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05:06  27 february  2021
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CPAC Highlights Trump's Influence Over GOP Amid Party's Civil War: 'He Owns That Crowd'

  CPAC Highlights Trump's Influence Over GOP Amid Party's Civil War: 'He Owns That Crowd' "The party apparatus from the state and local level to the national level has pretty much remained in control of Trump loyalists," Evan Siegfried, a Republican strategist and commentator, told Newsweek. He added, "Everybody at CPAC is beholden to him and he owns that crowd."GOP consultant Mark Weaver echoed that sentiment, telling Newsweek: "Among the Republican base there's still a lot of energy surrounding the Trump record and the Trump priorities, and the CPAC agenda that reflects that.

ORLANDO, Florida — Within the sunny confines of the Conservative Political Action Conference, it's as if former President Donald Trump did not fail to win reelection in November. He is simply not the president right now.

Donald Trump Jr. wearing a suit and tie © Provided by Washington Examiner

It has been nearly four weeks since President Biden evicted Trump from the White House. Prominent Republicans who addressed conservative activists Friday at CPAC acknowledged as much, delivering a series of stirring calls to action to oppose the Democratic agenda in Washington, D.C. But missing from the program was any reassessment of Trump’s defeat and any role he played in the loss the GOP’s majority in the Senate in two subsequent runoff elections in Georgia.

CPAC or Trump-PAC? Conservative conference delegates stick with Donald Trump

  CPAC or Trump-PAC? Conservative conference delegates stick with Donald Trump Delegates to conservative political conference say they don't know if Trump will run again in 2024, but they would be fine with it.Roaming the convention space of a luxury hotel near Disney World, CPAC delegates wear Make America Great Again hats and display Trump pins. They pose for pictures beside a "Golden Trump," a fiberglass mold statue of the ex-president painted in gold, holding star-shaped wands and wearing a coat-and-loosened-tie, beach shorts in a U.S. flag motif and flip-flops.

The gathering is unfolding as a celebration of Trump’s stewardship of the GOP. The Republicans who actually won reelection last fall, and still wield power on Capitol Hill, are being cast as the problem impeding the party’s progress.

“The Republican Party is being reborn thanks to President Trump,” Kimberly Guilfoyle, girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and finance chairwoman of the Trump 2020 campaign, told the crowd. “We bid a farewell to the weak-kneed, the spineless, and the cowards that are posing in D.C. and pretending that they’re working for the people.”

“The best is yet to come,” Guilfoyle added, punctuating her remarks with a line from her August speech to the Republican convention that renominated the now-former president.

Bill Maher Warns to Not Underestimate Trump, 2024 Will Be a 'Nail-biter'

  Bill Maher Warns to Not Underestimate Trump, 2024 Will Be a 'Nail-biter' Maher predicts that the former president will announce a bid to run in the 2024 election during his Sunday appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)."[Trump] is going to say Sunday that he's the presumptive nominee for 2024. No one is going to oppose him – there are nine panels at the CPAC convention all about how the election was stolen, and none about why it was lost. That's where they are," Maher said Friday.


Trump is the first Republican nominee in a generation to lose Arizona and Georgia, albeit narrowly. His ouster after one term — he was the first president sent packing after just four years since George H.W. Bush in 1992 — culminated a tumultuous tenure that saw Republicans lose control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. At CPAC, nobody is holding Trump responsible for the Democratic takeover in Washington, D.C.

The culprit is massive voter fraud across several states, a topic receiving the lion’s share of attention from speakers and panel discussions on the main stage here at a Hyatt Regency in Orlando. When Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, a leading Trump ally, raised the issue of his objection to Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes during the Jan. 6 certification of the election in Congress, he received one of the most sustained standing ovations of the day.

'A different Republican Party': Donald Trump Jr. previews father's CPAC speech

  'A different Republican Party': Donald Trump Jr. previews father's CPAC speech Donald Trump Jr. says his father's upcoming remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando will reflect how it's "a different Republican Party" than the pre-Trump era."When I walk around the floor here at CPAC, the amount of love for my father, for his policies [of] putting America first and going to bat for those Americans who have forgotten for far too long, it's absolutely incredible, so I think you will see talk of that," he said on Fox News. "I think you're gonna see, you know, talk of this just being a different Republican Party, one that isn't just into losing while being graciously accepted at the cocktail parties in Washington, D.C.

“I just want to say to those people who say to us: ‘Oh, you’re the past; your moment has passed. It’s over, it’s Joe Biden’s America now.’ I just want to say, 'We’re not the past, we’re the future,'” said Hawley, a populist mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2024 — if Trump does not run.

The support for Trump at CPAC has not abated an inch since he took the Republican Party and the conservative movement by storm nearly six years ago when he initiated his first campaign for president.

Everywhere, conferencegoers were decked out in Trump garb and paraphernalia — some of which sent the distinctive message that they do not believe Biden was elected legitimately. One man wore a baseball cap with the words “Trump won” stitched across the front; another donned a T-shirt that read: “Biden is not president.” Trump garnered 74.2 million votes in November, more than any incumbent president in history, as his supporters never tire of pointing out.

The part they tend to leave out, or simply do not believe, is that Biden won quite a few more votes — 81.3 million, the most ever by a presidential candidate. Trump relinquished power on Jan. 20, leaving the nation’s capital for his new home base in Palm Beach, Florida. But as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a likely 2024 contender, noted in a fiery speech to CPAC Friday morning, the former president “ain’t going anywhere.”

CPAC, all-in for Trump, is not what it used to be

  CPAC, all-in for Trump, is not what it used to be Differences, much less dissent, are verboten. Anything Trump dominates is a closed circle. In 2018 conservative columnist Mona Charen was escorted out of the building after she chastised Republicans for supporting sexual abusers, including Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who had been accused of assaulting teenaged girls.It's also become a big money machine. The CPAC website offered VIP access to "Gold" donors forking out $7,500 per ticket; just to watch routine proceedings cost $330 - and when I called, they offered me a "Platinum" package for $15,000.

“President Trump is going to keep playing a key role in our party,” Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, yet another possible president candidate in 2024, said. “His agenda was the right agenda, and it’s the agenda that our voters want our candidates and elected officials to pursue.”

Trump is scheduled to address CPAC on Sunday, his first remarks before a live audience since Biden was inaugurated.

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The former president took aim at a range of adversaries in his address, while he hinted at potentially running for office again himself.Trump branded Biden's time in office so far as "disastrous," and issued scathing remarks on the new administration's positions on a variety of issues thus far.

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