Politics Joe Manchin urges Biden to focus on 'conventional' infrastructure

03:10  24 april  2021
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Manchin balks at GOP's smaller infrastructure plan - and says he can back $4 trillion as long as it's paid for

  Manchin balks at GOP's smaller infrastructure plan - and says he can back $4 trillion as long as it's paid for Republicans are putting together an infrastructure plan of up to $800 billion, and wooing Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. He wants to go bigger.That could be bad news for Republicans hoping he'll break with his party on the next massive plan from President Joe Biden's desk.

Biden promised to cut US carbon emission in half by the end of the decade.

Sen. Joe Manchin , an influential centrist Democrat, warned Monday that the Biden administration's massive infrastructure package can't pass in its current form because he and a handful of other Senate Democrats believe the corporate tax hikes proposed in the bill -- designed to offset its costs -- are too steep.

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West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Friday called for a ‘conventional’ infrastructure package focused on traditional brick and mortar projects – throwing up an obstacle to Joe Biden’s plan to spent $2.3 billion on projects ranging from electric school buses to labor programs and broadband.

‘What we think the greatest need we have now, that can be done in a bipartisan way, is conventional infrastructure whether it's the water, sewer, roads, bridges, Internet — things that we know need to be repaired, be fixed,’ the influential West Virginia Democrat said at a press conference Friday.

Manchin: I would endorse Murkowski 'in a heartbeat'

  Manchin: I would endorse Murkowski 'in a heartbeat' Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia didn’t flinch when asked whether he would cross party lines to back his Republican colleague and friend in Alaska’s Senate race. © Provided by Washington Examiner Manchin revealed in a joint interview with Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski that he would endorse her for reelection in 2022 “in a heartbeat.” Murkowski, one of seven GOP senators who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in his Senate impeachment trial earlier this year, faces primary competition and the ire of Trump in her bid for a fourth term in the upper chamber.

Joe Manchin , a moderate Democrat who represents a deep-red Republican state — a place that Donald Trump carried in the past two elections by some 40 percentage points. Manchin 's position means he will have a lot of say on whether the package includes everything the Biden Lately she's been driving the winding highways and backroads through the Appalachian Mountains to meet with home care workers all over the state. She's there to let them know what they can do to make their voice heard, and to ask them to sign personalized cards urging Manchin to support the infrastructure plan.

President Joe Biden ’s “ infrastructure ” plan hit a roadblock Wednesday after U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) disputed the scope and cost of the sweeping measure. Manchin , a key vote in the 50-50 Senate, told West Virginia reporters, “I would hope to see Democrats and Republicans agreeing on “To me, infrastructure is the foundation that makes it possible for Americans to thrive. And that includes things like roads and bridges, but it also includes things like pipes,” Buttigieg recently told Grist. “If you can’t count on a glass of clean, safe drinking water, you’re not free. And you’re not able to live

‘Why don't you take the greatest need that we have and do it on something that we all agree on?,’ he said, the Hill reported, suggesting breaking up the proposal.

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His comments come after a group of Republicans relative centrists came out for a $568 billion plan – essentially a counter-offer to Biden’s $2.3 trillion proposal.

Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have mocked Biden’s definition of infrastructure as overbroad.

Manchin made the comments at a press conference with Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan and a bipartisan group of lawmakers.

His posture presents a significant tactical problem for Democrats. Even if Democratic leaders decide to brush past Republicans and move an infrastructure package under ‘reconciliation’ instructions, they would need every Democrat on board, unless they can find a Republican supporter.

Joe Manchin Denies Being 'Roadblock' to Biden Agenda, Won't Be Part of 'Blowing Up' Senate

  Joe Manchin Denies Being 'Roadblock' to Biden Agenda, Won't Be Part of 'Blowing Up' Senate The West Virginia senator's comments come as Democratic lawmakers are attempting to pass significant policy changes while maintaining control of both the House of Representatives and Senate. To do so, lawmakers have proposed abolishing the Senate filibuster, or pushing some legislation through via budget resolution, in order to bypass Republican votes.Last month, Democrats used the budget reconciliation process to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package without any Republican support.But Manchin, who is seen as a more conservative Democrat, has been adamant about his refusal to seek a partisan-only route.

