Politics Trump Jr. Praises Anti-Cancel-Culture Rant, Unaware Same Comedian Roasted His Father Even Better

03:40  17 may  2021
03:40  17 may  2021 Source:   newsweek.com

Donald Trump exerts eerie grip on GOP (opinion)

  Donald Trump exerts eerie grip on GOP (opinion) As House Republicans set the stage for removing Rep. Liz Cheney from her party leadership post this coming week, it became clearer than ever that the defeated former President owns the GOP. And, four months after rioting Trump supporters invaded the Capitol to try to stop certification of Joe Biden's victory, it's also clear that the GOP owns the baggage that comes with pledging fealty to Trump. That includes the Big Lie, the fantastical -- and disproved -- notion that Trump really won the election but had it stolen from him by fraud.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of former President Donald Trump, on Sunday shared and praised an anti-cancel culture rant by a comedian who previously roasted his father even better.

Donald Trump Jr. wearing a suit and tie: Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday shared a video of a comedian ranting about cancel culture. © Alex Wong/Getty Images Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday shared a video of a comedian ranting about cancel culture.

In a Facebook post, Trump Jr. promoted a comedy clip of Jonathan Pie—a fictional news reporter portrayed by British comedian Tom Walker who frequently rants in videos about the state of Australian, U.K. and U.S. politics.

"Check this out, this is one of the most real videos I seen talking about the insanity of modern cancel culture and the stupidity of our society today, where we can't even fathom that maybe things that were written 100 years ago have some less than awesome language in them, less than awesome innuendo. But rather than just accepting that and learning from those mistakes, we gotta cancel them and pretend that they didn't happen," Trump Jr. said in a Facebook post titled, "Whao: This guy goes on an amazing rant against Liberals."

GOP senator says some Republicans are trying to 'silence' Liz Cheney: 'Cancel culture is cancel culture'

  GOP senator says some Republicans are trying to 'silence' Liz Cheney: 'Cancel culture is cancel culture' Sen. Joni Ernst spoke against the attempted purge of Cheney, telling reporters "we've got to come together as Republicans."Speaking to reporters on Monday, Sen. Jodi Ernst accused some in the GOP of seeking to purge dissent, with party members on the verge of removing Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership in the position in the House.

"I guess he's a reporter," Trump Jr. added, seemingly unaware that Pie is a fictional character created by Walker. "It's an awesome video, I apologize for the language... it's one of the great takedowns of this modern day stupidity that I've seen. I think you'll appreciate it."

Trump Jr.'s video then cuts to a clip of Pie ranting about cancel culture.

Video: Biden to press: 'You guys are bad, I'm not supposed to be answering all these questions' (FOX News)

"Today, we're going to be discussing Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the Little House on the Prairie books, whose name has been removed from a writing award because her books display stereotypical attitudes and contain racial language," the comedian says. "These books, they're based on the author's childhood between 1870 and 1894, that's like five years after slavery was abolished. The books were written during the Jim Crow laws. It's almost as if culture norms aren't fixed and change with the passage of time."

100 days in power, Myanmar junta holds pretense of control

  100 days in power, Myanmar junta holds pretense of control BANGKOK (AP) — After Myanmar’s military seized power by ousting the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, they couldn’t even make the trains run on time: State railway workers were among the earliest organized opponents of the February takeover, and they went on strike. Health workers who founded the civil disobedience movement against military rule stopped staffing government medical facilities. Many civil servants were no-shows at work, along with employees of government and private banks.

He added: "Stop sanitizing and denying your past to make yourself look good. I'm sick of it. It's everywhere you look. We live in the most inclusive, progressive, diverse, prosperous society ever in human history, yet we behave like we've never had it so f***ing bad."

In 2016, a video of Walker's fictional character ranting about Trump's victory in the presidential election went viral on YouTube, prompting global news coverage. At the time, Walker was a staunch leftist, according to HuffPost, but decided to take on liberals for their role in getting Trump elected.

After the 2020 presidential election, Walker shared a video to YouTube of Pie roasting Trump's loss. "I never thought it would be possible to get this excited about Joe Biden," Pie said in the video titled "Trump is a loser!"

"I think that's why Trump has had such a hard time accepting the results—because it involves numbers. Adding numbers," he added. "[Biden] should have wiped the floor with Trump after four years of chaos and lies and imprisonment of multiple high-level Trump officials and dog whistle racism and a quarter of a million COVID deaths. It should have been easy but there's been something quite beautiful about watching Trump's presidency be slowly euthanized by cold hard numbers and irrefutable facts."

Newsweek reached out to Trump representatives for comment. This story will be updated with any response.

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