Politics Reporters criticize Andrew Cuomo for lack of media access in wake of scandals

02:15  23 april  2021
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Ted Cruz Says Andrew Cuomo 'Killed Tens of Thousands', Rips Chris Cuomo for 'Playing Politics' Remark

  Ted Cruz Says Andrew Cuomo 'Killed Tens of Thousands', Rips Chris Cuomo for 'Playing Politics' Remark The Republican senator from Texas attacked the New York governor and his CNN anchor brother on Twitter.The Texas Republican's message makes reference to the accusation that Governor Cuomo's administration obscured the amount of COVID-19-related deaths in New York state's nursing homes.

Andrew Cuomo for his role in thousands of nursing home deaths in the state, citing a lack of "hard evidence" that his controversial mandate was heavily to blame. Politifact continues deflecting blame on cuomo nursing home scandal . "I think the situation is really complicated," Holan told the "Reliable Sources" host. "Certainly, there are things to criticize about how the administration handled data, but the heart of the matter goes back to last year when the state was asking COVID patients who were ready to be discharged from the hospital, [and] we don't see hard

In January 2021, Attorney General of New York Letitia James released a report finding that Governor Andrew Cuomo had understated the toll of COVID-19-related deaths in state nursing homes by as

Reporters are accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) of increasingly limiting press access as allegations against him have mounted.

a man wearing a suit and tie: Reporters criticize Andrew Cuomo for lack of media access in wake of scandals © Getty images Reporters criticize Andrew Cuomo for lack of media access in wake of scandals

Cuomo is cutting off reporters who ask difficult questions and allegedly calling on reporters who are unlikely to ask about the investigations facing him.

In a Wednesday press conference, the governor cut off New York Law Journal reporter Ryan Tarinelli when he began to ask a follow up question after asking whether Cuomo might resign should a sexual harassment investigation find he had violated state law.

Plurality of New York Voters Think Andrew Cuomo Committed Sexual Harassment: Poll

  Plurality of New York Voters Think Andrew Cuomo Committed Sexual Harassment: Poll The Siena College Research Institute found that 44 percent of registered voters in the Empire State think their governor has committed sexual harassment, while 22 percent think he hasn't.The Siena College Research Institute found that 44 percent of registered voters in the Empire State think Cuomo has committed sexual harassment, while 22 percent think he hasn't. Roughly one-third of voters said they didn't know or had no opinion.

Andrew Cuomo 's impeachment hotline receives over 200 tips about his conduct amid sexual harassment claims and nursing homes scandal . The New York state assembly's inquiry spans various allegations about Cuomo . Lawyers who set up a hotline have been inundated with tips about the Governor. Recent media reports have raised concerns about staff members, including Cuomo 's top aide Melissa DeRosa and another adviser, Stephanie Benton, who helped the Democratic governor with his book. DeRosa is said to have been heavily involved in pitching and writing the book.

Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, claims the governor's network of aides has sought to discredit and tarnish her reputation. At least seven women have accused the three-term Democrat of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Cuomo ’s acting counsel, Beth Garvey, told The New Yorker, “With certain limited exceptions, as a general matter, it is within a government entity’s discretion to share redacted employment records, including in instances when members of the media ask for such public information and when it is for the purpose of correcting inaccurate or misleading statements.”

Cuomo first said, "let's see what the report says and then we will take it from there," and then Tarinelli's mic cut off.

Local media noted the interaction and Tarinelli confirmed the incident on Twitter that day.

Yep, I got cut off while trying to follow up on this point. https://t.co/TOena46w91

- Ryan Tarinelli (@ryantarinelli) April 21, 2021

The sexual harassment allegations Tarinelli asked about are one of many controversies Cuomo faces.

The governor has been critiqued over his handling of COVID-19 deaths in New York nursing homes last year, for allegations he provided preferential COVID-19 testing resources for family and friends, and for allegedly using state resources to help produce a memoir chronicling his response to the pandemic.

Cuomo facing new probe over alleged misuse of state resources for Covid-19 book

  Cuomo facing new probe over alleged misuse of state resources for Covid-19 book Gov. Andrew Cuomo is currently being investigated over sexual harassment allegations from several women. He has denied all the allegations against him."I hereby request that your office investigate the alleged commission of any indictable offense or offenses in violation of the law occurring or commencing prior to the date of this referral related to the use of property, services or resources of the state for personal purposes, private business purposes or other compensated non-governmental purposes by the Executive Chamber including, but not limited to, in the drafting, editing, sale and promotion of the Governor's book and any related financial or business transactions," St

Andrew Cuomo on Monday offered a rare note of regret as he defended his administration's decision to delay releasing data on Covid-19 deaths in long-term care facilities. In a news conference Monday, Cuomo said that the Department of Health had "paused" state lawmakers' request for the Covid-19 death data because his administration chose to focus on a related inquiry from the Department of Justice. In the wake of DeRosa's admission, Democratic leaders in the state Legislature are in active discussions to draft a bill to repeal Cuomo 's expanded executive powers during the pandemic.

A third female former staffer has come forward with accusations of inappropriate conduct by embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo , according to reporting by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday night.

The interaction with Tarinelli is just one example, reporters say, of the control Cuomo's staff is exercising over media in the wake of the scandals.

