Politics Biden partially restores Obama fair housing rule Trump cast as assault on suburbs

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There’s a 4 million home shortage. Can the federal government help fix the problem?

  There’s a 4 million home shortage. Can the federal government help fix the problem? Memo to policymakers: The country is running out of homes.Traditionally, the federal government’s housing policies have been demand-side interventions. Things like the mortgage interest deduction, which reduces homeowner’s taxes (stimulating demand) or the Fed buying up over a trillion dollars in mortgage bonds to help bring down mortgage rates (also stimulating demand). These types of policies are broadly popular since they help people afford something expensive. But they don’t do anything to reduce the cost of housing.

Trump Scrapped Two Fair Housing Rules ; Biden Is Bringing Them Back. The pair of Obama -era rules barring discrimination were suspended late in the Trump administration, as part of the ex-president’s campaign to dismantle fair housing regulations. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing , or AFFH, is a longstanding mandate under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which Congress signed into law one week after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. But it was rarely enforced, and in 2015, under former President Barack Obama , HUD drew up formal guidance for how state and local governments

President Biden waves on his way to board Marine One on the Ellipse of the White House on Wednesday. (Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post). Renacci, a Trump ally, attacked DeWine’s handling of the pandemic, during which the Ohio governor embraced the kind of strict public health guidances that Trump and his supporters opposed. “Then, covid happened and he made a choice to rule like Andrew Cuomo instead of leading like President Trump ,” Renacci says in an ad launching his campaign.

The Biden administration moved Thursday to restore a fair housing rule originally implemented during the Obama administration and then repealed under former President Donald Trump, who had criticized it as an assault on suburbia.

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development published a final version of the rule, called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, which requires state and local governments that get HUD funding to demonstrate that they are working to address discrimination and segregation.

The reinstated rule, though, which would take effect in a month, does not include a provision included in the 2015 version of the rule that required states and cities to go through a specific process to demonstrate they were following the rule, a major change that takes the force out of the measure. HUD said it would follow up with a separate rule on compliance.

AP PHOTOS: Biden wraps up 1st overseas trip of presidency

  AP PHOTOS: Biden wraps up 1st overseas trip of presidency Joe Biden wrapped up the first overseas trip of his presidency Wednesday after rallying allies and facing off with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The eight-day, three-country swing included meetings with leaders of the Group of Seven wealthiest democracies in scenic Cornwall, England, and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. In Brussels, Biden huddled with nearly a dozen NATO allies and met with the leadership of the European Union. The stop was meant to convey a united front among alliance members in standing up to Russian aggression and human rights violations. © Provided by Associated Press People watch Air Force One, carrying U.S.

President Trump is set to rescind an Obama -era fair housing rule next week, in a move that he believes will help resurrect his flagging fortunes with suburban voters. Trump , who has rarely spoken about the suburbs since being elected, teased his announcement at a White House event Thursday on cutting government regulation. “The Democrats in D.C. have been and want to at a much higher level abolish our beautiful and successful suburbs by placing far-left Washington bureaucrats in charge of local zoning decisions,” Trump said at an event held in the Rose Garden that often sounded

The Biden administration will examine regulations by Betsy DeVos that gave the force of law to rules that granted more due-process rights to students accused of sexual assault . WASHINGTON — President Biden on Monday directed the Education Department to conduct an expansive review of all policies on sex and gender discrimination and violence in schools, effectively beginning his promised effort to dismantle Trump -era rules on sexual misconduct that afforded greater protections to students accused of assault .

“Today, HUD is taking a critical step to affirm that a child’s future should never be limited by the ZIP code where they are born,” HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge said in a statement.


The 2015 rule was meant to implement a section of the 1968 Fair Housing Act that required that localities “affirmatively further” fair housing.

Republicans, though, had claimed that it would usurp the zoning power of towns and cities and endanger the suburbs. Trump, in particular, used the relatively obscure rule-making to attack Democrats as waging a war on suburbs. “If the Left gains power, they will demolish the suburbs,” he said in his 2020 nomination acceptance speech.

Jill Biden to meet the Queen

  Jill Biden to meet the Queen Almost five months into her new job, Jill Biden is still revealing what kind of first lady she wants to be, but one thing is already clear: you can call her "Jill."Biden has insisted at just about every turn that people address her by her first name. She means it -- people actually call her that or, sometimes, "Dr. B." The familiar approachability is part of the Biden narrative, and an aspect of her personality into which she leans hard.

Why would Obama / Biden choose to end this program that helped Americans with Diabetes? Who is running the show in the Biden White House anyway? This all makes no sense unless your mission is to hurt Americans and destroy America. Joe Hoft is the twin brother of TGP's founder, Jim Hoft. His posts have been retweeted by President Trump and have made the headlines at the Drudge Report. Joe worked as a corporate executive in Hong Kong and traveled the world for his work, which gives him a unique perspective of US and global current events.

President Trump tweeted that he dismantled the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule . Yahoo Finance’s On The Move panel discusses. Video Transcript. JULIE HYMAN: Well, President Trump has been quite active with his tweeting today. So Obama tried to kind of force a lot of suburban areas to do a better job of having low income housing throughout the suburbs , rather than just in certain areas. I'm sitting in Westchester County at the moment, and there was a big lawsuit in Westchester County, which the Obama administration said actually lied in its effort to get some HUD grants.

Fudge sought to counter that line of criticism in reinstating the rule. In a Washington Post op-ed published Thursday, she wrote that, rather than destroying suburbs, the rule would entail less intrusive changes, such as "developing more affordable housing by relaxing restrictive zoning codes that prevent all but the wealthiest from living in certain communities. It ... could entail bringing new services — such as affordable public transit — to neighborhoods that lack them.”


Trump HUD Secretary Ben Carson in 2018 had moved to overhaul the rule to encourage localities to loosen zoning restrictions to boost the housing supply, rather than to discourage segregation. In 2020, though, after Trump began directly criticizing the rule, HUD repealed it.

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Biden to get warm welcome from relieved but wary allies .
LONDON (AP) — When U.S. President Joe Biden flies to Europe this week, he will find his hosts welcoming but wary. His predecessor Donald Trump may be gone, but he leaves a long shadow. Biden’s first foreign trip as president starts Wednesday and includes a gathering of the Group of Seven wealthy nations by the seaside in southwest England, a NATO summit, a meeting with European Union chiefs, and then a tete-a-tete in Geneva with his Russian counterpart and adversary, Vladimir Putin.For most of America’s allies, Biden is a relief.

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