Politics A Crazed GOP Wants to Cancel Baseball, Coke and Big Business

12:15  07 april  2021
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GOP cancel culture targets Georgia: Republicans want to silence critics of their war on voting

  GOP cancel culture targets Georgia: Republicans want to silence critics of their war on voting Republicans are trying to impose "white people's Thanksgiving" rules on the entire nation Brian Kemp Photo illustration by Salon/Getty Images

What’s left after the GOP cancels itself? You could get whiplash trying to track conservatives’ hypocritical mental gymnastics, but there is a common theme: Conservatives believe in a one-way relationship with America where their terms reign supreme. Our role is to submit or face cancellation.

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Incredibly, the party that continually whines about “cancel culture” while at the same time practicing it is now on the verge of self-cancellation after turning on the big business allies it’s historically united with to push tax breaks, de-regulation, and the “creative” destruction of the unchecked “free market.”

Online sleuths spot a Coca-Cola bottle in Trump's office mere days after he called for a boycott

  Online sleuths spot a Coca-Cola bottle in Trump's office mere days after he called for a boycott Trump called for a Coca-Cola boycott after the soda manufacturer spoke out against Georgia's restrictive voting law President Donald Trump delivers remarks in support of farmers and ranchers in the Roosevelt Room at the White House May 23, 2019 in Washington, DC.

What caused the split was the GOP’s latest voter suppression efforts in Georgia, which were so odious that they have done the unthinkable, forcing corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta, and United to publicly condemn them. Even Major League Baseball decided to relocate the All-Star Game from Georgia to Colorado. But the big businesses responding to their presumed interests and customers’ desires are being condemned by Republicans as supposed agents of a “woke cancel culture,” a made-up supervillain used to scare the conservative base. The Republican Party is even suggesting that the American pastime is, actually, part of a communist plot. If baseball and Coke are out, what’s next? Apple pie? (Thankfully, we still have freedom fries.)

'Woke-A-Cola': Coke facing blowback for resistance to Georgia voting law

  'Woke-A-Cola': Coke facing blowback for resistance to Georgia voting law One of Georgia’s largest companies is facing a boycott backlash from Republicans after its CEO bashed the state's new GOP voting reform bill. Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey recently joined a chorus of other chief executives who, under pressure from Democrats and activist groups on the Left, have begun weighing in on the matter, prompting Republicans to push back.

Naturally, the Georgia House responded by threatening to “cancel” tax breaks for Delta, the state’s largest employer. “You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand,” said Republican House Speaker David Ralston, rationalizing the retaliation.

“My advice to the corporate CEOs of America is stay out of politics,” warned Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “I found it completely discouraging to find a bunch of corporate CEOs getting in the middle of politics,” McConnell said with selective memory, conveniently forgetting conservatives like him helped corporations become people with a First Amendment right to free speech. That was the result of the controversial 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in the historic Citizens United v. Federal Election case that allowed corporations to give unlimited funds to help influence elections. Conservatives like McConnell have no problem with corporations being in the “middle of politics” when it suits him. He took $4.3 million from corporations over the last 5 years to fund his campaigns. Companies have donated at least $50 million since 2015 to lawmakers who have supported voter suppression bills.

Fact check: Georgia is not removing Coca-Cola products from state-owned buildings

  Fact check: Georgia is not removing Coca-Cola products from state-owned buildings Georgia is not removing all Coke products from state-owned buildings. A group of GOP lawmakers requested the beverages be removed from their offices."Georgia removing Coke from all State owned buildings," reads an April 6 Facebook post with 1,000 shares and over 100 reactions.

In fact, conservatives have long championed the First Amendment and used “free speech” to rally their base and promote their counter-majoritarian agenda. This includes supporting dark money in politics, insisting on the right to spew racism and hate without consequence, and promoting the religious freedoms of white Christians, especially bakers, to discriminate against women and LGBTQ communities. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a dissent this week in which he wanted to regulate Big Tech companies like common carriers. What happened to the “free market?” It seems conservatives don’t like Twitter, a private company, deplatforming then-President Trump and his allies for inciting hate. However, like Justice Thomas’s wife, they’re more than fine supporting a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol which left five people dead and sought to cancel a free and fair election.

