recused from criminal case, DOJ indicates The Justice Department appeared to reveal on Friday that its acting criminal division chief, who until recently was a law firm colleague of the defense attorney representing Hunter Biden, has recused himself from matters related to the federal investigation into President Biden’s son. © Provided by Washington Examiner Nicholas McQuaid, a former federal prosecutor, was appointed acting chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division at the start of the Biden administration.

That decision has drawn fire from all sides, with liberals decrying the use of the facilities to house young migrants, and conservatives complaining that Biden's policies are drawing immigrants to the border amid the pandemic.

Trump's appearance at CPAC comes as former Trump officials slowly ramp up their visibility and criticism of the Biden administration's policies.

Former Vice President Mike Pence met this week with members of the Republican Study Committee for roughly two hours to discuss the conservative agenda moving forward.

Video: White House stands by budget pick Tanden as Senate support wavers (Reuters)

Pence, who Trump attacked during the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol even as the then-vice president was being whisked to safety, told lawmakers he has a strong relationship with Trump and plans to defend the administration's record. Pence is expected to record a regular podcast through the Young America's Foundation.

Fact check: Breaking down Joe Biden's first month of claims

  Fact check: Breaking down Joe Biden's first month of claims President Joe Biden was more consistently factual in his first month in office than his predecessor ever was in office. But Biden was not perfect.President Joe Biden was more consistently factual in his first month in office than his predecessor ever was in office. But Biden was not perfect himself.

Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser in the Trump White House who was a speechwriter and the architect of the former president's immigration agenda, also met with committee members this week.

Miller, who only occasionally appeared on television during the Trump administration, has been something of a regular presence on Fox News since Biden took office.

But nobody in the Republican Party draws attention like Trump, and all eyes in the political world will be on his address on Sunday.

The Biden administration's early policy moves have largely been aimed at undoing Trump's actions and addressing what they argue were shortcomings left by the previous administration in vaccine distribution.

In addition to day one executive orders, Biden has established a task force to reunite families separated during the Trump administration and rescinded the ban on transgender troops serving in the military.

On Wednesday, Biden issued an executive order that undid a series of Trump actions, including ones that established new guidelines for federal architecture, outlined new regulatory guidance during the pandemic and ordered a review of funding for so-called "anarchist" cities that saw protests last summer.

Biden Haunted by Obama's Foreign Policy Missteps

  Biden Haunted by Obama's Foreign Policy Missteps "The world has moved on beyond Biden's core views, the U.S. is no longer the 'indispensable nation,'" former U.S. ambassador James Jeffrey told Newsweek, "intervention by the U.S. in countries' inner politics to promote American values is problematic and typically a failure."In perhaps no country is this more clear than in Iraq, where U.S. troops remain, albeit in smaller numbers, despite Obama's announcement of a full withdrawal nearly a decade ago amid a collapse in discussions with the Iraqi government at the time.

Despite the focus on dismantling Trump's policies and the tendency to blame him for initial issues with the vaccine rollout, the White House has been adamant that it will not take the bait when the former president speaks.

Biden said in a CNN town hall earlier this month that he was tired of discussing Trump. And press secretary Jen Psaki has repeatedly fended off questions about how the White House might engage with the former president.

Psaki on Tuesday referred to Trump's upcoming speech at CPAC as a "performance," and on Thursday she said any upcoming commentary from the former president on immigration would be of little use to the current administration.

"We're not looking to former President Trump or any of his advisers for how we're approaching immigration," she said Thursday. "In fact, we're in the circumstance we're in because not only was their approach inhumane, it was ineffective."

"We'll see what he says," she added. "But our focus is certainly not on what President Trump is saying at CPAC."

'Biden-isms': A stumble-prone president battles perceptions about his age .
President Biden hasn't had a lot of face time with reporters, but that doesn't mean he hasn't made any verbal missteps since his inauguration. © Provided by Washington Examiner A self-aware mistake-prone politician who has talked himself into hot water more than once, Biden largely has been shielded from the press as coronavirus restrictions limit direct access to the new president. He opened up a bit to reporters following a COVID-19 event on Tuesday, saying he hopes the country is back to its pre-pandemic normal "this time next year.

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