A spokesperson for the governor did not respond to questions about whether Cuomo deliberately cuts off reporters or ducks hard questions during press briefings.

But reporters say it's obvious the governor's press interactions have become increasingly restrictive as the scandals have mounted.

"It's definitely something that has gotten worse," said one reporter who works for a major national media outlet and asked to remain anonymous.

"Yes, I think that's it," agreed Dan Clark, the former president of the Legislative Correspondents Association and the managing editor and host of "New York NOW," a program that covers Albany for PBS affiliate WMHT.

The switch to virtual press conferences last fall, Clark said, has allowed Cuomo's press team to more tightly control the press briefings because Zoom makes it easier to cut off reporters like Tarinelli, limit follow-up questions, and choose which reporters are allowed to query Cuomo.

Cuomo: Congress must include SALT cap repeal in future legislation

  Cuomo: Congress must include SALT cap repeal in future legislation New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Monday urged Congress to include repeal of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap in future legislation as House Democrats from the state are pushing to include such a repeal in an infrastructure package."Don't pass another bill until you fully repeal SALT," Cuomo said during a news conference.Cuomo's remarks came as he signed a state budget that raises state taxes for wealthy individuals and lowers taxes for the middle class.The legislation Cuomo signed Monday raises the top state tax income rate to 10.9 percent for income above $25 million.

Andrew Cuomo 's explanation as to why he refused to release a true accounting of nursing home residents who died from COVID-19. Kim also said Cuomo ’s comments Monday don’t square with what top aide Melissa DeRosa told him and other legislators during a private meeting last week, when she said former President Donald Trump made the issue a “political football” and claimed that as an excuse for withholding the nursing home data.

Andrew Cuomo faced mounting political pressure on Thursday after the speaker of the state Assembly authorized the judiciary committee to begin an impeachment investigation and dozens of Democratic New York state lawmakers called for Cuomo to resign. For Cuomo , who is under fire in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and his handling of nursing home deaths, the developments amount to the most serious sign yet that his support within his own party is quickly eroding after a decade of dominating the state's political scene.

"It's hit or miss whether you're allowed to have more than one question," Clark said. "Sometimes the microphone is open, and sometimes it's off. The governor's staff handpicks which reporters get to ask questions. And based on that, they have a sense of what questions will be about."

The national reporter agreed. "Anybody will tell you, you can't get a question in unless selected by the administration's comms team," she said. "It is very difficult to say the least."

Often, Clark said, Cuomo's staff tend to call on local reporters from around the state who focus on local issues.

"A Syracuse reporter, for example, will ask about the state fair being cancelled," Clark said. "Now, the state fair is a really important source of business, especially for Syracuse. But at the same time, the governor is not being asked about sexual assault."

When asked why the Cuomo's press briefings are still held virtually, the governor's spokesperson referred to an exchange Cuomo had in a press conference on Monday.

"When will reporters be back in the room?" Cuomo said. "That is purely a function of the COVID-19 safety requirements. How many people can you have in a room? You know, when we do a call like this, we can get 200 reporters who are listening and calling in. If we do an event in the city, you can get 50 reporters in a small room like this easily."

Hotline gets more than 200 tips on Andrew Cuomo's conduct in impeachment investigation

  Hotline gets more than 200 tips on Andrew Cuomo's conduct in impeachment investigation A hotline to receive calls about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's conduct has received hundreds of tips, according to a member of the New York state Assembly. © Provided by Washington Examiner Assemblyman Charles Lavine, who serves as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said the hotline, which was set up by law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, has received more than 200 tips for an inquiry into sexual harassment allegations against the governor.

The White House holds in-person briefings while observing social distancing restrictions and capacity limits. Cuomo's office did not address comparisons.

In addition to the restrictions at press conferences, reporters have called out Cuomo for blocking the press from attending his public appearances.

"Governor Andrew Cuomo is holding an event right now that is closed to the press. Appearing alongside him is Democratic Senator @toddkaminsky and Assemblywoman @judygriffinny," tweeted Morgan Mckay, a New York State political reporter for Spectrum News, on Thursday.

On Thursday, the Journalists Association of New York penned an op-ed that appeared in local New York papers calling on Cuomo to "restore full press access to his events and to reinstate in-person press conferences."

Blocking the press from events is a tactic, Clark explained, a way for Cuomo to get some free non-controversial PR.

"All politics are local. And if he shows up in Hempstead and does an event, The Long Island papers are going to cover it," Clark said. "So people will see him there. And even though he doesn't have to answer questions he gets to be on the news."

Clark predicted Cuomo's staff would punish him for speaking to The Hill.

"Reporters and journalists who criticize [Cuomo's] access with the press no longer get that access," Clark said.

"It's a vicious cycle," he added. "If you speak out against them or are critical of them or even tweet something they don't like, they no longer want anything to do with you."

Cuomo's spokesperson did not respond when asked to comment on the allegation the office punishes critical reporters.

Cuomo denies all sexual misconduct allegations, says he 'didn't do anything wrong' .
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been roiled by a multitude of scandals over the last year, denied all allegations against him of sexual misconduct and maintained that he did nothing wrong. © Provided by Washington Examiner “No," the Democratic governor replied on Monday when asked if he was guilty of an array of harassment claims during a press conference in Syracuse. "No. And that’s why I said when people suggest that — to put it very simply, no.

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