Politics DRC: The Reform of Public Administration in Debate

16:55  28 april  2021
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States tackling 'qualified immunity' for police as Congress squabbles over the issue

  States tackling 'qualified immunity' for police as Congress squabbles over the issue The fight in Congress to reform how the nation's police officers go about their jobs has reinvigorated a discussion over so-called "qualified immunity," a controversial federal doctrine that protects officers accused of violating the Constitution while on duty. © Erik McGregor/LightRocket/Getty Images In this July 4, 2020,file photo, thousands of New Yorkers join the Coalition to Honor Black and Indigenous Activists at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York, for a massive protest march to honor those activists and demand justice for all victims of police brutality.

Une vue de Kinshasa, capitale de RDC (image d'illustration). © CC 2.0 / Monusco / Myriam Asmani A view from Kinshasa, capital of DRC (image of illustration).

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the big records on the table of the new government of the sacred union, it is the reform of the public administration. President Felix Tshisekedi decided to devote a vice-primary to this thorny subject. For more than thirty years, reforms have been engaged, checks performed to try to rationalize the means. These last two days, at the Catholic University of Congo, former responsible and researchers discussed this issue.

with our special envoy to Kinshasa, Sonia Rolley

The observation is the same for many of the stakeholders, which kills public administration in Congo, it is clientelist recruitment.

Biden takes careful approach to police reform

  Biden takes careful approach to police reform President Biden is keeping his distance from police reform legislation negotiations on Capitol Hill, using his bully pulpit to publicly demand action on reform but leaving the legislating to lawmakers. The strategy is meant to give Republicans and Democrats time to come together on a police reform measure that can pass the Senate, and allies say that Biden is likely to become more intimately involved in the process at the appropriate moment. Behind the scenes, the White House has been engaging with lawmakers and offices on Capitol Hill involved in the discussions on police reform and Biden held a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recently during whi

"We have seen, on the eve of the elections we have distributed registration numbers, just for propagandal reasons. And that did only double -It it is not triplers of the public administration, but there is no organic post that these agents must occupy. For the public administration to stand up, it really needs political courage, it is necessary to decide to hurt ... it means cleaning everything that has been introduced in the public administration, in violation of the law, "says Pascal Isumbisho, A former Minister of Public Service and Professor.

for Albert Malukisa, Professor of Catholic University of Congo, and the other stakeholders in this debate, which limits the quality of public services: "Such recruitment based on a clientelist basis, that means you have Finally people who do not have a good profile to perform the functions of state official ... "

last year, an initial report on the data of the public administration's reference file had noted that Only one-fifth of the agents fulfilled all the criteria for being officials. The reliability job of these data continues today to clean this file.

COVID-19 and long-term care reform .
Long-term care reform sits at the very center of the wider structural problems facing U.S. society. The failings of the American long-term care system are well-documented. These are not new problems, but the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified and brought them into sharp focus. While COVID-19 disproportionately places older adults at risk today, over the long-term everyone will face the rigors of advanced age and decline long after this virus fades into memory. The effects of the pandemic on already-failing systems of care amplifies the need for a long-term care system that provides care with dignity and respect.

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