As I've written before, cancel culture is the latest manufactured grievance by the right-wing ecosystem to weaponize fake victimhood so they can be cruel without accountability. While the Biden administration was trying to vaccinate Americans and give us a relief package, Republicans were complaining about Dr. Seuss. “Cancel culture” is the “number one issue” and “most dangerous thing” happening today, according to Rep. Jim Jordan. He said this during a devastating pandemic that has killed over half a million people and triggered a crippling recession. I agree with him when it comes to the fragile state of U.S. democracy.

Georgia GOP Lawmakers Demand Removal of Coca-Cola Products From Office Amid Election Law Spat

  Georgia GOP Lawmakers Demand Removal of Coca-Cola Products From Office Amid Election Law Spat Former President Donald Trump on Saturday also urged Americans to boycott Coca-Cola and other companies that have criticized Georgia's new voting legislation.In their letter to Perry, eight members of the Georgia House Representatives—Victor Anderson, Clint Crowe, Matt Barton, Jason Ridley, Lauren McDonald III, Stan Gunter, Dewayne Hill and Marcus Wiedower—complained about Coca-Cola giving in to "cancel culture" before saying that they no longer wanted the company's products in their offices.

The GOP efforts in Georgia to “cancel” voting rights, mostly of Black voters, is indeed a “most dangerous thing” that is being replicated by conservatives across America to ensure minority rule. Thankfully, the naked discriminatory intent and vulgarity of these measures has inspired national outrage and coordinated, strategic pushback by the majority. This includes putting pressure on corporations, such as Georgia-based Coca-Cola and Delta, to make a bold choice: stand for democracy and the people or continue your lucrative and incestuous partnership with the GOP and be boycotted. Corporations, like people, often follow the money.

Meanwhile, the GOP, which is now an extremist counter-majoritarian and counter-factual force posing as a political party, has given up on corporate money in the course of becoming aggressively stupid and investing everything in “cancel culture” as their absolutist sword to attack Democrats, liberals, and anyone who annoys their cult leader.

In addition to trying to cancel corporations, national sports, voting rights, and the 2020 election, they are also canceling fellow Republicans. This includes the six Republican senators and House Republicans, such as Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection. They’ve decided to cancel their conservative intellectuals, such as George Will and Bill Kristol, as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) for criticizing Trump. They’ve decided to cancel “family values” with their hypocritical defense and support of Trump’s sexual indiscretions, and are now trying to say as little as possible about those of Trump minion Matt Gaetz.

The GOP Destroyed Its Brand. Joe Manchin Wants Dems To Follow Suit.

  The GOP Destroyed Its Brand. Joe Manchin Wants Dems To Follow Suit. Florida congressman Matt Gaetz’s widening sex scandal is just the latest in a string of humiliating moments for a party overtaken by grifters and conspiracy-loving cranks. Gaetz and House colleagues like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan may be media power players in the new, Trump-obsessed GOP, but all of that sleaze and QAnon craziness is exhausting Republican voters. Republican obstructionism sent the party down a dark and destructive path. Without any institutional values to slow their slouch toward Gomorrah, the party is incapable of winning back voters they’ve lost.

The party of “law enforcement” now cancels intelligence agencies and throws them under the bus as members of the “deep state”. The party of “national security” is perfectly fine with violent insurrections, white supremacist terror, and vigilantes killing unarmed people at protests.

And now, the party of “the free market” is open to canceling the corporations who give them massive campaign contributions and provide jobs to their voters in Republican majority states. Christians like Jenna Ellis, who fights windmills on Twitter and complains about America cancelling Christianity, are even fine cancelling a literal reverend.

When and where will it end?

As the GOP becomes more extreme and radical, which it will, the absolutist sword of “cancel culture” will inevitably lead to its own cannibalization. For the rest of us, we can only hope it leads to their irrelevance. The terrifying alternative means they will have succeeded in cancelling democracy.

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