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14:56  14 april  2021
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Roy Blunt Says Biden Infrastructure Bill Would Be 'Easy Bipartisan Win' if Narrowly Focused

  Roy Blunt Says Biden Infrastructure Bill Would Be 'Easy Bipartisan Win' if Narrowly Focused Biden's so-called "big and bold" infrastructure plan has been widely derided by Blunt and other Washington Republicans who said it's bloated in the same way the COVID-19 relief package was.Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that the GOP plans to oppose Biden's roughly $2 trillion infrastructure plan. But Blunt on Sunday told ABC News' This Week that he agrees "roads, bridges, high-speed rail and broadband" are wildly popular, as host George Stephanopoulos suggested his party may be on the "wrong side" of the debate.

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Ernest Hemingway advised authors to write one true sentence.

One profoundly true sentence was spoken by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker on "60 Minutes" on Easter Sunday. Emphasizing that poverty and economic inequality are not just a problem for minorities, Walker said "we have for the first time in America a generation of downwardly mobile white people. That has huge implications for our politics."

Walker is right. While economic inequality has grown dramatically in recent decades, the problem of downward mobility of white people as well as minorities, has also been made dramatically worse by the devastating consequences of COVID-19.

Gaetz to speak at Save America summit amid sex trafficking investigation

  Gaetz to speak at Save America summit amid sex trafficking investigation Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is scheduled to speak Friday at a conservative summit at a Trump-owned Miami resort as the GOP congressman faces an ongoing Justice Department probe into allegations of sex with a minor and child sex trafficking. Women for America First, the pro-Trump political organization that organized the Jan. 6 rally on the Ellipse that was followed by the deadly mob attack at the Capitol, announced on Twitter Tuesday that Gaetz would be among its speakers at the Save America Summit being held at the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort. "Rep Matt Gaetz has been a fearless leader in DC," the group tweeted.

Whites as well as minorities have been killed by the virus, had their small businesses destroyed or gravely harmed, lost their jobs, and had their health care expenses skyrocket because of the virus.

The politics of this gives Democrats the opportunity to govern and campaign like President Kennedy, championing an economy in which the rising tide lifts all boats of people of all races and backgrounds. It gives Republicans the opportunity to demonstrate they care about all workers and citizens, minorities as well as whites.

Most important at a time when many Americans want our politics to be more civil and less ugly, and yearn for some bipartisanship from our leaders, and often believe that our systems of government and capitalism do not reflect the interests of all of our people, the prospect of reversing the downward mobility of so many Americans, from so many backgrounds, offers an extraordinary opportunity to lift the lives and spirit of Americans.

Budowsky: Great for Dems: Trump dominates GOP

  Budowsky: Great for Dems: Trump dominates GOP As a matter of pure political communications, Trump and Trump Republicans in Congress are fundamentally communicating with only the Trump and Republican base, which comprises about 35 to 40 percent of all voters. By contrast Biden and Democrats are communicating with the liberal Democratic base and Democrats generally, plus liberal and moderate independent voters, plus a large majority of women and particularly suburban women, plus the huge majority of voters of all kinds who approve of the $1,400 stimulus checks, plus the 20 to 40 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters who support most or much of the highly popular

I propose our leaders convene a national summit meeting to develop plans that will revitalize the American Dream and end the downward mobility for Americans of all races and backgrounds.

Such an American Dream summit could be hosted by President Biden, possibly in tandem with a prominent Republican such as former President George W. Bush.

It would bring together business leaders, labor leaders, leaders of our great foundations, religious leaders representing the diversity of faiths, prominent economists, leading educators and student leaders.

The purpose of this American Dream summit would be to develop ideas that transcend politics and ideology and appeal to leading Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals, business leaders who believe in enlightened self-interest and religious leaders who believe that ending downward mobility, and lifting the lives of all people, embodies leading values of the great faiths.

How gadgets could open the potential of lucid dreaming

  How gadgets could open the potential of lucid dreaming If you ever needed an excuse to get more sleep, exciting new findings about lucid dreaming could be it. A recent study has just proved that, in the right conditions, you can not only communicate with people in the lucid state, they can answer questions, too. Sure, the subjects only solved simple math questions (the kind most 8th graders could) but it provokes a tantalizing thought — what else can we do while we’re in slumberland? ScientistsScientists communicating with lucid dreamers is nothing new, but the latest experiment dialed up the complexity of that communication, just enough, to renew the public’s interest in this mysterious activity.

When I exchanged emails and spoke with Darren Walker, I asked him what guiding principles describe the work he is doing at the Ford Foundation and the projects and ideas he has advanced. Walker replied he would like to develop "a love letter to America" that would "let America be America" and create a new era of "hope, opportunity and optimism."

Walker's vision inspired this column. As America is within reach of defeating COVID-19, workers have begun coming back to work and companies will profit from the great economic recovery that has begun. Many corporate leaders are demonstrating a renewed spirit of civic engagement and would respond with what Walker calls a generosity coupled with justice.

Shouldn't every young person in America, from rural West Virginia to urban Detroit, be empowered with computer literacy and a basic computer or tablet to succeed in their jobs and careers? I believe leaders of technology companies would welcome this opportunity to do good for America and create new customers for their companies!

Leading entertainers could begin a visionary series of benefit concerts to help end the downward mobility of our people, and along with President Biden, civic minded Republicans and the many leaders I cite here, inaugurate a new era of patriotic philanthropy and generosity for justice.

An American Dream summit can create a fountain of ideas and projects, an oasis of patriotism and progress, and a civic spirit of hope and goodwill based on common interests of our people, enlightened self-interests of our business leaders, vision from our political leaders, and the shared spiritual aspirations of our leaders of faith.

Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-Texas) and former Rep. Bill Alexander (D-Ark.), who was chief deputy majority whip of the House of Representatives.

Democrats agonize over game theory on Biden’s $2T-plus spending plan .
Democrats are clearly at a crossroads on whether or not to work with their GOP colleagues. And the clock is ticking. During private conversations with members of both parties in recent days, White House chief of staff Ron Klain has signaled there’s still time to wait for Republican buy-in, but that the party shouldn't take forever, according to several people familiar with the discussions.Members of the so-called G-20, a group of moderate senators in both parties, were divided over whether to work together on a smaller package during a call Thursday afternoon. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.

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