Politics Florida Newspaper Slams Gov. DeSantis for Pushing 'Big Lie' With Election Bill

02:45  07 may  2021
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Dems fume over silence from DeSantis on Florida election

  Dems fume over silence from DeSantis on Florida election Democrats are voicing frustration with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) over the special election for the late Rep. Alcee Hastings's (D-Fla.) seat.Hastings, who represented a majority Black district in South Florida for nearly three decades, died early this month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Florida law gives DeSantis broad authority to set a date for the special election to replace him, but he has so far remained silent on when voters can expect to choose their next representative.

One of Florida's most prominent newspapers published a scathing article slamming Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, for promoting the "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was fraudulent through his signing of a controversial election bill on Thursday.

Ron DeSantis wearing a suit and tie: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, speaks to the media during a press conference at Port Miami on April 8 in Miami, Florida © Joe Raedle/Getty Images Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, speaks to the media during a press conference at Port Miami on April 8 in Miami, Florida

State Republican lawmakers across the country have pushed for major election reforms and restrictions following President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election, as well as Democrats narrowly flipping control of the Senate. DeSantis signed a GOP-backed election bill on Thursday, as former President Donald Trump—a Florida resident—and his allies continue to groundlessly claim that the 2020 election was "rigged" or "stolen" as they push for the election changes.

Will DeSantis, Rubio and Scott torch each other to vault from Florida to the White House?

  Will DeSantis, Rubio and Scott torch each other to vault from Florida to the White House? A battle is shaping up behind the scenes between three strong Republicans in Florida for the 2024 presidential race.Of course, one never truly knows when it comes to Trump. There was the bizarre recent news report by Business Insider in which a Trump "adviser" declared that the former president "has lost 15 pounds since he left the White House." One "veteran Republican strategist" told the publication: "I think there's an extra 10 percent to 15 percent chance he runs if he lost 20 pounds.

"The oppressive law perpetuates the Big Lie of a stolen election by insinuating that Florida election laws needed fixing or don't prevent fraud. That's false. As DeSantis himself has said repeatedly, Florida ran a seamless election last November, with an impressive 77 percent turnout during a pandemic. Nearly half of all voters voted by mail, many of them Democrats, yet Republicans still won," the editorial board of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel wrote in a Thursday article.

The publication is based in Fort Lauderdale and is the largest newspaper in the South Florida area.

"But they're not happy, so they're cynically attacking voting by mail for one simple reason: because Democrats like it, especially people of color, and they want to keep voting that way," the editorial board continued. "Shame on Republicans for this law, which will only make it harder for lawful votes to be counted and will undermine public faith in Florida elections."

Florida Democrats' midterm fantasy faceoff: DeSantis vs. Demings

  Florida Democrats' midterm fantasy faceoff: DeSantis vs. Demings A DeSantis vs. Demings race could foreshadow how DeSantis might fare in 2024 or even in 2028 against another powerful woman of color currently one heartbeat away from the presidency. No matter who wins, Florida's gubernatorial election will impact America's political stage.Myra Adams writes about politics and religion for numerous publications. She is a RealClearPolitics contributor. She served on the creative team of two GOP presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008. Follow her on Twitter @MyraKAdams.

"What makes this charade all the worse is that the only known case of election fraud in Florida from the 2020 election involves a Republican, Frank Artiles, a former legislator from Miami-Dade. He faces multiple felony counts for allegedly recruiting a sham third-party candidate who disrupted a Senate race that ended with a Democratic incumbent, Jose Javier Rodriguez, losing by 32 votes," they wrote.

The editorial board argued that DeSantis "keeps revealing his thin skin" and that he "increasingly acts like his role model, the tyrannical Donald Trump."

Newsweek reached out to DeSantis' press office for comment.

The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature passed the controversial election bill without the support of any Democrats. The bill significantly restricts the use of ballot drop boxes and makes it so applications for mail-in ballots must be requested instead of automatically sent out to eligible voters, among other significant changes. Notably, the Florida bill was pushed through despite Trump winning the state in 2016 and 2020.

DeSantis signs GOP-backed election bill

  DeSantis signs GOP-backed election bill Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that will change the way the Sunshine State conducts its elections, despite his praise for 2020. DeSantis signed the bill, which was passed last week, on Thursday morning at a Hilton in West Palm Beach, Florida. Only Fox News was permitted inside the event.The bill prevents state agencies from sending voting-by-mail ballots to people who didn’t request one, disallows ballot harvesting (the collection of ballots by a third party who then turns them in to election officials), and puts restrictions on the hours of operations for drop boxes.

Although Trump and many of his GOP allies continue to claim that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election, no evidence has been provided to substantiate this extraordinary allegation. Instead, dozens of election challenges filed by the former president and his supporters have failed in state and federal courts. Even judges appointed by Trump and other Republicans have rejected or dismissed the often bizarre claims made to justify the lawsuits.

Audits and recounts in key battleground states—including in areas where the elections were overseen by Trump-supporting Republicans—have all reaffirmed Biden's victory. Former U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who was widely seen as one of Trump's most loyal Cabinet members, asserted at the beginning of December that there was "no evidence" of fraud that would impact the election's outcome. And the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security, which was led by a Trump appointee at the time, said in mid-November that the 2020 election was the "most secure in American history."

Florida Hit With Lawsuit Minutes After Ron DeSantis Signs New Voting Bill

  Florida Hit With Lawsuit Minutes After Ron DeSantis Signs New Voting Bill The controversial legislation immediately faces legal challenges.The voting bill adds more limits to voting in Florida similar to legislation in other states, where critics say GOP leadership are pushing an agenda connected to former President Donald Trump's widely disproven claims of election fraud.

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