Joe Manchin is opposed to increasing the gas tax or levying new charges on people to pay for infrastructure . "Hell no don't raise them!" he told reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Gas taxes and new user fees are measures Republicans floated in recent days to cover infrastructure . Manchin is a highly influential figure in the evenly divided Senate, wielding the power to delay or torpedo many parts of Biden 's agenda. He favors a trillion infrastructure plan as long as Democrats designed ways to pay for it.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia called for up to trillion in infrastructure spending over the weekend as Democrats are on the verge of controlling Congress for at least the next two years. Manchin will likely wield large influence in a Senate which will be evenly divided between 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will cast the tie-breaking vote, giving Democrats narrow control over the chamber. Last year, Biden introduced a trillion plan to invest into clean energy and infrastructure .

But Manchin’s call for ‘step by step’ actions indicates he is wary of the ‘go big’ approach Biden says is necessary to fuel the economy.

The White House has made a point of calling for infrastructure spending beyond just roads and bridges, to be funded by a corporate tax rate hike.

Manchin referred to some of these elements as ‘human infrastructure’ – although Biden has an additional human infrastructure plan he intends to roll out later.

‘The other things that are conceptional, we can work on piece by piece, committee by committee," he said.

The White House has welcomed the GOP proposal and called for negotiations, and in that respect, Manchin's comments reflect how Biden's infrastructure priority is at least a live ball.

Senate Republicans revealed their counter offer on Thursday, presenting a $568 billion plan that focuses on roads, transit systems, and broadband internet.

Joe Manchin wants to save Democrats from themselves

  Joe Manchin wants to save Democrats from themselves But is his love for the filibuster dooming the country to dysfunction?The year was 1983, the setting was West Virginia’s statehouse in Charleston, and the deadline was the end of the legislative session at midnight. Democratic leaders wanted to pass a bill creating a board that could cap rates charged by hospitals in the state. Manchin, a 35-year-old first-term state representative, had opposed the proposal.

A defining political clash took shape Sunday over Joe Biden 's latest effort to reshape the US economy, with Republicans mobilizing against a massive infrastructure plan that could put the President in historic Democratic company.

Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is urging President Biden to reverse course on the Keystone XL pipeline, for which the president revoked a key permit on his first day in office. And Biden said in an executive order when he was revoking the permit that the project “disserves" the U.S. national interest and that “leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place would not be consistent with my Administration's economic and climate imperatives." Manchin will be a key Democrat going forward on energy issues, as he’s now the chairman of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

The GOP's two-page proposal has smaller price tag and a narrower definition of infrastructure than Biden's $2.3 trillion plan.

'This is the largest infrastructure investment that Republicans have come forward with,' Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, who has taken the lead on the proposal, said. 'This is a robust package.'

To pay for their proposal, Republicans would use a combination of user fees, including for electric vehicles, and on redirecting unspent federal dollars. But the outline doesn't offer specifics on payment, including which federal programs would lose those unspent dollars.

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Biden has proposed raising the corporate income tax from 21% to 28% to help pay for his plan. But Republicans have rejected that idea.

Video: Biden open to 'compromise' on infrastructure plan (Reuters)

Spending In Republican Infrastructure Plan

Roads and Bridges: $299 billion

Public transport: $61 billion

Rail: $20 billion

Drinking water and waste water: $35 billion

Biden to propose $1.8 trillion 'families plan' with paid leave, child care, universal pre-K, free community college

  Biden to propose $1.8 trillion 'families plan' with paid leave, child care, universal pre-K, free community college The plan is the second piece of Biden's 'Build Back Better' economic agenda following the release of a $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan.Biden is set to formally introduce his American Families Plan at his first address before a joint session of Congress Wednesday night. It's the second piece of his "Build Back Better" economic agenda following the release of a $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan released earlier this month.

Airports: $44 billion

Safety: $33 billion

Ports and inland waterways: $17 billion

Broadband infrastructure: $65 billion

Water storage: $14 billion

Republicans also have criticized the scope of Biden's infrastructure plan, which includes money for items like affordable housing, a 'Climate Corps' and updates to infrastructure to make it more green.

Biden argues all the elements in his plan pertain to the national infrastructure.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the GOP plan is a starting point for a conversation on what a final infrastructure package could look like

'The president has said from the beginning that he would welcome any good faith effort to find common ground, because the only unacceptable step would be inaction,' she said at her daily press briefing.

