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05:40  01 may  2021
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Tucker Carlson, Rudy Giuliani are posing for a picture: Rudy Giuliani; Tucker Carlson Tonight © Provided by Salon Rudy Giuliani; Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tucker Carlson speaks to Rudy Giuliani on Tucker Carlson Tonight FOX News

Donald Trump's former (or perhaps current) personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani joined Fox News' Tucker Carlson on Thursday night to discuss the early-morning FBI raid on his apartment Wednesday, which quickly devolved into a Giuliani riff claiming that the search was "completely illegal" because the federal government had somehow downloaded the former New York mayor's data from his "iCloud."

Giuliani began the segment by recounting the "bang" at 6 a.m. on Wednesday as federal agents arrived with paperwork to carry out a search warrant. "I looked at the warrant, and I said, 'You know, this is extraordinary because I offered to give these to the government and talk it over with them for two years,'" Trump's personal lawyer told Carlson.

Lincoln Project Responds to Tucker Carlson's Rudy Giuliani Raid Tip Off Claim

  Lincoln Project Responds to Tucker Carlson's Rudy Giuliani Raid Tip Off Claim The campaign group taunted the Fox News host over a segment on his show about the Giuliani raid.In a monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, Carlson said agents had seized all of Giuliani's digital records and personal devices. He then took aim at a tweet from the Lincoln Project which hinted that the campaign was aware of the planned raid beforehand.

"I don't know why they have to do this," Giuliani added. On Thursday, The New York Times reported that the feds were apparently seeking information connected to Giuliani's role in the Trump's dismissal of the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Notably, Giuliani did not mention his possible wrongdoing by communicating with Ukrainian officials ahead of the first impeachment trial of former President Trump. "The search warrant is on one single failure to file for representing a Ukrainian national or official that I never represented," Giuliani claimed to Carlson, positioning himself as a victim of government persecution.

"I never represented a Ukrainian national or official before the United States government," Giuliani continued. "I've declined it several times. I've had contracts in countries like Ukraine. In the contract is a clause that says I will not engage in lobbying or foreign representation. I don't do it because I felt it would be too compromising."

Opinion: Investigation of Rudy Giuliani is ramping up in a big way

  Opinion: Investigation of Rudy Giuliani is ramping up in a big way While executing a search warrant certainly was a major event in the already lengthy saga of the investigation of Rudy Giuliani, there remains a long road ahead before we will know whether Giuliani faces arrest and criminal prosecution by the office he used to lead, writes Jennifer Rodgers.Eighteen months ago, media reports indicated that Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, was under scrutiny by federal prosecutors at the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York for actions related to his involvement in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump's first impeachment.

The former LifeLock spokesman proceeded to push onward in the Carlson segment, speculating as to why FBI agents d declined to take hard drives from his apartment that were allegedly connected to President Joe Biden's son, Hunter. "I said, 'Well, don't you want these?' And they said, 'What are they?' I said, 'Those are Hunter Biden's hard drives.' And they said, 'No, no, no.' I said, 'Are you sure you don't want them?' The warrant required them to take it," Giuliani claimed. "And they said, 'No, no, no.' One last time, I said, 'Don't you think you should take it?' And they said no. Hunter Biden's hard drives fall within the scope of the subpoena. The subpoena required them to take all electronics. They decided to leave that behind!"

The tirade by the onetime "America's mayor" continued on Fox News' highest-rated show for several more minutes, only to conclude with the former gold-coin pitchman railing against the "completely illegal search" based on the dubious claim that the FBI had already acquired his data from the "iCloud." (The Apple cloud-computing service marketed under that name is encrypted.)

Rudy Giuliani Tells Tucker Carlson DOJ Wants to 'Put Him In Jail' to Protect Hunter Biden

  Rudy Giuliani Tells Tucker Carlson DOJ Wants to 'Put Him In Jail' to Protect Hunter Biden On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani gave his first interview since his New York City apartment was raided on Wednesday to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.On Wednesday, Giuliani's New York City apartment was raided by federal agents serving a search warrant for his electronic devices. The warrant had been issued more than two years earlier but the DOJ was blocked from executing it during the Trump administration.

"The only way you can get a search warrant is if you can show that there is some evidence that the person is going to destroy the evidence," Giuliani stated. "Or is going to run away with the evidence. Well, I've had it for two years and haven't destroyed it."

"And they also got it from the iCloud. So, there was no — there was no justification for that warrant!" Giuliani added, pointing his thumb toward the sky. "One of many that this 'Department of Injustice' tragically has done, and it breaks my heart because I belonged to the Justice Department, and I think I had a record that is a hell of a lot better than theirs."

During his radio show on WABC earlier on Thursday, Giuliani described the raid on his apartment as a "disgrace." "I've been fighting crooks all my life. I'm fighting crooks again," he said. "The only tragedy of it is they have titles from the government. But they're a disgrace! They are a complete disgrace to the office that I distinguished!"

Rudy Giuliani Calls Tucker Carlson 'Hunter' During Wild Interview

  Rudy Giuliani Calls Tucker Carlson 'Hunter' During Wild Interview During his appearance on Carlson's show, Giuliani claimed federal agents refused to seize hard drives allegedly containing incriminating information against President Joe Biden's son Hunter.On Wednesday, federal prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan executed the warrant at Giuliani's Upper East Side apartment, seizing multiple electronic devices. Giuliani, the personal lawyer to former President Donald Trump, has been investigated over alleged lobbying ties to Ukrainian officials since 2019.

It appears that former President Trump remains supportive of Giuliani, at least for now. Early Thursday morning, Trump responded on Fox Business to the Giuliani raid, calling it "unfair" and motivated by a "double standard" with no historical precedent.

"Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot," Trump stated. "He does these things — he just loves this country. And they raid his apartment? It's like, so unfair! And such a double standard like I don't think anybody's ever seen before. It's very, very unfair."

According to a new from The Daily Beast on Friday, Giuliani has contacted legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz (also serving as legal counsel to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell) to enlist his advice regarding Fourth Amendment concerns allegedly stemming from the raid. Search warrants are only merited for attorneys "when you have reason to believe that the lawyer would destroy evidence," Dershowitz told The Beast.

Watch Giuliani's full interview with Tucker Carlson above, via Fox News.

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