She said she expected the president to invite lawmakers to the White House to discuss it.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also expressed optimism the GOP plan could lead to a final bipartisan deal.

'Senator Capito and others are laying out what has the potential to be a reasonable and bipartisan alternative and we're hoping that Democrats are interested in doing something along those lines,' he told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Some Democrats see a focus on traditional infrastructure items - like roads, bridges and airports - as a first step to a larger deal.

Why President Joe Biden's speech to Congress was unlike any other in modern history

  Why President Joe Biden's speech to Congress was unlike any other in modern history A joint sessions speech, known for its glad-handing cadence, was bound to be subdued with only 200 folks permitted at an event that can hold 1,500.President Joe Biden's address to a joint session of Congress was unlike any in modern history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With no more than 200 folks permitted for an event that can hold up to 1,500, an event known for its glad-handing cadence and rousing moments was destined to be subdued.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, a close Biden ally, said on 'Fox News Sunday' that the Senate should 'come together in a bipartisan way to pass that $800 billion hard infrastructure bill' and then tackle a second package that would include additional items the president is proposing.

Biden also is facing criticism from his left wing, who wanted him to go even bigger on his infrastructure proposal, which he calls the Americans Job Plan.

The White House is working to mollify progressives with talk of the American Families Plan, a second part of the infrastructure initiative that will be released this month and focus on social programs, including the child tax credit.

application: 177118177 © Provided by Daily Mail 177118177 A handout from Senate Republicans detailing their infrastructure plan © Provided by Daily Mail A handout from Senate Republicans detailing their infrastructure plan

But most Republicans strongly oppose the social programs and liberals worry that a smaller first round package passing with bipartisan support could kill the second round proposal.

The president is expected to roll out that second package next week when he addresses a joint session of Congress. Its price tag could top $1 trillion.

Top pay for it, Biden wants to hike the top income tax rate back to where it was before the Trump tax cuts and nearly double capital gains rates for top earners.

The president would push the top income tax rate up to 39.6 per cent – where it was before Trump's 2017 tax cuts. Capital gains – where Biden has already called for changes to end a major 'loophole,' would jack up rates from their current 20 per cent for those earning more than $1 million.

Manchin opposition weakens DC statehood chances

  Manchin opposition weakens DC statehood chances The centrist Senator is the first Democrat to oppose the creation of a 51st state.In a radio interview with West Virginia’s MetroNews Talkline Friday, Manchin threw cold water on the thus-far unified Democratic effort to approve DC statehood. Legislation to add the District as the 51st state passed the House last week on a strictly party-line vote, sending the bill to the Senate.

Biden has pledged only to raise taxes on households making more than $400,000. But the administration hasn't been clear as to whether that limit applies to individual earnings or combined household - a distinction that makes a big difference especially in areas on the East and West Coasts where the cost of living is high.

Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten said: 'Business Roundtable welcomes the release of the Senate Republican framework as an important step toward bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure investment,' said Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten. 'We urge policymakers to continue negotiations and come together on a balanced and bipartisan approach that prioritizes physical infrastructure.'

'We are encouraged that today's framework calls for permitting reforms and incorporates a user pays model to ensure that infrastructure users – including business – pay their share. User pays models are a proven way to ensure sustainable infrastructure investment versus significant tax increases on job creators that would weaken the economic recovery.

'Business Roundtable has long advocated for increased investment in America's transportation, water, energy and communications infrastructure, and we estimate that an investment of approximately $1 trillion above baseline over 10 years is necessary to return U.S. physical infrastructure to a state of good repair, expand capacity to meet expected demand and invest in new green infrastructure.'

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Joe Manchin suddenly seems to influence everything Washington does. The West Virginia senator says he wants to make Congress ‘work again’ .
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., has been given many labels: an obstacle to progress, defender of the status quo. So who is he?: "Not those people," he says.The Democratic senator from West Virginia opposed the bill's inclusion of a $400-per-week federal unemployment bonus, concerned raising it from $300 might entice some to live off government payments rather than seek work. So as the hours ticked by on Friday March 5, his Democratic and Republican colleagues took turns huddling with him. By nightfall, Manchin signed off on a deal extending the $300 benefit five more months that also included tax relief. The bill passed the next day.

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